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Lindsay Lohan -- Land, Ho

5/20/2010 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan didn't let that little court hearing thing get in the way of her party plans last night -- instead, LiLo threw on some thigh high stockings and partied on a boat in Cannes.


On the other hand, she may have just been hunting for her passport ...


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Hey Now    

Responsible people that have to be in court on Thursday don't go to France for non-emergency reasons a few days beforehand (or party hearty the night before they're being deposed). It just seemed like she was never taught how to be a normal grown-up. Fame at a young age will do that to you, I guess.

1615 days ago

truth and mercy    

THIS is what you get when you sell your soul to the entertainment industry at the expense of your OWN TRUE HIGHER SELF! It is never too late to FIND your authentic self and recover what was lost. I would LOVE nothing more than to see Lindsay make a complete turn around and BE HER SELF... HER TRUE SWEET RED HEADED LITTLE GIRL SPARKLY EYED HAPPY HEALTHY HONEST GENUINE SELF, created in the image and likeness of her creator god. Peace and healing to ALL

1615 days ago


TMZ..tell me this? how is it that people that have millons of dollars basically laugh at the court system and laws and act like nothing can happen to them! (most time it dont) but us people that live paycheck to paycheck or with no job at all are scared when it comes to the court system and laws!why would they screw up when they have so much money! (would love to have a job at TMZ ALSO)BUT WHAT ARE YA'LL THOUGHT'S ON THIS? i'm kinda new to this site. thanks for your time. jason jackson. of jax,fl

1615 days ago


Big deal 180 days, which means she'll be in jail for 30 minutes....I wish she would go away for a long time, she's a disgusting has been.

1615 days ago


Would the every day Joe/Jane get this many chances. I think not. She need to be treated just like anyone of us and spend some time behind bars. Then maybe rehab.. If the people around her give a crap. Or they can start making planes to lay her to rest to. Have we not seen this play out way to many times now with these young so called "Stars" What the heck give the Dad a shot, can't be any worse then what the Mother is doing... "Partying with her" are you for real lady. What a waist.

1615 days ago


Actually she should stay and live in Europe, it's all so beautiful, the history, the lifestyle, I LOVE EUROPE! Why would she want to be here?

1615 days ago


She's thumbing her nose at the Judicial System and in all of our faces. Celebrity(and that's questionable) or not, she should be in jail. This is one reason why America is losing it's respect. Soon people will be saying, "what American dream"?

1615 days ago


She actually thinks the Judge is going to believe she lost her passport? What a crock of Shhht. I hope she shares a cell with that other trifling Beutch Alexis what's her name (on E!) When I was younger I wanted to be an actress. Thank god for me that didn't work out.

1615 days ago


If it was anyone else she would be in jail! Put her where she belongs, tired of people getting better treatment then others because they have money. The law should be the law no matter who it is. She should be in JAIL!!!!!

1615 days ago


She wants to keep partying through Sunday night and as we can see, nothing will stop her.

She may never come back to the US unless it's in handcuffs because the French kick her out of their country.

1615 days ago


She looks like a french whore.

1615 days ago


I'll have to be the voice of reason, here . . . Amazing Legs ! ! ! Very nice . . .

1615 days ago


or maybe looking for some shrubbery to relax in at 4 AM.

1615 days ago


have fun Lindsay, cause its the last of your late night partying

1615 days ago


Unless someone gets to her in time, she is going to be another drug/alcohol related statistic. Too bad. She really does have some acting talent.

1615 days ago
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