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Gary Coleman's Ex -- I Can't Afford His Funeral

6/3/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife had a passion ... for getting pampered and spending money in Las Vegas -- and now she's begging Gary's fans to help her with his funeral costs.

In an interview shot the day after Gary's death -- and obtained by TMZ -- Shannon Price talks an awful lot about money ... bragging that she "bought high-end stuff" during trips to Vegas.

Price also says she's hard up for cash now because Gary couldn't get life insurance -- due to his kidney condition.


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Screw you. Get a discount cremation and dump his ashes in your garden.

1602 days ago



Gary RIP... its times like this that I truly hope there is a god.
this person is sick....

1602 days ago


SHAME! What a mess she is.

1602 days ago


HERE WE GO.... then why pull the plug b4 you get it together. I am not giving you a dime..sell the car he just bought you. He wasn't a dummy I'm sure he at least had burial insurance.

1602 days ago


His parents got a court order to take his body home-what does she need money for???

1602 days ago


Better idea, Shannon.

Remember that car you said Gary bought you? The one you can't drive because of your seizures? Sell it! Then you should have enough money to put Gary in the ground.


1602 days ago


Wow what a whore....

I mean what a bagwhore..

I truly would help and send or paypal money but not if she has access. my feeling is the man truly made me laugh a lot growing up with his movies and shows.

I hope someone comes to take over from her soon. The rate she is going she will put sponsors in his tombstone...

1602 days ago


What I do not understand is that she pulled the plug after 15 mins of being in a coma? How disgusting. It only takes less than 15mins to say your goodbyes to your EX (or husband whatever they were)...I am trying to wrap my mind about that one.

NOT EVEN 24hrs after the incident. Why the rush? Docs: "he is gone" Shannon: "Okee Dokee, pull the plug" Regardless of whether or not he could or could not make can one rush so FAST to pull the plug.

I would be mortified and terrified and passed out if that were my Husband. I would need much time to say goodbye to my beloved. Not just "okee doc, yank er' out"

1602 days ago


This woman is obviously mentally challenged. She will start selling Gary's belongings on e-bay before you know it. What a selfish mooch.

1602 days ago


The police need to investigate this "woman"

1602 days ago


She won't need any money because she is going to jail for murder. What a dumb byatch.

1602 days ago


(Paraphrasing) "He was never able to get life insurance... and that would've really helped with funeral costs." What about it helping with his freakin LIFE, you idiot!

And I just can't get over Vegas routine, getting pampered and "obviously I would buy the high-end stuff"...what on EARTH does that have to do with anything? I hope that comment by her was taken WAY out of context because if not, there's something seriously wrong with this apparent gold digger. Oh never mind, there's something wrong with her regardless.
I was no Gary fan, but he sure didn't do anything to deserve this loser.

There's nothing in her face that says sorrow. Nothing that says she feels anything as a result of Gary's death but relief and an opportunity to leech of Gary's fans for money.

Girl, GET A JOB. You're a lousy liar and this shtick ain't gonna work.

I'm starting to wonder if poor Gary could have lived if only someone in his house had given two ****s about him.

1602 days ago


My son was in a coma from a traumatic brain injury did I pull the plug HELL NO! And he is perfect today, works, is educated and everything.

1602 days ago


I can't believe this sick b*tch would have the nerve to say US!! Help me Help Me My free ride is gone, DIVORCED dumb-ass. Oh yeah wait, Everyone IS lining up to give you money. Just go away, there's no free ride left. Oh, unless you decide to go get a job to pay for Gary's funeral. Have you ever done anything for Gary? My keyboard almost fell apart just typing in that last remark. I'm sure there's a rock with your name on it. Go Ahead Take It!!! Oh of course A Higher End Rock of course. Stupid B*tch.

1602 days ago


PIG! R.I.P Gary.
God took you away from this psycho for a reason. Get a f-ing job!

1602 days ago
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