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Prosecutor Goes After Lindsay with a Vengeance

5/29/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan probation case is gunning for Lindsay in a big way ... and even plans to investigate the alcohol education program Lindsay has been attending. 


Sources tell TMZ L.A. County Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers believes the Right On program was covering for Lindsay when it claimed she was in compliance.  We're told Meyers believes the program violated its own rules by giving Lindsay passing marks. 

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay did not attend all of the courses within the proper time limits -- once every 7 days.  But we also reported that the program followed state guidelines -- which requires attendance at least once every 21 days.  The school also excused Lindsay's tardiness ... something officials said is common among students in their 20s.

But here's what is really interesting.  Meyers says after she finishes prosecuting a death penalty trial next week, she will "be focusing all of my efforts on Ms. Lohan's upcoming hearing."  Mind you ... Lindsay's probation case is a misdemeanor.

Meyers is even sending D.A. investigators out into the field to sniff out potential probation violations of one Lindsay Lohan.

So we ask ...


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prosecutorial misconduct and overkill is nothing new. i've seen it first hand in listening to the horrific stories told by an ex-judge i know. they are out for blood because THEY CAN. people end up on death row even when prosecutors KNOW they aren't guilty of anything. it's all about winning a case or making themselves look good for the next election. it's all bullxxx. can't tell i intensely dislike the profession?

1571 days ago


If this prosecutor is going to make her plans known, seems to me this has become personal, and that worries me. This kid is only hurting herself. Our jails are too full for nonsense, and Hollywood lawyers and judges are notorious for seeking their own fame in these types of cases. I say if she signs a contract forbidding any book, TV, or movie deals, interviews, etc, then this prosecutor and judge will be fine. But I smell a True TV analyst audition going on.

1571 days ago


Give her a break. Clearly, she is, at least in some sense, a victim of her addiction, and most likely, mentally a bit unsound. So, ok. she's has delusions of grandeur, and inflated sense of self worth. But she is a very young woman, who has lived a life more or less divorced from the reality the rest of us endure daily, with parents who are so devoid of the protective instincts more have concerning their children, it's appalling. Lindsay has been living in that pseudo-reality for some time now - since she was a little kid, and considering that fact, along with what appears to be more than a few personality disorders, she needs help, not the full weight of the law bearing down on her. She needs psychological assistance and probably needs to be taking meds. give her a break

1571 days ago


Let's see...there's cases like rape, murder, battery, but she's focusing on a DUI MISDEMEANOR?! Either this prosecutor is really trying for her 15 minutes of fame or she's a total moron. What a loser...I hope she gets fired.

1570 days ago


If she ends up killing her self or someone else with her drinking and driving, her so called "loved ones" will probably sue the Judge for going so easy on her and then sue the so called rehab program for covering up for her. After all she's sick and can't help herself......yeah right.

1563 days ago


Uh oh you in trouble Beech, Ha Ha!

Least in jail your fashion choices will look better on you, so thankful we wont have to look at your pathetic and delusional attempts at fashion-which in your cracked head, you really think you are groundbreaking... Hee! (Serious painful belly-laugh!!!)

Are you Lindsay, ready to give up that nasty Ronson yet??? How on Earth is that rotten cracked-out tang worth losing your:

A. Career
B. Looks, der gone Baby
C. Freedom
?????????????????? WTF Dummy.
Ah, you never had any self-esteem or dignity to lose, wont bother asking about those. You just have your false pride and narcisstic self and your always on sense of entitlement.

So how long will it take to fig out Roho is not good for you? You're not that dumb, really. Just arrogant.

1357 days ago
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