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Heidi Montag Files for Legal Separation

6/8/2010 2:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Heidi Montag just showed up at the Santa Monica Courthouse and officially filed for legal separation from Spencer Pratt.  She lists irreconcilable differences as the reason for separation.


Heidi did not file divorce papers.  The legal significance of legal separation is that her earnings will become her separate property from the date of separation.  Heidi lists the date of separation as today, June 8.

Interesting ... under the section, "community assets and debts," Heidi wrote, "No such assets or debts."  It's unclear if Heidi and Spencer have a prenup which keeps their assets separate, or if they're broke.


Heidi tried filing in Malibu -- of course -- but the Malibu courts don't do divorces. 

Heidi filed the legal docs in her own handwriting.  There's no evidence she has a lawyer.

Story developing...


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Paragraph #9 on separation do***ents refers to petitioner has to abide by the terms of a "restraining order." Does this mean that Heidi & Spencer have to stay apart - as in not living together, nor appearing together on Heidi's new reality show?

1562 days ago


Awww...she looks so sad, or surprised, or angry. I can't tell.

1562 days ago


I just read this on the Perez whatever his name is site and I left this comment. Normally I would try something new from site to site, but it also applies here and I really do hate that sad sack of douche!

It reads as follows!

Spencer, for real this time!! And I know you read this comment sections!!! Kill yourself!! Most of the problems you have all go back to your miguided fondness for being alive. In fact, I would say that if you're Mother had the God given sense to have an abortion, none of us would be put through the pain of having to read bull**** stories about you. Let's be honest here for a second my friend… look like a gay Grizzly Adams. That alone should be enough of a reason for you to at least TRY to drown yourself! Is that really asking to much? Think of your fellow man instead of yourself for the first time in your already to long life!! I would even go as far as to say that you throwing yourself in front of a plane that's landing might even cure cancer and AIDS….or at the very least stop world hunger! And even with Heidi always having that vacant and ignorant look on her plastic face….she was still too good for you! Tell you what, I live in Chicago and I will take you out and hook you up with some crack whore who will no doubt at the very least give you syphilis, if we're lucky it'll be AIDS, but we'll start slow. If that doesn't work, we have all kinds of really tall buildings you can throw yourself off of! Look at it this way…'ll one of those E True Hollywood Stories out of it!

Just something to think about………………………..

1562 days ago


I bet the only way you'll see a real facial expression... Tap her in Da poop er

1562 days ago


Seriously...STOP even mentioning these two immature individuals. If the media would stop speaking of them...meaning you TMZ, then they would not be famous....or are they paying you to do the damn stories. Who CARES?

1562 days ago

Pretty LL    

She obviously called every photographer in town to come down and film it. How come with everyone else (those who are far more relevant by the way) you have to find out about it days or weeks later?? It's so obvious. And NO I will not be watching an show these two idiots are in.

1562 days ago

Are you sure?    

They had to do this because they were under attack for making up a break up. I don't believe it for a second! These two are known liars who will do anything for attention. They are pathetic!

1562 days ago


People can say what they want about Heidi as they always do, but seriously this is an official legal do***ent of legal. no such thing as afake on. once it's signed it's done. there's no way going back and saying oh this is only filed for the reality show so erase it. No this is real and she's moving on. Brad and Jennifer filed the same thing and look what happend. this is smart because if Spencer comes out of nowhere in the reality show, they'll get paid easily instead of assets dispute on whose show it is. I know alot of you say alot of bad things about Heidi but this whole courtfiling and the photo is totally real, raw even.

1562 days ago


Please stop posting "news" on these people! PLEASE!! "moi's" post is right - why is it HER walking down the steps with loose papers in her hands, and not an attorney? And, filing they have NO community assets or debts to split? Well, yeah - if you're doing this for a sick publicity stunt, don't bother with FACTUAL information! This is so posed!!
Please leave them off your site - or think up some way give an option to "ignore" or "include" these idiots on readers' updates!

1562 days ago


It's FAKE, TMZ!!! She's trying to make it look more real in the hopes of getting her show sold now that they are being ripped apart by the internet. Who files seperation papers themselves....oh, wait, someone who can't afford an attorney, and why pay an attorney for an act that's fake.

Is TMZ really this stupid?

1561 days ago


#76, are you serious? A seperation is not permanent, they can be reversed, it's why its called a trial seperation...oh, I get it, you must be spencer...

1561 days ago


I call shenna****ns!

1561 days ago


Still a stunt. I can go file for whatever the hell I want. It isn't like anything is final, she just filed to get more publicity.

1561 days ago


She called the paparazzi herself to let them know where she'd be...other sites have confirmed that...who wants paps there when you're filing for divorce...only someone trying to use it to their advantage. Aren't their laws about using the court system for stunts? She is freaked out, that people finding out they were faking their split, is going to make it so they can't sell the reality show they are filming themselves. They have no money left, what they do have, they are spending on filming. So she took this step in hope that it would help sell the show.

1561 days ago


When she files for DIVORCE, with legal representation, and it's filed in the courts to proceed, then I MIGHT believe it. Right now it's all fake.......she just did the minimum to look like she was serious....NOBODY with an ounce of brains takes them serious at this point.

1561 days ago
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