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Miss USA 2010

Champion Pole Dancer

5/17/2010 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rima Fakih was a big winner wayyyyy before she took the crown for Miss USA 2010 last night -- the 24-year-old beauty queen is a former "Stripper 101" pole dancing champion!

Back in 2007, the sexy pageant queen won a stripper contest for local Detroit radio morning show  Mojo in the Morning.

We're told Fakih earned some fabulous prizes for the victory -- which included "jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use."

And despite the fact that she kept her clothes on during the pole riding, she still managed to walk away with a bra stuffed with dollar bills!


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This shouldn't be such a shock. Beauty Pageants, Playboy, stripping, all along the same line, using your looks to get you where you don't think your brains will.

1584 days ago


Yeah she is arab and muslim..Not all muslims wear the headscarf and go to the mosque 24 hours a day.Just like not all Christians dont drink and go to church every sunday..Get over it people not all muslims are RADICAL EXTREMISTS.

1584 days ago


Is this a gay bar, the audience is all female

1584 days ago

Lindsay Rocks!    

I may be wrong, but somehow I get the feeling that all of you who are putting her down for this are either: 1) jealous that you are nowhere NEAR as gorgeous as her, or 2) jealous that your wife/fiance/girlfriend is nowhere near as gorgeous as her. Just a thought. Even my beloved Lindsay comes in to second to this amazingly beautiful and talented woman!

1584 days ago


These comments are ignorant and way too judgmental.
Look at yourselves before you judge others.
Also just because a person doesn't follow the religion does not make the religion corrupt.
Get informed before you bad mouth anything and another thing this contest is a light hearted joke she was NOT taking her close off she was dancing like most people her age do at clubs.

1584 days ago


These pageants are SO out dated and a joke. The whole reasons they had them to begin with was to applaud wholesome and dignity. That's not around anymore so they need to drop it. Before the year is over we will find out some kind of "juicy" story and her crown will fall. Silly.

1584 days ago


"also just because a person doesn't follow the religion does not make the religion corrupt."

Really? Forcing women to cover themselves from head to toe is normal in your eyes? Being allowed to "marry" pubescent babies that aren't even 10 years old is ok cool? Being allowed to stone to death a woman based on unproven charges of cheating by a husband is fine to you? What a moron. Talk about needing to "get informed." Take your own advice, numbnuts.

1584 days ago


Trump must be an absolute pervert. If this is the best that "Miss USA" can do, then who needs it? She doesn't represent America, she has a slutty past, and she wasn't even close to the most attractive or the most talented... unless you count her skills on the "pole".

1584 days ago


Shes a disgrace to all that is Michigan Muslim---the largest stronghold of Muslims from the Mideast is in Detroit and its suburbs of Michigan. Its like walking into the Mideast itself sometimes, and this little mooshka has shamed her daddy and family beyond belief---that much you can take to the bank. Muslim girls dont do what she's done, and by most standards she hasnt been that bad, but in her faith she is as hated as most of us are. Curious why these supposed "moderate" muslims never speak out against their brothers who bring death and destruction to the innocent. Dont kid yourself if this one isnt a plant, she's as good as banished from all that is Muslim for that kind of performance. Shameful that Trump would let this happen given his supposed claim of loving all that is NYC, when its Muslims who want to destroy it---not Hindus, not Protestants, not Jews, nor Buddhists, but Muslims. They're batting 1000 to date---every attempt and actual event has had a Muslim behind it. Why wont these supposed "good muslims" rise up, march, shout, chase down, turn in, snitch on those among them who are bad? Because they dont like us. Their silence has been deafening----quit PC'ng around the issue and call them out---they say and do nothing.

1584 days ago


What the hell? Are 75% of tmz's visitors conservative "holier than thou" pricks? This girl is hot and gorgeous. Oh no she was pole dancing! So what. Lighten up.

1584 days ago


We need a renaissance in this country. Trash is somehow so highly rated. The show she won her crown on seemed cheap as well. Back in the good old days, there was something called "class", which this arab bitch will never have. And pervert donald HUMP also promotes showing these women, who are supposed to represent something higher...he shows them in their underwear. The pageant is only a glorified Victoria's Secret.

1584 days ago


My question is how can you tell this is her. You can't see her face in the picture. We don't know if this is her or Lindsay Lohan on a party night.

1584 days ago


A muslim slut?? WOW!! If Americans could have voted last night, Oklahoma would have won hands down, but since it was CONTROLLED by a panel of left winger with an agenda, Michigan won. She should be tossed out due to the above story.

1584 days ago


I'm suspicious of the photo. First her face is covered. Was there any proof of her entering the contest, an entry form for example. And also is it just me or is the nose of this girl is smaller than that of the photos of Miss America. I'm just questioning since this is a tabloid site.

1584 days ago


Since the pagent itself published racy photos of the contestants last week, what's the news here?

1584 days ago
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