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Lindsay Lohan

High Marks

from Alcohol Ed

5/18/2010 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is in compliance with her alcohol ed course -- this according to a letter sent by program officials to the judge in Lindsay's DUI probation case.


According to the letter from Right On Programs -- filed with the court and obtained by TMZ -- Lindsay "attends regularly and consistently."  And, program officials say, "Her attitude is positive and receptive to ideas regarding lifestyle changes."

The program wrote the letter, despite the fact that Lindsay has only attended 10 of the required 13 classes.  And the program makes no mention of the lifestyle choices Lindsay has made over the last few months that have been captured by countless cameras.

According to the letter, "She has never come [to class] under the influence, been rude or disrespectful."

The letter notes Lindsay "attends regularly and consistently communicates in a timely manner to reschedule if necessary."  The program concludes, "At this time, Lindsay is in program compliance."

According to supporting docs, Lindsay had a few weeks where she did not attend, but the program says the lapses were approved, once so she could go to a Haiti fundraiser in NYC and another time so she could go to Europe to promote her clothing line.

The program is not required to notify the judge unless Lindsay misses 21 consecutive days.  The judge, however, ordered Lindsay to attend class at least once every 7 days, but apparently that was not communicated to the program.

As TMZ first reported, at Thursday's hearing the judge will be told that Lindsay has -- as of now -- attended only 10 of the 13 classes and she did not attend all of them within the 7 day intervals.  Lindsay, however, has a good argument on the 7-day requirement if the program let her slide from time to time.  As for not completing the 13 classes -- it's all up to the judge.

Because Lindsay is not in full compliance, the judge has ordered her to attend Thursday's court session.


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Ernie.. WHY does she have to kill some innocent person before 'paying'?? Do you not understand that her disrespect for her court ordered classes and probation rules shows she doesn't care about anyone but herself. I don't have her 'killing someone' I am simply saying that most drunk driving fatalities are from repeat offenders. Why are you so supportive of this woman and yet have no care IF she were to kill someone in a drunk driving incident? You care more for the offender than the victim? Where is your mercy? No one said give her the electric chair, simply that she should be held to the courts order and having violated those orders should server REAL time and be forced into REAL treatment not just let back out on the streets until someone ELSE has to pay for her mistakes. What am I doing with my life??.. well I'm not driving around drunk, I'm not ordered to take classes from a judge, I haven't been arrested and I follow the laws of this country..... What sort of "Christian" are you who would advocate for a drunk driver who violates probation and continues to drink until she kills someone else..ooops that's right they should have stayed out of her way I guess.

1557 days ago


This is total bull****. She has been photographed getting hammered right aftrer classes.

1557 days ago


SONJA SHE HASNT VIOLATED ANYTHING YET SO WHY SO UPSET You going to read from a gossip place ??? get real lady !! TMZ is only trying to make money off your clicks per page for god sake!! she hasnt drove a car in months and months she has people drive her around so get off your soap box.... do you belive all you read on rag gossip places ??????

1557 days ago


How is this girl gonna learn a lesson if she has zero consequences. I am sick of reading about this stupidity

1557 days ago


So how much did Lindsey pay the alcohol class people to say she attended ten times and didn't have an attitude? Bet she wasn't required to participate or even pay attention during the class. And how do they know she wasn't under the influence, did they test her blood each time?

1557 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....#10 Lyn...4:43...makes the best post..nuff said...

1557 days ago


#1) The girl is an accident waiting to happen. She has no clue as to how to be a good person.

#2) The alcohol ed class is a joke...a scam on someone's dollar.

#3) TMZ, you sound way too happy when you mention the possibility that Lindsay might go to jail.

1557 days ago


In other words, TMZ was dead wrong as usual. Lindsay isnt going to go to jail. TMZ weeps itself to sleep because of it.

1557 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

How much head did this "reference" letter cost her?

1557 days ago


geez TMZ. for at least a week you've been getting my hopes up that lindsay will get bitch slapped from one side of beverly hills to the other. do you know how disappointed i'll be if ....nothing happens?

1557 days ago


What What What??? I must have been sleeping in class at school for a gillion years.
An addict passing a class? B.S B.S B.S.
What did that cost her and what dopey judge let her slide thru? She has been slippin and slidding thru while having ummm how many near misses with the law??? Hitting parked cars??? Stealing fur coats??? Lets not go into a mazillion other weird instances-rental cars and ruining them... trespassing and having her lesbo lover callin cops???? And theft and ummmm you fill in the blanks.
What crack ass'd judge let her slide on her substance abuse program or lack there of??????
This girl has ridden a ho's path to fame and she really didnt have one- ask Perez Hilton.. She is soooo yesterday and really is wasted....
Let the Lo in the Lohans stay there. She is DONE.....
Movies suck-Her publicity seeking sucks and my be jezzus her father is a ____ and her mother an ass riding _______ seeking what she can gleem off of her and her naive sister. Can you arrest all of them for selling out and being stupid????? God bless them for earning money when most people would have told them to F off.. Can we all just tune them out and let them dissapear????? No loss there.
Her talent was attroucious and so fading fast. Teen star wasted.....Let the entire Lohans disappear!!!!!!!!!!
Wouldnt be missed in anyones day.....
Can we find another story puhleez!!!!!!!!!

1557 days ago


Is Shawn Chapman Holley being paid such an exorbitant amount of money that she could care less about Lindsey's welfare? Her dangerous out-of-control behavior and drug/alcohol use should be a huge concern but Holley keeps getting her out of penalties that could help her straighten out. You’d think Lindsey would be worth more to Holley alive than dead, but maybe she knows she needs to get Lindsey’s money now because she’s hopeless and will die soon.

1557 days ago


JLS Your so full of bull i live in La and your so wrong no one influences no one !! they arent going to risk their business for little old Lindsey or anyone one else are the judges paid off too come one here !!!

1557 days ago


Oh Please!!! This just shows us all that if you're famous or have a few bucks the laws don't apply to you. This judge and "probation" officer should be ashamed. What a joke.

1557 days ago

Who cares    

You know if she were just a regular hard working wage earning American citizen she shouldn't get away with this crap. BUT she is a CELEBRITY (IN HER OWN MIND) and obviously has enough money to pay attorneys to get her out of this. I have ZERO respect for the celebrities like her that use their fame to get them out of I think they should have to face the same fate as everyone else. I mean after all don't we pay their wages???? If we don't their records, go to their movies and support them then...they are out of a job. Wake up America lets put our support behind the people who matter and not someone like her who obviously doesn't care. Lindsay go to rehab, get better, GET A JOB and then earn our respect until then I don't care!!!!!!!

1557 days ago
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