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D.A. Down with Warrant

to Arrest Lindsay

5/19/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County District Attorney wants the judge in the Lindsay Lohan case to issue a warrant for her arrest ... this according to well-placed sources in the D.A.'s office.

It's solely up to Judge Marsha Revel, who has already made it clear ... she will issue a bench warrant if Lindsay doesn't show up for her probation progress report tomorrow ... and as we first reported, Lindsay will not be there.

Lindsay claims her passport was stolen and she's getting a replacement tomorrow.

We're told Lindsay will not be arrested when she lands at LAX ... it's a misdemeanor warrant and she'll almost certainly be allowed to turn herself into the court.

Our D.A. sources say the prosecutor in the case will scoff at Lindsay's excuses for not completing her alcohol ed classes and for not appearing in court.  As one source said, "She needs to feel the consequences, and jail could end up being a good thing for her."


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"Our D.A. sources say the prosecutor in the case will scoff at Lindsay's excuses for not completing her alcohol ed classes and for not appearing in court."

Yeah she will be scoffed at but she will most likely see no jail time and that is a fact.

1582 days ago


She won't get any jail time. First of all, there's no room in the jails, because they're overcrowded. Even if they did give her jail time, they'll end up releasing her because of lack of space.

Second, SHE'S A CELEBRITY! Why? I have no idea. Apparently she appeared in a couple of movies when she was younger. I hear Gary Coleman was once a successful child actor too.

TMZ is obviously trying to hype this story, and act like something will come of it. She's probably enjoying herself in Europe, and not worried about getting back. When she eventually does, she'll cry some tears, and act real sorry, but she won't see a day of jail time.

1582 days ago


Tess loves The Stevo. A voice of reason in a sea of bull.

1582 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Death watch 20 10

1582 days ago



Gee, if trouble just seems to follow you wherever you go then maybe you should stay home and take care of business first!

1582 days ago


I cannot believe how people don't read carefully. For God's sake, pay attention. The entire world is watching this judge. She'd better administer the law here. No fluffy stuff!

1582 days ago


STOP with the Lindsay Lohan updates TMZ. Who on earth gives a flip about her, is she an actress, singer, heiress or just some washed up, doped up has been?

1582 days ago


It's just another example of a so called celeb saying "**** you I'm above it all and I'll come to court when I damn well feel like it".....if she does 20 minutes in jail I'll be stunned-

1582 days ago


I remember Paris Hilton going to jail... I think Lindsay should have to pay just like Paris Hilton did. Put her in Jail. She seems to think she can get away with anything.

1582 days ago

Pretty LL    

If you read even a page of her twitter you can see Lindsay & her friends are a bunch of crackheads. Posts at 4-6 AM every night, that ain't alcohol babe.

Sadly Stevo is probably right about how this is going to go down.

1582 days ago


I'm sure she will celebrate by going barhopping. How can she get into bars, get hammered and never get a ticket for drinking underage?

1582 days ago


STEVO not TMZ has the inside scoop.

Harvey keeps screaming, "Lindsay's going to jail! Lindsay's going to jail!" Why is he all of a sudden getting so "queenie" about Lindsay going to jail?

Lost passport?: Anyone remember?: The dog ate my homework! Mom washed my jeans and it was in the pocket!

How dumb does this woman think this judge is!?! Apparently, super dumb.

1582 days ago


Can I frisk her when she arrives?

1582 days ago


I did 60 days on a prop 38 violation (Prop 38 is a court mandated drug program and I only violated it once), no mercy from the court. Probation under normal cir***stances does not allow a number of things and leaving the county/state is one of them. A DUI is serious, actually more serious than my charge which was a possession charge...because people can die in DUI's. LIndsay like Paris and Nicole and MANY others has been given chance after chance and EVERYONE unless you live under a rock KNOWS THAT SHE HAS A DRINKING/DRUG PROBLEM...the thing that got me straight was my time in jail...that was hell on earth. I was a LLOONNGG time drug user, but only one arrest, but that mere 60 days in that enviroment did me a world of good...Lindsay is in DEFINITE need of a wakeup Judge REvel...please for the good of society and this mess called Lindsay PLEASE LOCK HER UP FOR HER OWN SAKE!!

1582 days ago


funny, she rsvp'd for a party in Cannes tomorrow. She's such a piece of work and thinks her lies sound believable.

1582 days ago
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