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Lindsay Lohan -- I Want to Glam My SCRAM

5/28/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wants to use her SCRAM bracelet to make a fashion statement -- with a little help from Chanel ... problem is, the move would be a serious risk to her freedom.


In a midnight Twitter session, Lohan wrote, "can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that i can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!?"

But TMZ has learned there could be serious consequences if she glams it up -- the people at SCRAM have told us that the person wearing the device is not allowed to alter it in any way.

If LiLo does mess with the SCRAM, we're told she may have to pay for it -- and we're not just talkin' cash.

If SCRAM determines that she altered the device, Judge Marsha Revel could decide Lindsay violated her bail condition and then throw her butt in jail.

So the big question -- is fashion worth the risk? 


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I think lindseys got away with running to paris. The judge didn't throw the book at her. Any other person would have been arrested the moment they got off of the plain. These celeberties no that they can get away with murder. Look at Paris Hilton.

1618 days ago

J Simp    

Oh grow up Lindsay.

1618 days ago


LiLo it's not a effin cast, skateboard or your own personal blackberry....yeesh

1618 days ago


im on the E.M. braclet and there are losts of rule,like i live above my two car garage and i cant even go down there to sit down and enjoy the fresh are i can only stay in my house or go on my proch. its mad now w/ a gps unit built in so they can c were ever at all times. they can even tell if u try to tamper w/ it. i pay 184.00 a week for it.. i had to have it for two mouths for a DUI.. sorry lindsay but i really dont think there going to let u put a sticker on it,and let u go when u wont.. its not fun but i get this off on may 31. yea!!! cant wait...

1618 days ago


be a bigger f--king schmuck lilo.

1618 days ago


What genius! She takes a bad situation and makes the most out of it, or takes lemons and makes lemonade. Shows how smart and creative this the greatest beauty of all time is. What a women

1617 days ago


Typical Lohan BS. She doesn't get it. Everything is a big joke and its not her fault and "I don't deserve this". WHAAAAA! Maybe Chanel should send her some My Little Pony or Hello Kitty sitckers and tell them that they are Chanel designs. She'd probably believe it. She could cover her alcohol monitoring device like it was a jr. high school folder and show it off wearing a pair of her stupid leggings that she still thinks are fashionable.

1617 days ago


TMZ...I know you guys are obsessed to the hilt on following Lindsay everywhere, but come on...really...why should we care if she wants to "bling up" her bracelet?. If she's not allowed to alter it, and she does then I hope she's ready to bunk with Medusa in jail for a while.

1617 days ago


She probably was joking but is it worth it to tweet anything that only makes you look even more indifferent and uneducated?

Not taking things seriously doesn't go over well with judges. Fire your PR company, Lindsay. I'm available on weekends. Give me a call.

1617 days ago


This girl deserves to be in jail. Honestly, maybe she will figure her life out in there.

1617 days ago


I pray she gets help soon.

1615 days ago


I am a SCRAM agent and monitor offenders. From the looks of her bracelet it appears to be a SCRAMX which can double as an in home detention device. This equipment is not to be tampered with, ie stickers etc, however it is up to her monitoring agent to turn her in or even to decide what is a genuine tamper. Also, clients sign a contract saying that will not use any products with alcohol, lotions included. Will be interestg to see if Lindsay can follow all the instructions....

1615 days ago
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