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Jailer Wanted 'No Smoking' Zone for Charlie Sheen

6/8/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who threw the monkey wrench in the Charlie Sheen plea agreement wanted to tighten the screws on Charlie to the point he couldn't even light up a cigarette while he was out working at a local theater ... TMZ has learned.


Beverly Campbell is Pitkin County's Jail Administrative Officer.  We've learned ... on Monday, Campbell insinuated herself in the deal her boss -- the Sheriff himself -- signed off on.  Campbell believes Charlie is not eligible for work release, but rather his daily get-out-of-jail pass should be something called "Useful Public Service (UPS)."

We're told Campbell believes under UPS, Charlie should only get out between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.  Under the work release deal her boss signed, Charlie was supposed to get out between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Even worse, sources say Campbell believes under the UPS program Charlie has no right to eat, drink sodas, or smoke when he's working at the Aspen Theatre. 

And, under the UPS program, Charlie would have faced a longer period of probation after serving his time than under the work release program.

TMZ broke the story ... the Sheriff and the D.A. actually signed a plea deal that utterly contradicted what Campbell was demanding, but the Sheriff would not overrule or discipline her ... at least not while he was in court.

In the end, we're told Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, refused to relent and pulled the plug.

Will the Sheriff lay down the law to Beverly?

Stay tuned


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Wow…You go Girl!!! LOL…I will be happy if he gets the same treatment as the rest of us do…nothing more, nothing less…..I’m sure she will fold though, they will probably threaten her job or something…It will be interesting to see how this plays out….Will the rich win?…..or will justice prevail? Stay tuned…

1508 days ago


Honestly, what really bothers me is that the County signed off on a legally binding agreement (a plea bargain, which is a common practice used to help control court costs, maintain workflow for an overtaxed system and reduce jail populations), and the County has reneged on said agreement. If a normal person is potentially charged with multiple infractions, they can plea guilty to the more serious charge to reduce the lesser charges; the person would still be guilty and serve time, but the County would only have to spend the time/money on persecuting the one case. What the County has done here has reneged on their agreement that resulted in the guilty plea. Sheen could easily have said F this and pled not-guilty, considering Mueller reportedly didn't want to press charges. Here we have an overzealous employee that is costing the County in time, money and credibility. If anything, Sheen should have been allowed to do house arrest with work release, which would have resulted in him paying for his own incarceration (rather than the County paying for his jail time, in addition to extra security during his stay). Epic FAIL!

1508 days ago


Good for Beverly! for being able to see that Charlie has a problem and needs to pay for his deeds like any other American. She is throwing monkey wrenches in, because she see's that he is being given preferential treatment just because he's a movie star! Good for her for standing up where the men in charge obviously fell flat.

1508 days ago


I applaud the woman who rejected this bull**** plea bargain! I know prisoners can smoke but how many get to leave for 12 hours a day and hang out. We all know it was bull**** why would you blame someone for standing up against it! She should be promoted and those as****s Charlie's lawyers bought off should be fired.


1508 days ago



1508 days ago


To all you morons on here who cant read, work release program does go until 8. He was not getting special treatment. She is claiming he doesnt qualify for that he qualifies for a different program. Learn how to read they are two different programs. Furthermore if the plea deal is he is to get work release who the hell is she to say he doesnt. That is the plea deal. Since when do you have the authority to trump your boss and the D.A.? She needs to be fired period. She does not make the deals she draws up the programs and needs to be told her job. I hope they get rid of her. Seems to me she wanted to try to get her name in the paper to try to make and point noone cares to hear about.

1508 days ago


How dare that peon administrative clerk insert her two cents into Charlie's case. Whatever happened to 'chain of command' (i.e. you don't contradict your direct superior, let alone the District Attorney!) She's a moron who should mind her own beeswax. Charlie should not even be going to jail. Community service would have sufficed, and even that is unnecessary, as Brooke dropped the charges and doesn't want him to go to jail. Married couples have fights all the time, and something like this should have remained a private matter. I highly doubt he held a knife to her throat. So he broke her eyeglasses. Big crime. Sounds like something a kindergartener would do. Fire that peon jail clerk and be done with it. The rest of the players are just feeding off of Charlie's fame and want publicity for themselves.

1508 days ago


Gloria Allred got to Beverly Campbell, Jail Administrative Officer - just like she got the dirty ex-cop.

1508 days ago


This is why women shouldn't be in any position where they feel "power." LOL

1508 days ago


Who does this woman think she IS? Perhaps this sheriff ought to grow some balls and explain it to her. Is everyone in Aspen an azz hole? Sheesh. Even the DA didn't tell this woman she's second guessing him? OMG what does she have on all these men? Must be something great.

1508 days ago


I blame this limp sheriff. He should have explained to her what her level of involvment actually was and then pressed ahead with the deal. I am a female. It's women like this one and Gloria Allred that give us a bad name. SINCE WHEN CAN YOU SECOND GUESS YOUR BOSS? Jesus Christ! She's an idiot.

1508 days ago


This DA is a *****! So much for keeping your word, sir. Working out plea deals usually doesn't include some stupid biatch in the jail who is on a personal mission to go after men who break their wive's glasses. It was fine to spend the better part of 6 months attempting to enhance this entire arrest into something it's not. Oh baby, what a hard on these men had for Charlie but bring in a female jailer and they all crumble whimpering at her feet. Shameful!

1508 days ago


Charlie Sheen sucks the big one! Crap, garbage and dumb crap.

1508 days ago


An employee that says "I aint giving preferential treatment to a celeb"? Well done that woman. She got bigger balls than California's law "enforcers".

1508 days ago


There are child molesters and rapist who get even less 'punishment' than Charlie, and are let out immediately to walk the streets and do it again and again. Let's face it, the 'justice system' is a joke. Do these penalties really fit the crime? Personally, I think child rapists and the like should get locked up for life, or permanently isolated in a commune with similar minded criminals, never to see the light of day again. Charlie on the other hand, is just a guy with a bad temper. He took his anger management classes, and that should be enough. Brooke didn't have a scratch on her, and she's a crackhead 'bee-atch' who married poor Charlie only to seek out the limelight for herself. Look at her on the red carpet, sans wedding ring, flaunting her stuff while Charlie heads to the clink. She tricked him into marrying her by getting pregnant. Charlie has a good heart and everyone knows it. That's why he has the number one show and is 'scandal proof'. Forgive Charlie already and leave him be!

1508 days ago
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