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Miss USA 2010

Champion Pole Dancer

5/17/2010 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rima Fakih was a big winner wayyyyy before she took the crown for Miss USA 2010 last night -- the 24-year-old beauty queen is a former "Stripper 101" pole dancing champion!

Back in 2007, the sexy pageant queen won a stripper contest for local Detroit radio morning show  Mojo in the Morning.

We're told Fakih earned some fabulous prizes for the victory -- which included "jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use."

And despite the fact that she kept her clothes on during the pole riding, she still managed to walk away with a bra stuffed with dollar bills!


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That must be a lesbian bar where they're having that "contest" since it's all women in the background.

And why would they need to GIVE her a pole to use at home... why couldn't she buy it herself with that $6 sticking out of her shirt?

Also, you should have 'shopped in some nipple shadow on her tank. Oh, what... you guys don't mind making up lies about what's going on the picture, but you're too ethical add a little extra 'titillation'?

1586 days ago


Miss USA was already stripper? Oh, God! Well, past is past and it's no big deal if it wishes to proceed with a shameless behavior then yes, a problem that can be resolved peacefully and with some good old spanking on bare bottom!

1586 days ago


She will definitely end up working at a ****ty strip club in Vegas , making cash by giving erotic lap dances to 30 different men everynight, slut,slut,whore...

1586 days ago


You have got to be kidding me, a Promotional event. This girl cannot just not tell the truth no matter what. A promotional event is not a stripper contest and does not end with dollars bills stuffed in your bra. She seems to have a real problem with telling the truth and is just backtracking away from the facts. She needs to lose the crown immediately to at least put a shred of decency and honesty back into the Miss USA Pageant. What about the college video with all of the porn magazines, THROBBING JUSTICE. I cannot wait to hear that story. Was that another "Promotional Event"?

1586 days ago


Strippers that look as good as her don't end up with dollar bills stuffed in their bra, either. If she was a real stripper they would be tens and twenties and she wouldn't be attending a pole dancing class anyway.

Why don't you just slink back into the stink with Harv and his sleazeballs, tink. Or else use your real name so she can sue your ass for libel.

1586 days ago


Did you even bother to WATCH 'throbbing justice' asstink?

It's a parody of steven segal type movies, not porn, and Rima is fully clothed in every scene in which she appears... she doesn't even swear (though the lead character swears enough for everyone).

1586 days ago


The world is aware and concerned about the controversy surrounding Miss USA 2010. If you submit a stage with a stripper (promotional event) and then come out with a bra stuffed with dollars (as shown in a photo) also has received jewelry and other gifts and not have taken their clothes is hard to believe. Absolutely not clear how far the girl undressed. Would have danced with short blouse and how he wants us to believe? Would have danced until fully naked as the day it was born? It seems impossible to know. Well, we need more data to better assess the extent to which the girl's behavior may impair your crown. Nor is it clear whether it is really so significant that have been worn or dance naked as a newborn on stage. After all, have shown no or little butt and other parts for a public private is something so serious? I think we should forgive the girl and only in case of recurrence in stripper she should be punished with a good old spanking in the butt naked. "

1586 days ago


I see $3 (three $1 bills folded in half). What do you expect from a lesbian bar (or didn't you notice everyone else in the pictures were females)?

It was a pole dancing class, dumbazz. The women watching her in the pics were her classmates... doctors, lawyers and business owners from Detroit among them.

If you choose to believe TheMudZone's sleazeball made-up lies instead of proof you can see with your own eyes in the pictures, that just goes to show your level of (un)intelligence.

These are the same people that made it sound like LiLo's shoes were covered with cocaine when she spilled baby powder on them (as if a cokehead wouldn't have immediately snorted and licked every trace off even the soles of shoes if it really was drugs). You're an a-hole with a capital SS if you believe ANYthing they say. How do you tell when they're lying? Their lips move.

1586 days ago


is she really rocking ? look for another Muslim girl to embrasse Muslim

1586 days ago


To Robert:
That is SO not true! My sister-in-law lives in Ohio!

1585 days ago


In summer tank top-shorts, Lebanese-American Rima Fakih wins a Channel 99.5 Detroit-sponsored fun pole-dancing contest one morning in 2007. Swimsuit bikini-clad, she wins the Miss U.S.A. title another day in 2010. Tiara-crowned, she wakes up the next morn publicly stoned by false accusations of being a pole-dancing strip teaser somewhere in her past. Hey, U.S.A. - what is wrong with you? In the land of the free where the nation of immigrants are rooted to "In God, We Trust" and society idolizes showy "sexiness," doesn’t the scandalized “uproar" sadly smack of hypocrisy, jealousy, sick sensationalism, desperate marketing, and cheap advertising? Here’s a few things to know about Rima Fakih:
1. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and minored in Business Administration at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. [The Detroit Blog]
2. She was a volunteer social worker during her college years. [My Fox New York]
3. Rima is the ambassador of The Pink Fund, an organization that provides financial aid to women and men afflicted with breast cancer. [The Pink Fund]
4. She has also worked to raise awareness of breast and ovarian cancer and women’s self-defense. [The Detroit Blog]

1585 days ago


you laugh then we do not even see his face that is how it stopped your lies

1585 days ago


Who cares, she is young and hot and having fun with her life.

1584 days ago


Tiger had his recruiters there for sure.

1584 days ago


The politically correct winner will keep her crown, only a conservative woman who has the guts to not spew politically correct BS will ever be stripped of her crown.

1578 days ago
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