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Prosecutor: Lindsay Should Do Time

5/19/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan DUI probation case thinks she's violated her probation and should be sent to jail.

Lindsay lohan
Sources tell TMZ the prosecutor believes the judge made it clear during the last hearing -- either Lindsay proves she's in full compliance with the terms of probation or she goes to the pokey.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has not attended all of her alcohol ed classes -- she has been to 10 classes and needs 13 for full compliance.  In addition, Lindsay has not attended all of the classes in 7 day intervals, as the judge required.

An official from the alcohol ed program has sent a report to the judge saying Lindsay is in compliance with the terms of the program.  The report does not address the fact that she has not attended all of the required classes.

We have not spotted Lindsay on U.S. soil in the last few days.  If she doesn't make it to court ... the judge will issue a warrant for her arrest ... period.

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Christina G.    

Sigh. Is this like the time that TMZ tortured it's readers with non-stop posts about Paris Hilton when she was going through her legal troubles? If so, this too shall pass (please God).

1620 days ago


I concur, send Lindsey to jail for as long as legally possibly.

1620 days ago


WTF?? Can u STFU TMZ til Thursday? Give it a break already.... you're getting tiresome with this constant Lindsay sh*t.

1620 days ago


Let's hope that Judge Revel administers some justice here. I've never seen anyone flip off the justice system like this girl. She really needs some reality. Just think of the withdrawl she will have if she's jailed for days. Wow, she will be one sick woman.

1620 days ago


Lindsay Lohan won't be in the news as much after Thursday. That day is pivotal in her life. Unfortunately, she IS news now. We are all just plagued for a bit longer.

1620 days ago


Seriously, this is like the 20th post that has ONE SINGLE sentence that is different than the other posts, but goes on to include "Has not gone to class once every 7 days" Enough already!
Do you somehow think that if you post that same sentence 50 times it will make the judge throw her in jail? It's not going to work - as much as I would love it, she won't do any jail, her lawyer has already made a deal with the judge and gotten her out of it. Watch and see.

1620 days ago


I agree, we have seen enough posts, with nothing of real substance. Tell us what happens when she goes to court, but that is enough. We don't care about her travel arrangements back to the U.S., we don't need a live feed of her walking into the courthouse. Tell us what goes down in the courtroom, and that will be enough.

It is funny how the people that build you up, are the ones that love to tear you down.

1620 days ago


and we wonder why California is going broke. prosecutors and Courts looking to make sure people jump when they say and become little dogs that heave to heel.

1620 days ago

King of TMZ    

TMZ why in the hell you have to always through the LowHams on us!
we don't care whether she dies, she goes to jail, goes to the moon We dont Effing Care!!!
Research stories about people we care about not this Never been and never will be whether TMZ and their LowHam tippers want or not :(

You already got criticism about her and Paris Hilton but it seems you re addicted as well. TMZ should go to anti-Lindsey Rehab. Bring stories about MJ, Gaga, Tiger... These are the Fresh juice. Not the irritation poison you spray us with.

1620 days ago


PURLEASE! No more friggin' Lindsay Lohan! For the love of God Almighty, make it stop! We have this crap in the UK over Katie Price (Jordan). Page after page of inane, unimportant, twaddle about a stupid young girl without a clue. Can we have news about more important matters; for example, what type of brown paper bags are the best?

1620 days ago


leave her f*** alone already ...

1620 days ago


Lindsay! When you go before the judge, lay down the law to
him or her. Say, "Judge, Biatch, this is the way it."
"Oh by the way, I just did a couple of lines with your bailiff, what do you think about that?"

The law does not apply to you and if you want to carry a fully
loaded Uzi into court, go ahead, your are entitled.

1620 days ago


But Tater, she only knows how to steal from her friends and that particular pool is getting pretty shallow these days.

1620 days ago


Lindsey Lohan should get at least 10 years in prison for:
1. Carjacking
2. Kidnapping
3. Attempted assault with a deadly weapon (chasing those women at high rates of speed through Santa Monica)
4. DUI
5. Reckless driving
6. Endangering the public along with the lives of her victims in the carjacked vehicle during the car chase
7. Drug possession (or was it another time that police caught her with cocaine?)

Anyone else would've been tossed in the slammer for more than a decade. And her victims should vigorously pursue their lawsuits against the dangerous Lohan. (my opinions).

1620 days ago


Did u ever think maybe tmz is posting all this so she wont get by on some celebrity justice. If it was anyone else partying and collapsing we would have already been violated and put in jail...CELEBRITY JUSTICE IS WRONG!! oh and another thing? How long is she expecting to serve if sent to jail????? anyone know?

1620 days ago
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