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Lindsay Lohan

Posted Bail Real Quick

5/21/2010 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan got $10,000 real fast yesterday in order to have her bench warrant recalled, and we've learned the money came from Lindsay's camp ... from Tennessee!

Sources tell us bail was posted at 2:00 PM yesterday, just a few hours after the court hearing.

We're told Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, did not come up with the cash.  The $10 grand -- the standard 10% -- was wired from Tennessee by Lou Taylor, Lindsay's business manager.

Bail was posted by David Perez Bail Bonds.  Incidentally, the paperwork is dated 5/19 -- the day before the hearing --  but it's a clerical error.  All of the paperwork was filled out and filed yesterday.

There are, apparently, certain things even Lindsay will do promptly.


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Harry Kunt    

I want to talk so more about this spanking Lindsay needs, where are we on that ?

Is it something that we could try ?

1581 days ago


I knew she was going to come up with 10% and that was what she was banking on so she could stay in Cannes. What happened to the conditions for the bail no acohol, fitted for SCRAM bracelet and submitting to random drug testing. How is she able to by past these conditions ordered by the judge to be out on bail? I hope the judge throws her ass in jail if not she knows she can do whatever she wants and it won't matter because there are no consequences. Harvey I was watching yesterday and when the question came up about her coming back you said if she came back she would be arrested so why not stay the weekend and return on Monday. Did you forget about the conditions set by the judge?

1581 days ago

Bob Loblaw    

The amount of man hours spent on something like this is beyond ridiculous.

1581 days ago


this is news?

1581 days ago

On the HUSH, HUSH!    

Watch out Lindsay. Next thing you know you'll be locked into a seven year contract, all your mail will be going to Tennessee, and Jamie Spears will be the President of your company:

Title: President
Address 1: 215 WARD CIRCLE
Address 2: #200
City, State, Zip: BRENTWOOD, TN 37027

1581 days ago


Good for Lilo. In spite of the crap she's chosen to do for movies, at least she was able to scroung up the $10,000 she needed for the bail bondsman to do the rest. Congrats.

1581 days ago


Are we back to the old "Seymour Butts" jokes again? I'd start finger pointing, but I used to do it all the time on this site, so I've got no room to complain.

1581 days ago


Yes was obvious she posted bail real quick we do not need a story on it. It must be nice though having someone that is willing to pay so much to literally bail you out of trouble.

I posted this one and I will post it again there is a MAJOR problem here and I will tell you why. Lindsay Lohan made bail but when you are on bail YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE OUT OF THE COUNTRY WHICH YOU COMMIETED THE CRIME IN LET ALONE THE STATE(in most cases unless it is for a very good reason). Lindsay should be rushing home but instead she is continuing parting in France without a care in the world. Her attorney said she would be back by Friday and it looks like that is not happening. She is not allowed to be in France right now just because she posted bail does not give her a free pass to party in a foreign country THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. She should not have been allowed to post bail until she was on US Soil and back in LA County in order to avoid this discrepancy. If she parties through out the weekend in France while she is out on bond that is a BIG PROBLEM.

1581 days ago


This is exactly her problem! She gets out of everything in a blink and with such ease there are no consequences to her.

1581 days ago


Ha-ha, once again LL made the judge look like an azz, a dumb azz! And gave late night TV more material for our amusement!!! Good to know that she has an endless amount of tricks to keep us laughing. What about you Judge Revel?

1581 days ago


How could she post bail when on foreign soil? That's a HUGE no no. Who allowed this?

1581 days ago


I still don't understand how you can post bail if you haven't been arrested yet. can someone please explain it to me?

1581 days ago


omg who fricking cares about this stupid girl!!!! And if you do, get a fricking life

1581 days ago


Why did Lindsay get to post bail whilst out of the Country you ask?

Well..DUUUUHHH!! It's because she's "Lindsay Lohan", and she gets SPECIAL TREATMENT. She's a glamorous "celebrity" afterall.

Lowly pheasant nobodys such as ourselves would never be granted such priviledge.

Perhaps we should revolt.

1581 days ago


Do a poll TMZ...would you rather see her ....1. come back to US to face the judge, or 2. stay in france forever?

1581 days ago
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