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Kim K and Bieber

Bum Rushed

by 12-Year-Old

6/16/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Security literally had to dive into action to protect Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian during a fashion shoot in The Bahamas last week -- after a 12-year-old "rushed" the celebs on the beach.

Bum Rushed
Sources on the shoot tell TMZ security had to "dive" on the overzealous fan to keep the little girl away from the stars.  We're told nobody was hurt and they eventually let the kid go.

It's unclear if the kid was trying to get to Kim or Justin -- but the duo was rollin' with heavy security that day because of previous threats to Kim from jealous Bieber-aholics.  0613_BIEBER_BANGS_LAUNCH


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Really a full grown man needs to dive on a 12yr old little girl? What was going to do hug someone to death. Maybe this will get around and this weird obsession with this little twerp will go away finally.

1590 days ago


Enough with this sick story. What kind of grown woman fake pretends that she is getting frisky with a little boy! Yuck. It's really sick. Hold on to your toddlers!!!!!! This woman is desperate. I hope they showered Justin down real good after this mess stopped leaning on him.

1590 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

if it looked bad for R Kelly and his pervert ways with young teen girls/peeing on them what makes these idiots think that Bieber and Kim Look amazing in a photo shoot together? Why couldn't they pick on of his young teenage fans?

1590 days ago

aaron landon cox    

Kim u have fun wit the kiddy that cool Ill take care of business gurllll

1590 days ago


I absolutely agree,nobody likes this bitch.She is ravingly adulterous.Why cant we all have a stop KIm Campaign and try to restore decency with celebrity again.Dont worry, white chicks, cause blacks dont like her either, nor do asians because asians have high standards for women.

I am a black girl and I love Justin beiber,it has nothing to do with whether Kim dated blak guys,we all need to come together on these sites.She is ridiculous.No one witht eh brain the size of a pea likes her, she gets rave reviews and magazine covers because her and her mom works for In Style and OK magazine.

She is manipulative,she tried to date Tyson Beckford and he insulted her,so not all black men love her, some are seeing right through her.Lets not attact each other here when we have a common enemy, Whites Blacks, Asians everyone loves Justin, he is ssoooooo Tweet, but this 'Village Matress' (kim) MUST GO.LETS JOIN forces and ridicule TMZ.

1590 days ago


I don't mind seeing Britney Spears dating Justin Bieber!!!

1590 days ago


I saw what happened. It was a girl that is a huge fan of Bieber. the security guy was a big black man and didn't dive, but stopped her

1590 days ago


Yeah and they say justin bieber appreciates his pop star lifestyle..what a bitch

1590 days ago


The real question is... whytf is Kim Kardashian hanging out with a 16-year-old do much?

1590 days ago


this just gets weirder and weirder lol

1589 days ago


Looks like he could have given the girl an autograph or something. She is 12. She didn't mean any harm. In a few years no one is going to know who the hell he is any way. I don't understand why anyone would treat their fans like this.

1586 days ago


Ummmmm.why yall hatin on Kim she didnt do'z not her fault that justin likes HER and not all tha crazy rabid fangirls...but really, lay off Kim.

1585 days ago

javis jackson    

i wish justin bieber could visit me that be awsome but that will never happen ill never go to his concerts either never never ever

1584 days ago


Was that really necessary she was a friggin 12 yr old like seriously? Kim could've just like bumped her with her ginormous ass and she wouldve gone flying. Beiber should've just hid behind one of Kim's boobs. Security overreacted.

1582 days ago


my best friend from school is the girl that did that to jb. no joke. if u dont believe me, then find out her name and post it here becuase i know exactly who she is.

1577 days ago
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