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Bruce Beresford-Redman -- Sole Suspect

6/1/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_bruce_TMZ_BN_04Mexican authorities are now saying there are "substantial elements" leading them to believe that Bruce Beresford-Redman murdered his wife ... which is why they say a judge issued an arrest warrant.

An official from the Attorney General's Office in Quintana Roo, Mexico says there are no other suspects.

An official from the Attorney General's Office told TMZ today he was frustrated at the media reaction to his country's investigation. 

We have already reported ... it is highly unusual for a Mexican judge to issue an arrest warrant immediately after receiving the Attorney General's findings. 

The official told us, "Some of you complain, 'Why are you taking so long?'  And then when we take action people ask, 'Why so quick?'"


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the only people saying why so quick is him and his dirty lawyer. Mexico has conclusive forensic evidence on this creep.
that is why he fled like a rat

1602 days ago


His lawyer is not a very good one. He says this resort is dangerous and therefore it proves that his client is innocent. Although his client has cremated the body and they will not be able to find any physical evidence to prove their case. Additionally Bruce is the one who picked this resort after changing their original vacay plans. Makes sense to take someplace crime ridden to commit a crime. Additionally Monica was not raped or mugged according to forensics reports so no motive in Hirsch’s concoction of events.
Also Hirsch started smearing Cancun and that gave the Mexican authorities a reason to stop dragging their feet. Hirsch also says Mexican authorities let his client leave although Mexican authorities are still holding his passport and immigration do***ents he filled when he entered their country. Then Hirsch goes on to second guess the Mexican judge by saying he ‘rushed to judgment’ when there is in fact no time line set forth according to Mexican law when a Judge could charge someone with a crime and issue an arrest warrant. The investigation has been ongoing for 2 months and the judge made his ruling based on the evidence presented including physical evidence.
Lastly extradition does not take years. It takes weeks to months. Happens everyday.

1602 days ago


There have been many, many Canadians murdered in Mexico over the past 3 or 4 years and every time it happens, the Mexican authorities try to blame tourists (including family members) for the murder when it is obvious they were not involved. Mexico has a policy of blaming tourists so that their tourism business won't suffer. I am keeping an open mind about this one.

1602 days ago


Someone needs to throw him in the sewer.

1602 days ago


This not a shocker. That guy is so guilty it is obvious. His lawyer may try to fight his extradition to Mexico but that is pointless seeing how US authorities are always asking Mexico for extradition of drug dealers. They better watch this guy very carefully or he will flee with his crazy family's help.

1602 days ago

Gary Coleman    

hahah. he and his lawyer dissing Mexico talking tough hiding behind exradition now and he may very well end up in one of their prisons with Mexican inmates. hahaha

1602 days ago


are there any theory's as to why he supposedly killed his wife?

1602 days ago


zamboniE: because he thought it would be a lot cheaper to hire a team of defense lawyers than a divorce atty.

1602 days ago


Pretty funny how they issued the warranty right after they found out he walked out of their country.

dumb arses

1602 days ago


He obviously left Mexico because he knew what was coming. It's very clear what happened here. What a heinous crime. I don't want him anywhere near the children. I am afraid he will consider them a burden and kill them as well.

1602 days ago


They better watch this man carefully or he will simply flee and disappear. I got a huge laugh off of the poster who asked what his motive could have been! You'd have to live under a rock not to know of Bruce's cheating ways....

1602 days ago



1602 days ago


People... forget about it... he will never go to Mexico again...:(... He is inocent, remember?... as a pathological liar... he will die believing in it... that is it. I'm just sorry for Monica's family... :( ... They will ever be able to catch Monica's murderer... :( Sad... but real.

1602 days ago


Just a thought: I would say that Bruce and Monica got into a very heated argument, in which they were in each others face. Bruce then grabbed Monica by her neck, began to strangle her, and as she tried to fight him off and get his hands from her neck, Bruce then grabbed something and hit Monica in the head, which knocked her out. Bruce continued to strangle her to make sure she was dead, then after making sure he was not noticed by others, removed her body and placed her in the sewer area.

May justice be brought upon Bruce for murdering his wife Monica.
And may her kids be placed with "her" families care.

1602 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Oh come on .. This guy should be in a Mexican Jail.. He murdered his wife then skipped the country.. LOCK HIS ASS UP !!! *Save the kids

1602 days ago
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