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Ex Mrs. Coleman -- Gary Was No Lindsay Lohan

6/4/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife is taking a shot at Lindsay Lohan -- saying Gary was a role model who could have taught Linds a thing or two about Hollywood.

Shannon Price
Shannon Price blabbed about LiLo, Britney Spears, and life in the spotlight during an interview obtained by TMZ -- one she taped just a day after deciding to pull the plug on Gary's life support.

Price says she used to respect Lindsay because, y'know ... "she had red hair" and was in "Parent Trap."


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She is painfully dumb!

1610 days ago


Stupid bout sum's her up!

1610 days ago


She should be a screenwriter - you can't make up dumber comments than this...

1610 days ago

Old Gal    

Would someone please tell her that her 15 minutes of fame passed an hour ago!!!!

1610 days ago


Does anyone else (besides me) suspect someone's establishing a basis for a DIM-CAP if this should happen to go to trial!? Could she have already obtained a lawyer once the public started claiming she pushed him?
Or, is she really mildly to moderately developmentally delayed? everyone else is saying, just bat**** crazy??? (=

1610 days ago


i hope this bitch goes down in flames.

1610 days ago


who, by the way, needs your hard earned cash asap to buy high end stuff in vegas upon the death of her sick(ugly)husband who didn't use his brain and save his own money for his own funeral expenses knowing full well they didn't have a pot-to-piss-in so let's hurry and give it up for washed-up in hollywood!!

1610 days ago


Hate,Hate,Hate thats all there is from people here. Why dont you show respect for someone in grief.Someday you will lose someone you care about and all you need is a bunch of people bringing you down more.Shes not perfect but Gary wasnt all that either. They loved and cared about each other and rest doesnt matter. Give her a break.What goes around comes around. so I hope your all ready for lots of judgement to come your way.

1610 days ago


How can she have the time to speak of these things when she is SUPPOSED to be grieving??!!! And she knows nothing about Hollywood! Gary's death does not make her a celeb, either. Please, cops prove us wrong and arrest this psycho!!!

1610 days ago


Did anyone listen to the 911 call? She had no feeling in her voice. Even if he was my X husband, I would be crying and screaming and barely able to talk into the phone let alobe tell the operator that Im sorry the blood gaged me..Plz....Something is amiss here and I don't care what police department said. SOmeone needs to look into this alittle closer

1610 days ago

R. Edwards    

What a utter,unbelievable mess. My heart goes out to Gary Coleman. I can't speak on the relationship or lack there of Gary had with his adoptive parents because there are three sides to this story...his, theirs, and then the truth. What makes the whole ordeal simply tragic is not the fact that he became estranged from his adoptive parents but the fact that they were never able to resolve the conflict and be a family again.
As for his ex-wife and I stress the word "ex" here....all I can say is WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF et al. Gary Coleman rushed into that marriage with someone considerably younger then himself without benefit of a looong courtship. He was probably a very lonely man and was searching for company and she was willing to give it...but you have to ask yourself why? Young girl like herself and he's in no way the perfect "catch" or "attractive" way was this woman romantically in love with him and no way did they have a healthy relationship. She was in it for something...publicity, money (or what she thought she could get in terms of money) it sure wasn't for love. And if she were any type of woman she would've reached out to his adoptive parents long time ago and tried to bring them back together with Gary. Not to mention now....she should be working with them NOT agaisn't them. And no way could she have had "legal" authority to stop life support...they were legally divorced...the hospital is protecting themselves...they see the law suit coming on that one.
I sincerely hope justice prevails and his parents win the right to handle the funneral and burial. Oh and they should sue the hospital as well.

1610 days ago


She needs to shut her ****washer.....What trash.......

1610 days ago

Terry York    

This ex wife piece of **** makes me sick. You can tell she is lying. She did not care about him one bit. I wonder why he divorced her sorry ass, but mostly wonder why he was with her in the first place. Bet he had no clue she would let him bleed to death. She robbed him of love that he could have gotten from someone else-anyone who would have been better than her. The more she talks-the more you know she is lying. Electriczipper should f--- her, then maybe she would zip her mouth shut. WTF! When you get done she can drive you home in the car that he bought for her. Oh< I forgot-she has siezures and can't drive. Think her siezures keep her from having sex? Guess she won't be doing you any favors. Keep looking, you are sure to find a retarded bitch somewhere!

1610 days ago


Okay, she's not the brightest bulb on the tree, but Gary (who was a very bright bulb on the tree) did love her and trust her. I'm sure they talked about all the things she's babbling about now, she's just not very coherent. He probably mentioned Mohammed Ali when talking with her about such things, for example, explaining her seemingly out-of-the-blue reference to that. I'd cut her a lot of slack, she's just out of her depth.

Gary also most likely talked with her about his wishes concerning extreme measures to maintain his life - my aunt certainly did tell us about that, long before we needed to know it (she later gave my brother her health power of attorney). She definitely wanted us to pull the plug if there was a plug to pull. Gary was in much worse shape than many realized this past year after heart surgery - trouble walking, trouble breathing, etc. So the possibility of an early death and the need for someone else to make medical decisions for him were certainly very much on his mind. If he wanted someone other than Shannon to be involved, he had plenty of time to change the arrangement. And about her happy appearance - well, after my mother's struggle with cancer, my brother, my aunt, and I were the happiest people at her wake because we knew she was just enduring and was more than ready to die, premature though it seemed. My guess is that Shannon, seeing the deterioration Gary was experiencing since surgery, is feeling a similar sense of relief that the hard journey is over.

Gary obviously stayed good friends with Todd Bridges, and I would trust Todd's evaluation of the relationship more than anyone else's. Todd says Gary did love and trust her, that she loved him, that Gary did want her to make medical decisions if he was unable to do so, and that Gary definitely did not want his parents involved in such decisions or to gain anything from his death. If Shannon didn't call his parents about his condition, for example, I'm sure it was the way Gary wanted it and that he had made that very clear to her.

1610 days ago

Proud American    

What ever happened with them will come out. I sure the parents will get to the bottom of the death of their son. It is met to happened for them to know.

1609 days ago
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