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Arnie Klein -- Joe Jackson's a Hypocrite!

6/14/2010 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- the man who was probably closest to Michael Jackson -- came out swinging against Joe Jackson, claiming the elder Jackson could have tried talking Michael off a ledge, but all he cared about was making money.


Dr. Klein tells TMZ, "Michael was very close to Katherine, but Joe talked to him too, but all Joe ever wanted to talk about was business.  Everything Joe utters is nonsensical."

Joe is taking lots of flack for telling News of the World Katherine is responsible for Michael's death by not trying to cheer him up.

But Klein says he's over the drama:  "I'm no longer interested in the Sodom and Gomorrah show on Havenhurst (the family home).  My main concern is the welfare of the children, especially Michael's, and the preservation of Michael's memory."


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Isn't this the dude who claimed MJ was having a gay affair with someone in his office? So much for the welfare of the children and "preserving his memory". BS!

1595 days ago



1595 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Do you know how to tell when Joe is lieing? A: his lips are moving .. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA... Back to me

1595 days ago


Who says Klein was the "closest" man to Michael Jackson?

By the way, how much of the slamming on the part of the estate has to do with Joe Jackson’s lawyer going after AEG for Michael’s death (reported by TMZ on June 10)? Just curious about the connection, if any.

1595 days ago


Arnold Klein was not as close to Michael as he is making it appear. They had known each other for years but would go years at a time without speaking. Arnold and Joseph are full of it and each have their own agenda.

1595 days ago


This whole situation is just plain sad.

1595 days ago


Michael's dad Joe reminds so much of Michael's song "Money". I love you Michael with all my heart and soul. "It's All For Love. L.O.V.E."

1595 days ago


Arnie and Jason really loved MJ and so did Dr. Murray.

1595 days ago


Trish. You are one sick individual. You need help.

1595 days ago


Really TMZ?? The man who was probably closest to Michael Jackson? Give me a break.
Can't you find someone better to comment on the Joe Jackson statement? Arnie Klein has lost all credibility in my book.

1595 days ago


Dr. Klein is a douche bag he has done nothing but run his mouth and taint Michael's Memory. I tend to not believe a single word from his mouth. He is just another fame whore looking to keep his face and name in the media. He was not a true blue friend to Michael had he been he would not been talking to TMZ every chance he gets. He is as bad as Joe Jackson they both have an agenda. Neither has anything to do with what would have been in Michael's or his children's best interest.

1595 days ago

Susan from MD    

Did the cousins/brothers move out? TMZ ran a story about them moving out after June 10. Is Conrad Murray's hearing today?

By the way, the Larry King blog on CNN won't show my comments. Wonder why? There're all against Joe Jackson and the Jackson family, that's why, and you know how much Larry King loves the Jackson family.

1595 days ago


Well its about time that Arnie that you looked after your best friend intrest.
Michael kids probley will have more respect for you supporting them than slamming Michael like you did befor.

Also Joe is just a freak of nature.

Michael kids need all the support with the 1st year of ther dads death because it will be all over the web and new and the whole world will pay tribute to Micheal.


1595 days ago


Oh look who's talking! STFU! Arnold Klein, you are Just as bad !

Go crawl under Jason's Ass and don't come out anymore! S*c*u*m BAG!

1595 days ago


Klein: "I'm no longer interested in the Sodom and Gomorrah show on Havenhurst (the family home). "

Right, Arnie, that's why you keep jumping in with something to say about everything.

Klein has no credibility whatsoever. Talk about a Drama Queen.

1595 days ago
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