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Jesse James -- I Don't Want to Get Divorced

5/26/2010 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James just delivered his mea culpa during an interview on "Nightline" -- and though he concedes divorce from Sandra Bullock is inevitable ... he still doesn't want it to happen.

Jesse James
Among the highlights:

- Jesse claims he went to rehab not just for sex addiction, but anger management, and childhood abuse issues as well.
- He does not cop to sleeping with the 5 mistresses -- just that he was "unfaithful."
- He says he still loves Sandra.
- Jesse claims his father beat him and broke his arm when he was seven.
- He says, "There isn't a racist bone in my body."
- Jesse says he plans on being around the son Sandra is adopting ... the son he had planned to adopt with her.


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Christina G.    

I saw the interview and now I get it. They are getting divorced only so that the adoption will go through. After the adoption is completely finalized, they will eventually announce a reconciliation (which will have really been going on for some time, during the adoption process). Why the subterfuge? Because they don't want to risk losing Louis on the grounds of an unfit husband/father in the picture.

1609 days ago


What an ass. making money and exposing details I'm sure Sandra would rather keep private by doing interviews. I'm sure he's making a hefty paycheck off this when he should just be keeping silent.

1609 days ago


Boo hoo... Jesse lost the best thing that happened to him and his kids. No sympathy.

1609 days ago

@Italy : you're an idiot if you think he did the interview for money. He makes multi-8 figures a year from merchandizing.

1609 days ago


Who cares what you want.
If Sandra takes you back she's a fool ......
weak and co-dependent.

1609 days ago


Hi Tellit.

1609 days ago


Boo hoo, cry me a river.

1609 days ago


I'm sure he's regretful. But he's also impulsive, immature and self-involved. He gets bored and starts booty-texting while Sandra is filming a movie that affords them a very nice life? That's the behavior of an adolescent.

1609 days ago


What he did was despicable, and because of his actions, I thought he was a s***bag. He still is, for what he did, but I actually feel bad for the guy and hope they can work things out. We all need to stop judging books by their cover. We have no idea what is/has gone on in people's personal lives. It is up to Sandra if she wants to forgive him, not us. It would probably best for the kids if they stayed together, and I think it could work. Who knows.

1609 days ago


What about the Dog Fighting? What about the employees of his that got publicly thanked by Sandra, while they all knew what was going on with the boss and let Sandra continue to thank them? They're all as guilty as he for their own selfish reasons. Anyone wearing West Coast Chopper Clothing should be publicly scolded. It now represents dishonesty, racism, and immaturity. There are no such things as Good Bad Boys. Just Bad Boys...Jesse (not related to the real Jesse James btw) just proved that.
Freaking idiot who passed Tin Shop in school and a real Rainman---can expertly pound on metal, but hasnt a clue on how to have a relationship, apparently with any human being. Lone Wolf who likes it that way. Probably doesnt feel a thing for anybody.
Go back to full time Biking, dude, the Public has tired of your con game. Has more money than all of us, but more misery than all of us too. Sandra returns to this thing, then she needs to get Blacklisted or given a complete Mental Examination.

1609 days ago

Hugh Jass    

There but for the grace of G-d go a lot of people...

1609 days ago


I would imagine JJ has suffered from low self-esteem his entire life, as least he is trying to stop the cycle of abuse for his kids. But, he needs to break the cycle of his why his father cheated *like Tiger Woods did also, so his sons or daughters don't grow up and become like him. There are always 2 sides to every story, I hope he can change. Marriages can survive cheating. But if a person doesn't want to be married to someone anymore, they should get divorced and the star shouldn't be punished either if they move on quickly to someone else, most likely the marriage has been dead for a long time. (not talking about JJ/SB)
Good luck, Jesse, take care of yourself and your kids. I hope things work out for you. We all hope our sons and daughters wouldn't be treated like JJ if they made such a mistake as cheating. Life happens, fix it.

1609 days ago


he sounds like a crybaby but Sandra looks so Frozen. she can't even move her eyebrows. she is more botoxed than Nicole Kidman and I don't care what "insiders" say... she seems like a complete diva. She didn't deserve the oscar. He can find a hot younger wife with no plastic surgery who will be faithful to him and who he can easily get away with cheating on all day long.

1609 days ago


reply to;
You are a darn idiot for not thinking he did it only for money! He shopped around trying to find someone who would BUY his interview! Oprah and Barbara Walters TURNED HIM DOWN! Yes it was all for money you numbscull! He proved himself!!! He isn't sorry about anything but getting caught!!! He's an @ss!

1609 days ago


What did Sandra think she was getting when she married a man named Jesse James who had a porn star as an ex-wife?

1609 days ago
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