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Reggie Bush -- Regrets and Disappointment

6/10/2010 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_reggie_bush_BN_TMZReggie Bush is firing back at the NCAA for its decision to drop the hammer on his alma mater USC -- a decision mainly based on an investigation centered around Bush.

In a statement Reggie says "I very much regret the turn that this matter has taken, not only for USC, but for the fans and players."

He also states "I am disappointed by today's decision and disagree with the NCAA's findings."

Bush says he will cooperate with investigators if the university decides to appeal.

UPDATE: USC says it will appeal the NCAA ruling.

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No Avatar


how about have Reggie pay all the fines? He should be held accountable for it....

1567 days ago


Puhhhlease! He regrets his ass! He took the kickbacks when he knew he wasn't supposed to and then got snagged, it is called ethics oh boy Bush....All of us are forgiven by God and I will not throw stones because I would have been seing dolla signs too, but do not sit there and act like "what"......Kim got outta that one just in the nick of time and he wants to act like she was soooooo expendable......who the expendable one now Chico? Men kill me with this crap. What the dog go scampering back rubbing his butt on the floor as he scampers....ruff ruff Kim....

1566 days ago


Its not like this is peewee football. NCAA football brings in hundreds of millions of dollars why shouldn't the players get compensated?

1566 days ago


Geoff you're speaking moron...

It comes out of the pockets of every other kid going to school. Why don't you go fluff Terrell Pryor to go to your school?

As for USC let them pay the piper, they are clearly corrupt if there is an investigation for Mayo, as well, they play clean until they get caught.

TMZ, can you acquire Reggie Bush's School Transcripts and see what he may have got for Business Ethics class?

1566 days ago


Reggie Bush should pay hefty fines, he knew exactly what he was doing. Ahole.

1566 days ago


Are you really sorry Reggie? Like they said, pay the fines or are you only sorry that your name was brought into the limelight or that your family got caught? Yeah, sorry my a$$!

1566 days ago


Saaay Whaaaat? USC cheating? Reggie, time to go OJ for the school's reputation, stand up man!

1566 days ago


they shudnt hav suspended them 4rm bowl games ......pete caroll knew this wud happen so he abandoned the team wat a bitch!

1566 days ago


so cal and reggie deserve what they get for cheating...next is the basketball team who will get it...


1566 days ago


I never understood why the colleges are the only ones that get screwed in these situations, leaving the remaining players without a chance to go to a National Championship. VERY UNFAIR! They should have less harsh penalties for the school (unless the school knows it's going on), and more penalties to the individual players that are the ones doing the wrong thing. Such as suspend THEM without pay in the NFL/NBA for a year or 2. THEY are the ones who are to blame!!!

1566 days ago


Nice job, Bush. You're arrogance and selfishness just cost your teammates. It’s terrible that those student-athletes who worked so hard and to them football was/is everything and now that has been taken away. What did he think would happen? The NCAA would just punish him with a slap on the wrist and it would all go away? Unfortunately there are other colleges in similar situations…it only takes one ******* to screw it up for everyone. Strip him of the Heisman and give him the “I’m a f***tard” trophy.

1566 days ago

Ron Jeremy    

People look up to these athlete like they are god just because they can run or shoot a ball ,when in reality if they weren't in sport ,most would be common criminal .They are the most selfish human being on the planet,they think are not accountable for their action .I wouldn't want my kid to look up to these fools .

1566 days ago

Jomica Man    

I'm absoulety certain the day Reggie admitts to all of the NCAA vilolations, is the same day that Barry Bonds admitts to taking steroids. But, then again, it took Pete Rose a few decades to finally admitt to gambling in major leaque baseball. Reggie's denials will go on for as long as he could hold out. Perhaps a Gongressional hearing is in order, and hear him lie under oath. In fact, having good old Pete Carroll and Mike Garrett on the stand as well would be epic. You could cut the tension in the room with Tommy Trojan's sword.

1566 days ago


Sweat haircut you douche... no one likes a cheater. SUC ON!

1566 days ago


he really is a hottie
(I should be ashamed of myself lol)

1566 days ago
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