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Prosecutor Goes After Lindsay with a Vengeance

5/29/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan probation case is gunning for Lindsay in a big way ... and even plans to investigate the alcohol education program Lindsay has been attending. 


Sources tell TMZ L.A. County Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers believes the Right On program was covering for Lindsay when it claimed she was in compliance.  We're told Meyers believes the program violated its own rules by giving Lindsay passing marks. 

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay did not attend all of the courses within the proper time limits -- once every 7 days.  But we also reported that the program followed state guidelines -- which requires attendance at least once every 21 days.  The school also excused Lindsay's tardiness ... something officials said is common among students in their 20s.

But here's what is really interesting.  Meyers says after she finishes prosecuting a death penalty trial next week, she will "be focusing all of my efforts on Ms. Lohan's upcoming hearing."  Mind you ... Lindsay's probation case is a misdemeanor.

Meyers is even sending D.A. investigators out into the field to sniff out potential probation violations of one Lindsay Lohan.

So we ask ...


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It is what it is, they should wear her ass out so the other **** brains will know that this **** aint no joke, they give you 10 years but you can get out in 3 years, Lindsay aint nothing but a bitch give her the max

1572 days ago


I understand people saying LL has walked all over the system etc. but w/ the state of the economy especially in CA this is a tremendous waste of resources from the DA's office. This is a misdemeanor case after all and the DA should be more concerned with the murders, rapist, molesters etc. then a brat actress.

I say it's a misappropriation of funds for the purpose of the DA getting her own 15 minutes. That is a huge motivating factor in these attorneys going after actors. Really, what example is she making? None. I agree w/ another poster about the DA speaking to the media. That women is just doing this for show and spotlight. Unprofessional, especially at that level.

Let's just hope no one becomes a victim of a serious crime until after July 6th because the DA just won't have to time to care because LL is just soooooooo much more important to spend the effort on. Ridiculous.

1572 days ago


"30. I agree with Nessie. The prosecutor is just trying to make a name for herself so in a few years she will be DA or maybe a judge. Lindsay is no angel but the way people and the media treat her is it any surprise she flipped out. If everyone left her alone she might get a chance to live a some what normal life."

Lindsay doesn't want to be left alone. She's an attention whore. If she were ignored she'd probably shave her head in public in a desperate attempt at getting someone to look at her.
Lindsay's self-worth is directly based upon how much press she can get on a daily basis.

1572 days ago


No wonder California is broke, what a freaking waste of $$$$$$, it's a misdemeanor offence people she missed a few alcahol education classes for christ sake she's not a freaking muderer. Kinda looks like the D.A is media whore herself.Come on L.A district attourney office put your efforts towards some more substantal serious crime offendors and quit wasting money on bull**** celebrity misdemeanor slap on the wrist crap.

1572 days ago


"Lindsay's probation case is a misdemeanor." And the reason they are going after her so hard is because she made them look incompetent. She has been given a chance over and over and over again, and still Eff's up, yet still isn't in jail.
Also, it may be a misdemeanor, but people forget - SHE KIDNAPPED 3 PEOPLE, drove drunk, and had COCAINE IN HER POCKET.
They NEED to go after her hard and make sure she doesn't "do whatever she wants" while she is suppose to be being punished.

1572 days ago


Any of you ever watched the show COPS? You ever seen how they find drugs in someone's pocket and the person says "That's not mine!"?
Have you ever seen it actually work and the person not get charged with it?
Put it this way - it worked for Lindsay.
Cocaine in her pocket and she says it wasn't hers and she is not charged with it.
She needs to quit boo hoo'ing about them being harsh on her. SHE SHOULD HAVE ALREADY DONE JAIL TIME, FOR THE COCAINE AND FOR THE KIDNAPPING.

1572 days ago


That alcohol course and the school need to be investigated, but the prosecutor in a misdemeanor case of someone attending that course is not the right person. California has a staff of investigators. If they have been selling passing grades or getting cozy with someone attending then they need to be made to pay for their crimes. Someone at TMZ may be in the know about the people who run that course, they got her attendance records and that is wrong.
Money or favors for passing grades or faked attendance, takes this case into the felony arena for someone, maybe not Lindsay but someone. Selling student records or information is worse.
Lindsay should do some time in jail for the missed classes and her attitude, the absolute maximum she can get is 180 days, how much of that she actually spends in jail is not yet known. We will find out in July, and as usual TMZ will be there fanning the fires.
Michelle Rodriguez got 180 days for VOP Violation of Parole, she served 18 days. I think Lindsay needs to do about double that. True justice will see her doing more time than Paris but considering the track record of California courts I doubt it!

1572 days ago


You can't complain about celebrities getting preferential treatment at the hands of the justice system and then complain when a prosecutor decides to play hardball with one.

Lindsay initially claimed that she missed classes because one of the instructors wanted to hang out with her, exchange text messages, etc.. Well, don't you think that such a star-crazed instructor might also give Lindsay passing grades in the class in an attempt to cement her desired friendship with Lindsay? The prosecutor is right to look in to this particular school.

I love the comment about people in their 20s being incapable of showing up to class on time. It's not a secret that more and more H.R. departments are being told not to hire anyone under the age of 30 due to 20-somethings not having the ability to show up on time or to perform the work for which that are hired. Hope you 20-somethings can remember the phrase "Would you like fries with that?" because you're going to need it.

1572 days ago


WTF ???????????? After she finishes her death penalty case she is going after Lindsay full force ? This is a prime example of a DA misusing her authority if the DA's office out in lala land has nothing better to do than go gunning for someone involving a
MISDEMEMOR might I suggest to the governor this is where your lay offs should start.

1572 days ago


Even though this is a just a misdemeanor, this prosecutor isn't stupid, she's doing what others should have or were supposed to do. and that is get Lindsay help. this prosecutor doesn't want to have to deal with her anymore, so whats the best way to do that? Expose Lindsay to herself, wake her up.

1572 days ago


I vote for the "Prosecutor looking to get her own 15 minutes of fame". A misdemeanor probation violation does not justify the proposed number of man-hours and tax dollars. Lindsay is an annoyance, no doubt, but let's not lose sight of the fact that in the eyes of the law she is(sor should be) just another 23 year old citizen.

1572 days ago


A Hollywood prosecutor with actual law sense. That amazes me.

1572 days ago


If this ends up with Lindsay testifying against the school and instructor in exchange for no jail time she should change her name to Lindsay Teflon Lohan.

1572 days ago


I thought that the ' Right On Program ' may be covering up for Lindsay when I read one of their reports. It sounded like it was written by a star-struck fan. They probably were giving her the VIP treatment. I hope the DA investigates and pulls their license.

It's not fair for Lindsay to get special treatment. The terms of probation were simple and clear. She choose not to follow it. She thinks that she can do what she wants. She's a no-body. A real d-lister and not that talented. There are 1000 other Lindsay Lohan look-alikes making the rounds of auditions.

Get Rid of her.

1572 days ago


First of all PLEASE drop the black/white ****. I mean really???? Let it go..

Next, the DA messed up BIG time by even speaking about wanting to go after somebody. Its another really?? Please, u just made yourself look like an idiot.

Finally, i dont see why everyone is upset that Lindsay wanted to put stickers on her bracelet. Why r people making it out to be such a big deal?? Shes a creative person, she likes dressing up and having some fun. Seems everyone has something stuck up their ass.

1572 days ago
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