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Legal Fight Brewing in Jackson House

6/4/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned four of Katherine Jackson's grandchildren will be moving from her house this month, and the mother of the kids has lawyered up for a fight.

Katherine Jackson
TMZ broke the story ... Katherine told Alejandra Jackson -- who had been living at the Jackson family compound in Encino with her kids, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy, Jr. -- that her brood had to move out, because Katherine had her hands full just watching over Michael Jackson's 3 kids.

Katherine is allowing Alejandra and her kids to move into a nearby condo owned by the Jackson family, but Alejandra is pissed. Katherine is in Indiana until June 10. We're told when Katherine comes back, Alejandra has to move.

But it's not going to be that easy. We've learned Alejandra has hired Trope & Trope, a powerful law firm, to negotiate a separation agreement of sorts. We're told Alejandra wants some assurance that her family will be financially protected if she moves. As a result, she may challenge the move or negotiate a separation package -- which would include a place where she and her kids will live (not necessarily the condo) and what financial support she gets.

Alejandra has gone after Jermaine in the past for failing to pay child support -- and now that she's being forced to move, the money battle has been reignited. Jermaine is the father of two of the kids and Randy is the father of the other two children.

Katherine asked Alejandra to move after the stun gun incident. TMZ broke the story that Jaafar ordered a stun gun online and was playing with it at the house -- something that triggered an investigation by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.



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Alejandra give Jermaine custody of his kids, get your share of visitation, I think you and Randys kids should be adults by now aren't they? Anyway then you'll be free to find another fool to suck the life out of.

1564 days ago

N.o. Lady    

Jesus, the rest of the Jackson clan make Michael look more normal everyday. They are all pigs and don't deserve a penny. Don't forget Joe and Katherine were trying to sell belts last week to make $ off their son who hasn't been dead a year. Sick people! Karma Is A Bitch You Sickos.

1564 days ago

Lenn K.    

Here when the sh*t hit the fan, it's when she dies and the rest of these deadbeats and lowlifes have to look at reality in the eye. Jermaine and Randy are living in that world that most people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton won't really talk about. It's black men not being real men and taking care of their damn kids. By the way, this is way more important than someone using the N word.

1564 days ago

LA Native    

this brings the term "disfunctional family" to a whole new level.

1564 days ago



1564 days ago


Kick her & her BRATS out!!!!

1564 days ago


Poor,poor Katherine I see why Michael did'nt want anything to do with this family.
She should be getting child support, and get out and get a job. Very disfunctional family, I don"t see any Lawyer wanting this, it's disgusting.

1564 days ago

Rob D in S.C.    

Wow how ghetto, they all should be on springer!!! Ding Ding Ding..
I guess now we know where all Micheal's money went.

1564 days ago


hey mary from comment 99 your in america now so maybe we should speak english!

1564 days ago


OMFG! Really Katherine doesnt owe this dumb B***H a damn thing and she has the balls to go after her cuz she is getting kicked out? Grow the F**K up you damn loose skank! Tell your two babies daddies to step up to plate and give you the child support and you get off your ass and get a job! Pretty sad that you slept with both brothers and have kids with both, deosnt say much for you now does it! S**t like this just chaffs my ass! People need to grow up and stop acting like the world owes them something!

1564 days ago


She and Randys kids are both ADULTS so how is she suing for them.

1564 days ago


Man, that sucks. Mrs. Jackson shouldn't have to put up with that crap. Alejandra is pissed because the gravy train is over...pathetic, she needs to get out.

1564 days ago


I fail to see how Alejandra's living arrangement can have anything to do with Mrs Katherine Jackson. This is for Alejandra, Randy and Jermaine to sort out. The three of them are responsible for the four children in Alejandra's care. Katherine has no responsibilities there, and should not have to be bothered by it. Doesn't anyone care for her well-being and peace of mind?

Randy, Alejandra and Jermaine - go to work (yes, Alejandra also), find a place for A+4 to live, and take care of Katherine instead of the other way around. Grown people should not behave like this. I am sure Katherine loves all of her grandchildren alike, stun gun or no stun gun, but MJ3 have no parents and she is their legal guardian and the only person they have.

1564 days ago


I can,t beleive this woman is trying to sue katherine after all these years living there rent free.She claims she has no money so how can she hire a lawyer.She moving into a place which i,am sure she won,t be paying rent on either.She needs to get a job and start paying her bills.What is she gonna do when katherine no longer here.Katherine does,nt need to have all these kids around her she getting up in age.She needs to have some peace in her life.

1564 days ago


What an effing slut of the sluts! whore bioatch...enough said already!

1564 days ago
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