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Lindsay Lohan in the Clear Over Photo

5/21/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan won't have to answer to the prosecutor or the judge over the photo TMZ posted this morning ... showing Lindsay partying with a strange white powder in the foreground.

A spokesperson for the L.A. County D.A.'s office tells TMZ they will not even raise the issue in court on Monday, when Lindsay goes before the judge ... and she has been ordered to appear.

The spokesperson says there is no way this photo can be used in court because there is no way to prove what was on the table.

No surprise to us ...  the very first comment when we posted the story was from someone who said there were "obvious lines of blow" -- aka cocaine.

Notwithstanding the buzz, it's not going to be used in court.


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I am thinking that one item by the glass is a cellphone and the white on the table is simply a reflection off the cellphone. You can see a reflection on the table off the glass, so it is plausable.

1579 days ago


Shes got a parliament cig and a tutor (rolled up bill) in one hand and a line racked out with a card next to it, come on now people shes going down the wrong path and needs to stop gettin away with **** like this cause it just leads to more trouble for her,

1579 days ago


Well A small round mirror on a table with white powder lines on it. Nope must be Splenda.

1579 days ago


They don't have to "bring it up in court". We all know damn well the judge is reading TMZ and sees everything they report.

1579 days ago


At a close look this looks like a phone, and i doubt even she would take a pic with lines right there on the table. They were doing bumps in the bathroom behind them!

1579 days ago


You guys seriously think that's not 2 lines of white powder? I can assure you that it sure as he!! isn't the reflection of a cell phone... And if you think it is, then your name must be dina... For real... Denial, denial, denial...

1579 days ago


Cocaine doesn't really stay in your system too long as compared to pot(30 days or so)so she Could get away with that one. So sad that they would say they couldn't do anything and prove what was on the table. Why don't they call France and make them drug test her and throw her in jail

1579 days ago


Well it sure looks like this photo answers a million questions about the Lin'z sobriety. Anyone notice the lines of cocaine next to the glass, and the "snorting straws" in the hands of LiLo frog friends hands? Boy, they need to test LiLo the minute she gets off the plane. Plus in the photos you can see this MamaJama is blown out of her skull. Must be caused by all the stress of loosing that passport

1579 days ago


While there is no question that Lindsay has a host of serious problems, this photograph is not among them. As others have astutely observed, there is no evidence of cocaine usage here. Lohan has been tried and convicted over a cellphone reflection in a glass table top. It was prudent of TMZ to bring this "evidence" to the attention of the L.A. County D.A.'s office. Will TMZ also contact the D.A.'s office to explain its faux pas? Anxiously waiting your mea culpa.

1579 days ago


No one will do anything about her until she's dead then everyone will say..."why did this happen??" DUHHHH!!!! If the judge doesnt do somethen this time then she outta be locked up too for haven her head up her butt and bein star struck!! IDIOTS!!

1579 days ago


And as for "would she really be photographed next to lines of coke?"... Ummm, yeah, addicts aren't exactly following the thought process that a non-addicted person would follow... We would know better, but look at her eyes and tell me she isn't WASTED !!! She could've had a pic taken with an entire football team running a train on her, and she prob wouldn't remember... LOL

1579 days ago


One last comment before I go... She addressed the subject of the photo on ROL, NOT ONE TIME did she say it was a cell phone, she simply said she was set up... If I was innocent as she claims to be, I'd be shouting "it was a phone" from the flippin' rooftops...

1579 days ago


There's no video or transcript of the conversation about the photo so the media could be embellishing the truth.

1579 days ago


Can you immature,dumb,sick people quit leaving stupid comments. Im sure you "would bang" her, but i doubt she would "bang" you. NOBODY CARES. We care that the bitch gets special treatment. Who the hell would jump in someone else's ride with them in it, and take off like a crackhead out of hell? LINDSEY LOHAN! Who gets away with **** like that? LL!!! If that were a regular citizen non celebrity,we would still be sitting our ass in jail. She just needs a little lesson from a Texas girl. I can show her how we do it down south

1579 days ago


How NAIVE can you people seriously get? So the flash just so happened to reflect in two neat lines off an ipod, and there just so happened at the same time to be a keycard next to it and of course it is just pure coincidence that at the same time Hohan is holding a rolled-up looking thing? Funny, I've never had any perfectly innocent photos turn out looking like a druggie mess from some pesky reflections. Of course this type of thing can't be used in court whoever it was but there is no question that this is drugs. The only question is whether it's coke or meth. btw that's not an Apple logo that's called residue.

This has GOT to be Dina and her pals posting all these ridiculous denials.

1579 days ago
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