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Bieber's 12-Year-Old Security Threat -- Exposed!!!

6/16/2010 7:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the secret identity of the deadly and merciless force that nearly penetrated Justin Bieber's security this weekend -- and here she is ... at your own risk ... AN ADORABLE 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL!

TMZ spoke to 12-year-old Cristina's father (who also provided us with this photo) and we've learned the recent security breach in the Bahamas was all over -- DUN DUN DUN! -- a hug.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Cristina wanted to give Justin Bieber a hug -- one of the most dangerous martial arts moves known to man. But thankfully, Justin's crack security team intervened just in time and no one got hurt. Cristina was eventually let go.

It all went down during Bieb's photo shoot with Kim Kardashian at the Atlantis resort on Sunday. As far as we know, Cristina's still at large.


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mathata..south africa    

Lord have mercy on you.....i dont have teeth,what are you going to say when you see me?

you people are so mean.....what if this child commit suicide?shis good looking at the age of 12.cut the crap...

1528 days ago


whoa, what's up with her lip? Or is that a gum?
I'm kinda confused.

1528 days ago


HATERS will always find something to pick at..Most of you only have the nerve to type behind your little computer and scream at the top of your lungs or drool on your bedroom posters of a little "emo haired boy". At least this one had the nerve to go after what she wanted. Did You??

1528 days ago


Just another parent trying to get their little child more and more. I never like it when fans say, he didn't pay attention to me or he didn't stop. Justin has a business to run. If she got in line like everyone else, nothing would have happened. But I think the parents always believe the rules don't apply to them

1528 days ago


Too many haters and losers. She is a very cute girl, and she is excited to see her idol. Why doesn't everyone bashing this 12 year old post their pictures up when they were 12 or better yet, their current pictures, and lets see how they look. What a bunch of 30 something losers with no life.

1528 days ago


the guards probably thought she was coming to bite The Bieb. Their actions were warranted.

1528 days ago


Who the hell is Justin Bieber? I've never heard of this kid before and all of a sudden he's everywhere. What the hell does he do that is so great. I've never seen him do anything other than stand around thinking he's hot s h i t.

1528 days ago


I thought Magibon's teeth were jacked up.
Magibon has met her match.
Happy the camera didn't crack.

1528 days ago


"...not a good tooth-to-gum ratio" - Stewie Griffin

1528 days ago


This must be where the Warcraft players come in their spare time. At least she has teeth, i doubt she had to eat them to avoid getting off her fat ass to run up the basement stairs to her parent's kitchen.

1528 days ago


Way to go Cristina!! Even though i hate Justin bieber I think this is hilarious and i am proud to know her! btw she has lovely teeth! back off haters!

1528 days ago


That is the ugliest mouth I have ever seen.

1528 days ago


First, perhaps it was in bad taste for TMZ to post the girls photo, but they needed the consent of the father and a photo to print--both of which were provided, and he chose this *photo. Why aren't you all directing your outrage at the father?

Second, yeah, she's 12; she's also got a really bad case of crazy face.

Third, take your outrage somewhere else, It only feeds the trolls. Been using the internet long?

*On that note, does it mean this was the most flattering photo of her? Yikes.

1528 days ago


That is the ugliest mouth I have ever seen.

1528 days ago


shes only 12 but now a days you just never know what people are capable of

1528 days ago
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