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Megan Fox --The Writings on the Pelvic Bone

6/1/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On day 2 of Megan Fox bikini watch in Hawaii this weekend, Megan emerged from the ocean showing off her delicious curves, abs and her boyfriend Brian Austin Green's Hancock tatted on her bikini line.

This is her signature look.


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I am sick and tired of people hating on skinny people. I am 25, 5'7" and 115 pounds. I have been skinny my whole life. I work out 3-4 times a week (both weights and cardio), I eat healthy and I can't seem to put on the pounds. For some reason, people feel like it is ok to come up to me and point out how skinny and bony I am. But could you imagine if someone just went up to someone who was over weight and commented on their weight? I am telling you, I have had people I just meet comment on it, and not in a complimenting way. People have also started rumors how I was anorexic when I was younger and going through my awkward tall and lanky period...Lately the hate for skinny people has become insane... as if being skinny is not womanly...yes, i agree that in general over weight people have it worse in society, but that does not make it ok to hate on skinny people as well. I think in general, the focus should be on whether the person is HEALTHY or not... we have no idea what Megan Fox's lifestyle and health is like.. but for people to say she needs to eat a Cheeseburger.. yes that is just a phrase and they don't mean that literally... but from experience, I know how hard it is to put on weight...and I do not plan on putting on weight in an unhealthy matter either....

1542 days ago

Ksino Paul    

Looking a little bonny in the Chest there. She lost her curves! Stomach looks great!

1542 days ago


what is so amazing about her, her sucky attitude? The fact that the TMZ guys like her?? No one else seems to care much for her.... ANd yes she is way to skinny, her breasts look like they sage due to not haivng enough fat on her body. I agree , No curves, her body reminds me of a skinny high school student. but with saggy breasts....???... Sorry

1542 days ago

Da TaxMan    

Yeah this chick is way to skinny, just a bag of bones. And to amy90009, just wait till you are 28 & all the weight will catch up to you. Just wait!

1542 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Forget her.. I'm all about him!!! More pic's of Brian please

1542 days ago


"19. Skinny is better than fat so stfu and stop trying to find every flaw thats wrong with her. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. I dont understand why EVERYONE always has to judge others... its actually disturbing! I feel sorry for all of you who sit here and write BS comments, and for what??? You know its pathetic and if transformers doesnt want megan, F em. That movie sucks anyways and she can find a better movie deal......"

Ya Ya Okay there miss scott I guess we should all CHECK OURSELVES b4 we WRECK OURSELVES.. hahah seriously who says that?

1542 days ago


Understand people, The tattoo is temporary ink lasts for as long as she expects the relationship to last, few weeks!!!!!!!!.

1542 days ago



1542 days ago


It's just sick that a beautiful young girl would deface her body with a man's name. Does she really think she will be with him forever?

1542 days ago


She looks like she's got worms.

1542 days ago


Her bottom half looks ok. The top half is so skinny and her breast implants are just sitting there. It looks nasty.

1542 days ago


So did he get her name tatted on his body somewhere?

1542 days ago


The beginnings of meth deterioration!

1542 days ago

Josi Verlingieri    

One minute, oh I am so much in love with Brian I want his name tattooed on my bikini line, how sexy. The next minute let's see what I am going to get tattooed on me to cover up his name. Love, Love, Love, Hate, Hate, Hate.

I would say she has curvy bones. She looks like a skelton coming out of the water, is it Halloween?

1542 days ago


Alas, in Hollywood, women must be skinny and ageless. Men are allowed to be paunchy and grey-haired, but women are not, because then they're not "beautiful" and therefore not bankable.

Some people dig on skinny. A lot of people don't. I don't; I like my partner to have something genuine to hold on to. Bones digging in are not conducive to sexytimes.

Antwone wrote: "Get real people. Skinny NEVER goes out of style. PERIOD."

Really? Where were you during the Renaissance when all the beautiful and very not-skinny women were being painted and praised? When people wanted to look at women with natural full breasts and sweet round bellies and curvy hips and thighs, and men with broad smooth shoulders and solid hips and legs and arms (without being grossly pumped up) - that was when skinny was entirely out of style. It meant you were poor and ill-fed. Get over yourself and look at something that's not on television or in a trashy magazine.

1542 days ago
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