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Battle in High Gear Over Dennis Hopper Estate

6/16/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A dogfight is shaping up over Dennis Hopper's estate ... and an unintended victim could be his 7-year-old daughter Galen.


We've learned lawyers for Victoria Hopper and Dennis' estate met last Friday to try and hash out an agreement -- to no avail.  We're told the people in control of the estate -- the trustees -- want to kick Victoria and Galen off of Dennis' property immediately, but Victoria refuses to go.

As for dividing up the spoils of the estate, we've learned Dennis Hopper drafted an amendment to his estate plan back in March, in which he effectively tried to cut down Galen's share from 40% to 25%.  Under California law, however, the amendment may not be valid, because changes to an estate plan are severely restricted when a divorce is pending.

And we've learned the lawyers have already drawn the battle lines over Victoria's cut in the estate -- she believes she's entitled to 25% ... the estate believes she should get zippo.



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So not cool....... :(

1554 days ago


Was the ***** worth it, man? Marriage is lose-lose for males.

1554 days ago


"Dog Fight" is a good term for this take a look at her if hewas not smoking dope for cancer then surely he would be just to make her look better. RIP Dennis hope u r at peace dude.

1554 days ago


Victoria looks like an alien chihuahua dog lol.

1554 days ago


She is so unattractive - I don't know what he saw in her! That "gnarly" mouth is repulsive!

1554 days ago


I used to work at the resthome where Dennis' mother was and for as long as she was there he never once came to see her BUT his wife and daughter came down to san diego all the time. I think his daughter should get it all, it is her by law being his surving child afterall.

1554 days ago


So - someone - undoubtedly the adult daughter decided to pursuade Dennis that his younger daughter's interest in his estate should be cut! Bitch! All along I have stated it's the sheer greed from this adult daughter that caused him to file for divorce and now, apparently, even screw his tiny child out of her fair share.

Dennis' adult daughter is to blame for all of this. Poor Victoria and Galen. They are the real victims here. This is sickening to me. They were married 16 years.

1554 days ago


She'll get something....don't worry...the family wouldn't be that cruel. In the mean time...close you legs lady and get a J-O-B! JMO

1554 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Could we just drop this skank, Gary Coleman's Ex, and toss in Gloria Allred off in Tiajuana with DEA shirts on?

1554 days ago


Men do not put a ring on it. You will lose in the end.

1554 days ago


Too bad he can't come back to life just so he could DIE again. What
a bastard. She should get everything for
putting up with this
mean, nast Addict!! You go Victoris.

1554 days ago


Is she smiling or snarling?

1554 days ago


The misogynistic pigs that keep saying men only lose by getting married are uneducated fools. Women are huge money earners today. It's the women who seem to foolishly believe in love and believe the men who promise to take care of them until death do they part, that allow the men to coax them into being traditional stay at home housewives and end up getting screwed. Women...don't buy the SAHM thing unless you get it in writing that your husband will take care of you and the child because you are losing income while taking care of him and his children! Clearly there are pigs (some on this board) who thing stay at home wives/moms do nothing to contribute to the family (even though they could never handle those jobs themselves I would wager).

1554 days ago


Apparently you have to be a Bobble Headed dog to hook a Celeb these days.. what is up with that???

1554 days ago

Daisy Mae Duke    

She should get something just for letting him jump up and down on her. And the young daughter should get her share. And the older daughter should get her share. Can't they all just get along? Yeesh.

1554 days ago
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