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Lindsay Lohan Must Check in Nightly

5/27/2010 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will be making a nightly call to her probation officer -- to find out whether she'll have to take a drug test the next day.

Lindsay was right on time today for her meeting with a new probation officer, a female. Sources tell TMZ Lindsay and the officer went through the prescription drugs Lindsay can take, without SCRAM repercussions  -- which include Adderall and Ambien.

We're told the officer went over protocol with Lindsay -- which requires her to make a nightly phone call to the probation office.   During that call, Lindsay will be informed whether she will have to go to the probation office the next day and submit to a drug test.

All in all, we're told the meeting "went well."

After the probation meeting, Lindsay took a trip over to Fred Segal for some retail therapy.


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Ok, Adderall is poison, it is just as bad as coke or meth in my opinion. My ex is always on it, and takes too much of it to get that rush...I hate it and think that if she has a hope in hell of getting her poop in a group, she will have to get off of it.

1573 days ago


WHY DON'T people find some news that is actually NEWS, and leave Lindsay alone---she just might do better if all her faux pas were not prime internet fodder. As for this court deal - of COURSE it scares her and she tries to avoid it, who wouldn't? Whatever she may or may not be doing at least she apparently doesn't drive impaired, she hasn't had any DUIs lately, has she? Court should consider that. Besides it is absolutely ILLEGAL and unconstitutional for any court to order any person not to drink at all, alcohol is NOT an illegal drug and a judge can't just make it illegal for one person even if he or she thinks it'd be better if the person did not drink any. That bracelet, of course, is even MORE illegal. I never can believe the people go for laws like this, they should be up in arms, OK so no sober person likes a drunk and drunk drivers have caused LOTS of heartache and damage BUT this is still a free country. The courts impose relatively mild sentences on people - those are pretty much determined by law - and then suspend most of the sentence if the person accepts probabtion, and most people will do so to avoid even a few days in jail. HOWEVER the courts then get away with imposing all sorts of illegal/unconstitutional conditions on the probation and the defense lawyers can't or don't do anything about it. That is a sorry racket.

1573 days ago


By the way - if she is taking adderall, she probably can drink a LOT without acting "drunk" which probably explains why she hasn't had any DUIs. Of course -- she will still sweat alcohol if she drinks it, and that will cause that bracelet to send an alarm. But then, courts and laws NEVER NEVER take into account that people react wildly differently to ALL drugs, alcohol included. Also, in response to some of these comments - I really doubt there is a cleanser that can remove all traces of - say - cocaine or opiates - in someone's system in 12 - or 24 - hours. The makers of these products want you to believe this, but it is highly doubtful. Besides, you don't think the good folk of Los Angeles ae going to pay for a cop with a drug testing kit to follow her around and stop her for "random" testing, do you?

1573 days ago


Must be awful havin photogs following you everywhere. (only sayin) Can hardly help if you are seriously tryin to get your act together, if she is serious....I aint so sure about that.

1573 days ago


jesus christ with all the things the pap shout out at her "let me see your ankle bracelet" "isnt partying sober boring" my ****ing god no wonder teen stars turn to drugs so early and then when they are adults they are ****ed up. she cant take two steps outside without ten men shouting **** at her. poor thing.

1573 days ago


To Viper1st and Team Lindsay - You are the retards. Way to go to taking one post and then ignoring the next post I did directly under it inorder to twist a defence for your little coke fame whore. You two should get a job working for the NY Post lol.

This is what I actually what I said:

LOL a phone call the night before kind of takes away from the whole random drug testing thing (Next post): Although it does take more than a night to get drugs out of your system so it is somewhat random. I just think it would be better if she had to check in each morning to see if she needs to take a drug test THAT day.

I was just offering an opinon on the matter, see opinions are something that intelligent people form. Maybe if you two find some intelligence one day you can begin forming some yourselves :)


1573 days ago


hollywood is funny? they make u and bring you down? let this child have fun. the only thing i have to said to lindsay please dont do drugs no good.

1573 days ago


When she calls in they don't tell her that she won't be tested the next day but that, at that time, she is not scheduled for a test the following day. They can still call her up the next day and have her come in for a random test if they then decide to test her. If you think having to check in with your P.O. daily is good then you've never been on probation. There's no "special treatment--she's being warned" going on here. It's another condition added to her probation that I'm sure she isn't happy with.

1573 days ago


It's really a joke this drug test stuff.

It's more than obvious she found a doctor to diagnose her with ADHD..just so she can get high the legal way.

1551 days ago
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