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'Little People' Star

I'm Not Dead!

6/16/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616_matt_roloff_EX_GettyMillions of reality fans were left wondering about the fate of "Little People, Big World" star Matt Roloff after Monday's season finale appeared to show him suffering a heart attack -- but TMZ has learned, his ticker is tip top.

In fact, Matt didn't even suffer a heart attack at all -- it was vertigo. Still, the Internet was burning with rumors that he was in bad shape ... or even dead.

But Roloff tells us, "Although having a dizzy case of vertigo ... I am very much alive and healthy and would like to thank all my friends and fans for their concern."

We're told Matt didn't even need to go to the hospital for the incident on the show -- and has since been treating his Vertigo with medication.



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Omg you almost gave me a heart attack!
I love him and think he is super awesome and a amazing human. I would love to be married to a man like that! Nothing holds him back from accomplishing what most men just dream about!

1568 days ago


It was an obvious ratings stunt. The whole thing seemed staged.

To try to trick people into being concerned and to use it as a cliffhanger is really tasteless.

But what place does morals have with the Roloffs and reality tv? It's all about money and ratings.

By the way, don't people realize this was taped almost a year ago? It's not a live show.

I bet the Roloffs and producers sit back and laugh at how they play people.

1568 days ago

Dan da man    


1568 days ago


webbles wobble but they dont fall down!!

1568 days ago


Glad to hear it. I was a bit worried after the episode aired on Monday!

1568 days ago


lmfao@ #39

1568 days ago


I stopped watching when they led everyone to believe they were going to split. They knew they weren't but wanted it to look like it to keep the ratings. They are really getting desperate to try to hang on by letting people think Matt had a heart attack. It is a real slam in the face to those who have experienced the real thing. They can't get too much lower on this show.

1568 days ago


I like the show and glad he's ok; even though Matt is pretty self absorbed and selfish in regards to his toys and projects putting a lot of stress on people, he seems to be an ok person.

He is a drama king on the show though.

1568 days ago


you know what I find so funny is that all you morons out there claiming that what I said that is untrue and hes providing for his family really have no clue what your talking about. He didnt go with his family for his sons graduation and was late to it Not for his job idiots, but because he doesnt want to deal with crowds. Watch the freaking show. He doesnt do any of that stuff because he doesnt want to deal with crowds. He leaves family vacations days ahead of them claiming its for work but yet his own wife tells you its crap and he just wants his alone time and doesnt like being on those types of things. He likes doing things on his schedule period and how he wants to do it. That is called a shelfish ass. When you have family pictures of kids events growing up that does not include him because he doesnt like the crowds and the kids even tell you on the show that is why then that is called a selfish ass. Dont try to put a nice spin on it. Those kids turned out good because of the mom not that drunk who was busted for drunk driving twice. I hope that woman leaves that man and realizes she is better off without him.

1568 days ago


Love the Roloff's, I always feel good after watching there show!!!

1568 days ago


What struck me as odd with the whole vertigo thing is that he appeared to be unresponsive. You can fall if you have vertigo but you are not unresponsive.

It is possible that he had a combination of things going on, such as too much medication, low blood preasure, etc.

Just plain vertigo...that does not quite add up.

1568 days ago


Who cares. The guys a prick. He is about to divorce his wife and sell everything and be the first little bachelor. lol Seriously Matt F.U. from your family who you treat like crap all the time.

1568 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Matt, I'm so glad you are ok! I wish you and yours well, my family and I are big fans. We are looking forward to your new season!!!

1568 days ago


omg!...i was wondering what happened...i had vertigo...its a pain in the butt....i couldnt drive,walk and always felt like i was gonna lose my lunch...glad to hear hes ok!

1567 days ago


I wonder when the divorce is coming. His desire to separate himself from his wife and children, and instead spend time with his assistant is obvious. The writing is on the wall....

1567 days ago
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