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Mindy McCready To Judge: Shut My Mom Up!

5/26/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mindy McCreadyMindy McCready is asking a judge to muzzle her mom, who has been yakking to the media that she tried committing suicide yesterday.

McCready was taken to the hospital yesterday after her mom called 911.  Mindy says her mom gave her four Darvocet pills for pain.  But later her mom claimed Mindy had tried committing suicide and had tried taking her life before.

In Mindy's legal docs ... obtained by TMZ ... the singer claims her mom is disseminating "erroneous information to the media ... to sabotage her reunification efforts with her son."

Mindy and her mom are fighting over custody of the boy.

Mindy wants a gag order, stat, so her mom will stop talking. 

And, according to the docs, Mindy wants to strip her mom of custody because she fears for the kid's safety.  Mindy wants her dad to get custody while she gets back on her feet.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with Tim McCready, who says it's not up to him if he gets custody of the kid -- but he would be stoked if that happened because he says, "I love my grandson, he's a super kid."

UPDATE 7:30PM PDT:  Mindy's attorney tells TMZ the judge rejected their request for a gag order, and the request to strip custody from her mother.


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Mindy should have never taken those pills given her addiction issues, but the fact that her mother gave them to her and then called 911 claiming she tried to kill herself is just plain wrong. Mindy hasn't had custody in years but if she gets her life together and a judge decides she is no danger to her son than she has every right to see her son and/or regain some custody. Sounds like bitter Mom is just afraid to be alone.

1608 days ago


UGH.. Mindy try and get it together for the sake of your son. Your mom raised you and I have heard you say and talk about how she treated you.. do not let her do this to your son. I hope you can get it together soon!

1608 days ago



1608 days ago


NOTE TO MINDY: Your Mom is a manipulative leunatic. She obviously fkd up your child hood so why in GODS name would you trust her???? The Woman won't even give your Son back and has made you look like a junky in the media. Are you that dumb to go around this Biotch? Seriously, get your crap together so you can do better for your Son. If I can do it, so can you!!!! PS I have never been a drug addict but I know for a fact that Darvocet is one of the mildest pain killers out there and composed mostly of aspirin.

NOTE TO MOM: You are a disgusting piece of garbage!

1608 days ago


Mom knows the skeletons in your closet and give her half a bottle of gin and she'll spill all. What a messed up family you come from. Didn't you _just_ have a child or something (maybe I'm confusing you w/ that WHORE Kendra Wilkinson)? Nice.

1608 days ago


What a great mother you have Mindy,NOT! I hope you can get your son back and run like crap away from her!

1608 days ago


I totally agree with poster nr 1. Mindy shouldn´t be taking any kind of painkiller given her addiction issues. Addicts always try and blame everyone else for their problems and whilst I´m sure that they are numbing the pain by taking/abusing pills or narcotics, they are the ones who have to make the choice to stop abusing. Jesus... I mean, cut the mom some slack. She is taking care of her grandson because her daughter is an addict. The other thing about addicts is that they lie a lot, and quite frankly I don´t believe Mindy for a second. One reason she could have for wanting her father to take care of her son is that he can still be manipulated. The woman had a seizure on television and that should tell us enough about how severe her addiction is. STOP the BS, Mindy... get better and be thankful that you have a family who are looking after your child.
Take some responsability for your situation and make a choice about what you want to do with your life. Either keep going and end up dead or stop taking drugs. Be a ****ing adult and mother.

1608 days ago


Seperate yourself. Find someone you trust and ask them for help. Your mind is clouded. I know its hard but you are important. You cannot sing if you are falling, you can only scream.

1608 days ago


Because she's likable she always gets love from people, but Mindy McCready is a train wreck. She chooses terribly in relationships from her teenage affair with Clemons, to her latest relationship, and she never feels she's wrong in anything.

She's constantly blaming others and this isn't going to end well unless she wakes up and takes responsibility,

1608 days ago


An intelligent and lucid 34 year old would never make such an error with a prescribed medication. Her many suicide attempts have been widely reported in the media throughout the years and each time she’s gone the suicide route she’s always been where she was assured of getting help before it went too far. Meaning, she’s either crying out for help or she has a very twisted need for attention and drama. I believe she’s a master con artist and it’s all for the attention and drama. Either way, she needs long term therapy and not the phony made TV kind that’s served up by Dr. Drew. According to Mindy, anything and everything that has ever happened to her has ALWAYS been somebody else’s fault and Pinsky did her, her son and her family a great disservice by not holding her accountable in accepting responsibility for all her past actions. The last thing McCready needs is more enablers…she apparently has plenty of them already.

1608 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

If her mom wasn't trying to sabotage her recovery, she would have never given a recovering drug addict narcotic pain meds that weren't prescribed to her. Mindy needs to break away from her 'mom' completely if she is to ever get well. It's a dysfunctional family that just feeds in to each other.

1608 days ago


That Doctor (I forgot his name), the one Mindy went to Celebrity Rehab with says that those particular pills are fine and did not interrupt Mindy’s sobriety.

During Mindy’s stay at Celebrity rehab they revealed the abuse and neglect Mindy endured from her mother and mothers like that are emotionally detached from their kids but seem to latch on to their grand kids and often fight for custody for the grand kids and continue to treat their daughters like crap.

There use to be a bunch of talk shows in the 80s with young girls lined up on stage with their mothers trying to get their kids back from the grandmothers and the grandmothers refusing. Those grandmothers would call their daughters out and call them every named that was permitted on television but they never took responsibility for their daughter’s crappy childhood of abuse and neglect.

I wish Mindy continued sobriety and I hope she's successful in having custody of her son transferred to her father and his second wife. Mindy's father was interviewed on the rehab show and he seemed very nice and supportive of Mindy. If the little boy stays with the grandmother she will do her best to turn the boy against Mindy and he will be messed up too.

1608 days ago


Kenny Nash a recording artist/writer I'm so sick of these people coming out with some drama the day before their new cd is to be released ........

Mindy hun your sex scandle tapes, which GOD knows no one wanted to see, back fired in both of your faces. Give it up hun! Sometimes no news "IS GOOD NEWS" !!

Kenny Nash
www kennynash com

1608 days ago


Mindy, Stay in the hospital and continue to get medical mental help. Mindy you have NO business around any drugs for any reason. You say you can't stand your mother yet you keep going back around her and this time you ended up in a hospital last time you went to jail over it, when is this going to stop? I'd love to ask her mother what she's doing giving four prescribed pills to a suicidal drug addict, and why isn't Mindy's Mother being charged with that? Doesn't sound like that baby should be with Mindy or Mindy's Mother I haven't heard anything about Mindy's Dad but for crying out loud somebody start doing the right things in that family for that innocent baby.

1608 days ago


Why doesn't this babies Father step up and take custody of his son and then Mindy could have supervised visitation and that should probably never change for the safety of this little boy. Didn't Mindy attempt suicide during her pregnancy? The Daddy needs to step up and be the Daddy he needs to be for his son.

1608 days ago
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