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Joe Jackson Blames AEG for Michael's Death

6/17/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray had requested lifesaving equipment and back-up help for Michael Jackson from the promoter of the London concerts -- AEG -- but the company never came through, according to a new complaint filed by Joe Jackson.

TMZ broke the story -- Joe was gunning for AEG by filing complaints with the California Medical Board and another agency, alleging the concert promoter abused Jackson in a way that led to his death -- and he's just filed with the Medical Board.

Joe claims days before Jackson's death Murray had requested a heart resuscitation machine and a nurse in several e-mails making the request, but AEG never provided it.

According to the complaint, Joe is accusing AEG of co-opting Murray's medical judgment by enticing him with a huge salary -- in effect engaging in the "unlawful practice of corporate medicine."

Besides the CPR machine, Murray also asked for saline, catheters, needles and a gurney.

AEG and Murray had no comment.


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Shut your freaking face, Fan.
You are a piece of crap
and so is everything you write.
Save your breath because NOBODY
takes any note of you.

1525 days ago


Pam, MJ215062009, Human
Nature, Daphne, Caty,
thanks for stepping up
for Mr Michael Jackson.
You are good intelligent

Cathy and Janala14, your
jokes at MJ's expense about
iron lungs and hyperbaric
chambers were p@ss weak.
Janala14 would you be laughing
if same was said about Randy
precious Phillips? That's what
I thought. You gotta wonder
about some people's claims
that they are MJ fans, don't you?

1525 days ago


That Murrays leaving the room was a way for this doctor to deal with what he was doing, what he had 'agreed to do' for MJ?

Posted at 6:50 PM on Jun 17, 2010 by janalal4

MJ would have never killed himself as he loved his children too much. I strongly believe MJ died as a result of Murray's negligence. On another note, does anyone really know who actually is paying for Murray's legal fees/security? I know this is a tabloid site, and that there are rumours that the fees are being paid for by other people.

1525 days ago


You're hear for one purpose only and that
is to defend Phillips and AEG.
Well I'm here for Michael Jackson.

You Queen of TMZ or
something and nobody can disagree with you?

Posted at 8:01 PM on Jun 17, 2010 by mary

Calm down, Mary. This is an MJ discussion board & there's no need to get so uptight. Please try not to get so serious cause u really don't want people to call us "rabid fanatical moron fans". Just take it easy & move on. I know u are an MJ fan & u are hurting as he's no longer with us. So, lets keep his music legacy alive.

1525 days ago


I get sad when I think about the apparent fact that in the moment of death, he was completely alone. I imagine Murray out in the hallway on his cell phone, the kids downstairs with the cook, security elsewhere in the house, and Michael taking his last breath in a room alone. That's how I picture it. It is the saddest image, but that's how I think it happened

Posted at 7:11 PM on Jun 17, 2010 by Cathy

This is why its so important to have the security video footage. The fact that it just went missing is really disturbing. The whole scenario just seems so questionable. So, does anyone know if the police/D.A. following up on this at all? The security footage should help in the investigation, at least, we would know what really happened, or who were in the room, u know, leading up to his death. So many missing pieces. I guess we just have to be patient, right? Goodnite all.

1525 days ago


someone please inform me when they invent a cpr machine, cause I want one.

1525 days ago


joe is deflecting on who was negligent at the time michael accusing aeg he had planted the seed of doubt that murray was wonder michael stayed away from his family...they are the ones who are doing him in...murray will go scotch free because of joe...joe is is defending murray indirectly

1524 days ago


217. Janal's reponse to Mary

I think Joes an ass & no, I don't think AEG has done anything
wrong but I don't have any more 'proof' of their innocense than YOU have of their guilt.

WELL SAID, BRAVO This is what I have been trying to say ...
But the words don't come out the same.
If your a queen. Then QUEEN of clear thoughtful thinking and
Cathy your right in there too..............


1524 days ago


We're Talking Danger...
So Joe's following through, eh? GOOD FOR HIM! I just wish this was coming from someone with a better track record. Where's all of his buddies--Jesse J. and Al Sharpton when he really needs them. In any event, I'm especially glad he decided to drop that bogus addiction story from his charges...but oh yeah, I think that was Oxman exploiting the platform he's been on since June 25....
Anyhoo, I'm happy to see that Joe has come up with a different way to accuse AEG. What's weird is I wonder what Murray's team thinks about this--bet Joe and Oxman are their fave persons right about now. How does Murray's email requests CONVENIENTLY get into Joe's hands? HMMMMM.........
AEG and Murray had no comment? Of course they didn't. I doubt Murray was ever going to use any of this equipment for Michael. Maybe he wanted it to stock up his clinic in Houston, but he knew full well that AEG had no plans for those concerts to ever happen.
Now, I'm sure AEG will say they were PLANNING to supply Murray's requests, but when? The Concerts were slated to start a week after he passed. Just one more piece of the puzzle in solving the CRIME OF THE CENTURY....
-#2: Sta, the only thing that's odd is your ability to swallow everything the media feeds you on Michael. FYI-there is NO PROOF that Michael was addicted other than when he admitted an addiction to Pain Meds in the early '90's and went into Rehab. Yes he probably had struggles with it again, because he was prescribed pain meds for a knee and foot injury in the late 90's -2006. Around 2007 he had begun to really get the toxic people AND things out of his life so I doubt he was on anything then. ALso, the CORONEr'S report said he had no signs of drug abuse, and the ONLY MEDS FOUND IN HIS BODY WERE THE BENZOS AND PROPOFOL that MURRAY GAVE HIM for Insomnia.
-#9: GypsyLaura: Speak for yourself. Joe is NOT my fave person, but he has my blessings to call out any and everybody who played a role in Michael's demise:
-AEG, Branca, Raymone Bain, Barrack (Colony Capital), Sony, Tohme, DiLeo, Murray...
-#14: Keisha--thank God someone is looking at the BIG picture! Murray is only the bottom feeder in this web of deceit and MURDER!!
-#18: Brenda--let's hope that when YOUR loved ones die, noone writes you off based on the media's lies about them. The law says "And justice for ALL," not just some. If you researched beyond what you read on TMZ, you'll be surprised at what you may learn!
.........SIMMERING................To be Continued............

1524 days ago


We're Talking Danger - Pt. 2.......
-#19: deb, I don't think Joe knew anything about this until recently. More likely, Murray's people read about Joe and Oxman's fight against AEG and decided to provide them with some ammunition, or maybe it was leaked by a third party. Bottom line, whoever leaked it is making sure that AEG gets put on the hot seat--possibly to deflect attantion away fro them. Personally, I think AEG is definitely ONE OF THE CULPRITS in this case. If you read their contract with Michael for 02 concerts, it clearly shows that if Michael died, they would be able to do anything they can to recoup their losses:
-Collect Insurance Money
-Sell "commemorative tix to pre-purchased ticket holders
-Sell T-shirts and other TII paraphernalia
-MJ Memorabilia Tour
-This Is It movie, DVD and CD
-Restoration of money advanced to Michael ($30 Mil.)
-#23,36: King's Kaween: Again, don't believe everything you hear. The idea that Propofol killed MIchael is sketchy at best. Technically, it IS the thing that took him out, HOWEVER, I think there was something else that made him go into distress that night. The Coroner's report stated he showed signs of dehydration and Michael had complained that he wasn't feeling well earlier at rehearsal. I think that morning, Murray found him in a coma, and made those calls to find out what to do. Then he and some person/s, made the decision to end it, or murder him, thinking he may be brain dead anyway. They then stacked the benzos over a period of a few hrs., and ended by flooding his sytem with Propofol--that's why the Coroner said Acute levels of it, so much that it was coming out of his corneas.
Accept it or not, I believe this is what happened. It answers a lot of questions as to why we were given conflicting stories on Michael's condition and why NONE of Murray's actions and statements add up. No Way do I believe he was stupid enough to allow this to happen by "mistake". According to his claims, he had been giving Michael Propofol for 2 weeks and was trying to wean him off it. Why was this night suddenly so tragic? Possibly because Michael had never used Propofol at all. Possibly because the whole story is based on Nurse Cherilyn's "Chicken Little" act with the Press--she claimed MIchael begged for it, and because we've been conditioned by the media to believe he's this strung out junkie, everybody believed it. Hate to say I even fell for it at first. But I always wondered where this Nurse came from and why she didn't go to the LAPD FIRST before running to every news show in town. Could it be because she was on a mission? I think so. Everybody questioned about Michael's previous drug use said they never heard anything to do with him taking Propofol. The only 3 people who corroborated the story was Murray (Suspect), Klein (Suspect), and Nurse Cherilyn (Listed as a person of Interest by LAPD)--all 3 had their offices raided for files and evidence. Nurse Cherilyn, a nutritionist, was found to have prescribed meds to Michael under an alias for a cold or allergy.
And BTW--Murray WAS hired by AEG, not Michael. Randy Phillips of AEG made statements that Murray was pushed by Michael, but there's no proof of that. In fact, Murray is more connected to them than Michael. His home that was in foreclosure is owned by Red Rock Country Club, owned by Sun Colony, a subsidiary of COLONY CAPITAL, run by Tom Barrack, who is the one who connected Michael with AEG in the first place with the help of Tohme, Randy Phillips' (AEG) In-law!!
-#27: Christi, please read my comments above on the Media spin on Michael and drugs and AEG.
FYI--Michael didn't hire Murray, AEG did so they're liable. BTW--there's no proof that Michael requested Murray except for Randy Phillips' statement and he works for AEG!!
Gosh, who knew Joe would actually be smarter than the average bear!!
-#32,38,44: GRUMP, unknown and Mimi--where you been all my life?!! Thank God for another person who's not blinded by MEDIA SPIN!!
................SIMMERING...............To Be Continued......

1524 days ago


We're Talking Danger - Pt.3......
-Janala and KateMae, you wrote:
59. 52. From everything I have read, it doesn't appear that he was tied down and forced to take drugs. Is it possible that Michael himself is responsible for his own death? Sure, there were enablers, but the ultimate responsibility lies with him.
The major problem for me is your opening statement: "From everything I have read." That's the issue in a nutshell. Because what you've read is what the media wants you to think.
Well ladies, let me give you a few more things to read and after you do, tell me if you still buy into everything the media has pushed on you about Michael:
To read about how Michael was convinced to do the 02 Concerts to save Neverland:
To read about AEG, Barrack, Tohme, and Murray's part in Michael's demise:
To read about Branca, Sony, Barrack, and the Sony/ATV catalog:
To be Continued......

1524 days ago


We're Talking Danger - Pt. 3b......
--Janala, here's 2 more links:
To read AEG's contract with Michael and see how they were set to make money with or without him:
To read the 2002 Will/Trust and see all of the powers of Branca and McClain:
I know this is a lot Janala, but I know you like to do your research so here it is. Please let me know if after reading these docs, you still feel the same way about this case. It's been almost 1 year and it's time to straighten this mess out for Michael's sake.

No Peace till Justice!

1524 days ago

juan lopez    

30. The way this is going Joe will eventually sue TMZ and anyone who's ever posted anything negative about Mikey as contributing to his death.

Posted at 7:03 AM on Jun 17, 2010 by Horndog

OOOhh YeaH.....

1524 days ago


225. Cathy. I also have that book. It is a beautiful book. I love looking at any pics when his eyes still sparkled - the light dimmed in them over the years.

1524 days ago


Calm down, Mary. This is an MJ discussion board & there's no need to get so uptight. Please try not to get so serious cause u really don't want people to call us "rabid fanatical moron fans". Just take it easy & move on. I know u are an MJ fan & u are hurting as he's no longer with us. So, lets keep his music legacy alive.
Posted at 12:10 AM on Jun 18, 2010 by Daphne

Thanks for the advice, Daphne, but if
you'd leveled it at both of us it would
have been fairer.
A bit annoying when we're out fighting
to get "Justice for Michael Jackson" (if
you care to watch this outside the court
video from last Monday)

and then a supposed MJ fan comes on TMZ and
goes to bat for Randy Phillips, not for the
first time either.
Daphne, why care less what a small handful of
maladjusted misfits say about us on TMZ?
The highlight of their dreary existence is
to come here to antagonize. They're to be

1524 days ago
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