Rip Torn In Court Over Bank Break-In

Rip Torn just showed up to court  -- disguised as a lumberjack -- in his burglary case ... you remember, the one where he broke into a bank thinking it was his home.

Rip Torn
We got him outside the Connecticut courthouse where Torn faces burglary and gun charges.

We're hearing there could be a plea bargain, because Torn has completed an alcohol ed program -- yes, Lindsay, take note.

Rip has dodged two DUI bullets ... the famous case where he went nuts in a police station but was found not guilty, and a second DUI case that was dismissed yesterday because he successfully completed the alcohol ed course.

We're in court.

UPDATE: The case has been continued to June 4th -- and according to Rip's attorney, both sides are working towards a resolution.

Rip's attorney also claims the actor has gotten rid of his firearms and is confident rehab can help his client.