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Reggie Bush -- Regrets and Disappointment

6/10/2010 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_reggie_bush_BN_TMZReggie Bush is firing back at the NCAA for its decision to drop the hammer on his alma mater USC -- a decision mainly based on an investigation centered around Bush.

In a statement Reggie says "I very much regret the turn that this matter has taken, not only for USC, but for the fans and players."

He also states "I am disappointed by today's decision and disagree with the NCAA's findings."

Bush says he will cooperate with investigators if the university decides to appeal.

UPDATE: USC says it will appeal the NCAA ruling.

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Screw Reggie, is a cheating piece of ****.

1597 days ago


What an arrogant jerk. He got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from 2 marketing agents WHILE STILL IN COLLEGE PLAYING FOR USC, IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF NCAA REGULATIONS, and he thinks he has the right to "disagree with the NCAA"? What an assh*le. As far as I'm concerned, he gave up his right to comment on the procedings when he willfully violated NCAA rules. It figures that he's going out with kim WHORETRASHian; they're both money whores & couldn't care less about anybody but themselves.

This as**** stonewalled the NCAA & Pac 10 investigators, refused to meet with them, yet had the arrogance to say that "he would continue to cooperate with the NCAA if USC chose to appeal these decisions". I'm a UCLA Bruin & obviously dislike USC, but I've got to say this jerk let down all the USC fans with his "It's all about me; screw everyone else" attitude. If someone pulled this kind of crap at UCLA, we'd immediately disown him & distance ourselves from him; it's precisely what this assh*le deserves...

1597 days ago

Throwback kid    

Reggie knew the rules when he came to USC and he took the money anyway. If you really feel so bad pay back all the money you accepted.

1597 days ago


USC cut the deal with a probably 18 year old Reggie and it's all his fault? Baloney! USC, and all the other colleges, absolutely know what they can and can't do and they have attorneys to help them when in question. USC knew their deal was illegal but went for it anyways. It's the coaches, school officials, and others who made the arrangements that should be held accountable, not the current players. Someone needs to look at where the money came from and who made the arrangements because there was probably some kind of under-the-table financial transactions going on and probably cause for criminal prosecution. Colleges do still have to follow US laws just like everyone else.

1597 days ago


Having a name like Bush is bad luck and disastrous. Just ask the people of the United States and University of Southern California.

1597 days ago


Just another punkass criminal wearing a jersey.... that's what they all are....criminals & each week they prove it time and time again. You stole, your family stole... too much sense of entitlement...Boo f'n HOO!

1596 days ago

Eric Anderson    

One)USC Trojans and Randy Bush are being protested and punished against for benefits received? What is college for without benefits, is that not the reason to apply and attend college? The governing body is in error regarding this five year grudge match!
Two)Rumor is that Lyle Alzedo of LA Raiders fame had dated Dion Warwick (singer/entertainer) in the Las Vegas area while driving a older and smaller red toyota corolla w/dents and smog problems during the old Frontier Hotel strike days, after Alzedo was claimed deceased by many of his friends and family!
Three)Tasks not to do as a MLB manager
a) Take your pitcher off the mound and move him to third base. Instead send him to the locker room where the kissing bandit could keep him company!
b) Never allow the DH (designated hitter) to hit lower than fourth in the batting lineup!
c) Michael Jordan's past time is and always will be to watch the Three Stooges Acts on television preferably on a b/w TV! Hey, if the trio is now in color archive, who is stopping MJ to view more Three Stooges Activities!

1596 days ago


Who cares? Yeah he's cute and plays football, big deal. Kim made him look good, lots of profesional cuties out there. What makes him special?.... Kim. I could care less to hear about him.

1596 days ago


Give it up Reggie I guess the temptions for gifts was to much so you couldn't wat to turn pro. It's not like you were from the ghetto and needed the stuff. Just gready huh. Give the trophy back O.J.

1594 days ago


Reggie is all about Reggie. His dutiful crying act on behalf of USC is predictable and irrelevant. He was happy to be the beneficiary of the "Cheat On" spirit at USC. I grew up in SoCal and USC has been cheating for many years. It's ironic to see the Pete Carrol legacy being reduced to rubble. All those Pac 10 "wins" aren't so impressive anymore are they? Isn't it reassuring to know that Kiffen is now in charge? I'm not sure the Trojan culture will be able to sort out the difference from right and wrong. It may take another hammer from the NCAA.

1573 days ago


You folks are unfair look at the NCAA make crazy money off the backs of these large football/basketball powerhouses. Yet we are mad at a kid who did take a kick back , well then the NCAA has gotten richer in the last several years millions and billions of dollars and we vilify reggie. Well maybe things need to change and these athletes need more than pell grant and scholarships and finanicial aid. I am angry that reggie is the whipping boy of whats wrong with the studeny athletes , what about the coaches , I have't heard one word of discipline for them . What if all the athletes from the football/basketball programs boycotted a season who would loose out on the $$$$$$$$$$$ the colleges /universities and the NCAA then we would really see a change , cause the NCAA doesn't play these games the students do

1543 days ago


If NCAA football was fair, they would change the rules. Then the players would not have to take bribes, 'cause they would get a part of all those millions NCAA football makes off of their talents! He still should not have done it, because he knew the rules.

1534 days ago
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