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Has No Problem with Miley's Gay 'Kiss'

6/18/2010 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is no Adam Lambert ... at least according to "Good Morning America."


After simulating a girl-on-girl kiss while on "Britain's Got Talent" two weeks ago (bottom left), the 17-year-old pop sensation performed on 'GMA' today (top).

Interesting move ... considering they banned Adam Lambert from performing back in November after he kissed a male band member on the American Music Awards (bottom right).

Translation: Heterosexual underage female singer simulating a lesbian kiss = good. Gay male singer actually kissing a man = bad.


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first miley strips then lap dances now kissing some one i feel sorry for her family and herself she is a whor and her dad probly rapes her and voise give me a break she sing like she dosent have a voise she should just move to californa and get married to a girl oh yeah she alredy lives in californa now all she needs to do is get married to girl

1588 days ago


There is no justice in this world. Miley Cyrus should have been banned as well, because she can't carry a tune in a bucket, anyway. Don't give me that crap about simulated and actual because it's the gesture that counts. I don't know why GMA would have her on when they would turn their backs on Mr. Lambert, unless Disney pulls their strings too.

1588 days ago


♥♥♥♥♥Yay! for Chef Kooky♥♥♥♥♥

1588 days ago


I find both straight and gay public kisses disgusting... people don't wanna see other people kiss, or at least I don't like to see other people kiss. It doesn't matter if they're gay or straight, the thing is - KEEP UR ROMANTIC LIVES TO URSELF!
PS: Adam is more talented than Miley

1588 days ago


I loved the man on man kiss, it was hot and sexy. I don't like girl on girl though, kinda gross. And if you are wondering, I am straight. Lots of men like to see two women together and lots of women like to see two men together. It's just the way it is for some people. Get over it, it's not that deep.

1588 days ago


it is dirty old men who call the shots in all big business

whatever moral agenda they promote

they find men kissing inappropriate and women kissing hot

simple as that

if they were really looking after some moral values

they would deem both man kissing man and woman kissing woman banned equally

but as i said they are dirty old men, or men in general, when it comes to women crossing moral lines, they let if go because they find it hot

1588 days ago


I think your memory is a little fuzzy, TMZ. Adam Lambert didn't get dropped from GMA just because of a kiss. He also simulated sex acts live TV, such as grabbing another man's head and pretending to get head. His actions were a direct violation against the awards show guidelines, and GMA cancelled his appearance because he proved that he can't "obey the rules".

1588 days ago


If anyone dislies displays of simulated or real sexual acts then they shouldn't watch the AMAs or any other musical award program. We all know that musical artists have been 'pushing the envelope' with sexual gestures etc in their lyrics and actions for years. Just listen to heavy metal, rap, hip hop etc. - it nothing new. Sex is also simulated on daytime Soap Operas. So why should Adam simulating sex with a man be any different than a female singer simualting sex with a man or woman? What are people afraid of? Homosexualy is not contagious. Are they afraid of what they may discover about themselves? Some men like watching two women and some women like watching two men having sex. Bottom line is no one is forcing this on anyone, if you don't like it turn it off!!! Bottom line ABC are a bunch of hypocrites!

1588 days ago


Amazing when all the homophobic *******s come out from under their rocks. Wow quite a few of them leaving messages on this article.

Dan...if you think Miley can sing and Adam can't you need to get your hearing checked.

JO5baker slither back under your rock

So many homophobics in the United States. You live in 2010 not the 1800's. Get with it idiots.

1588 days ago


sorry you are bothered by 'overt sexuality' - Adam can't help it he's one of the, if not THE, sexiest singers around. If you don't get it that is your loss. Not everyone can fit into everyone's expectations, and they should not try. Nor should you judge a talented singer by one out of hundreds of public performances.

1588 days ago


Miley is obviously nothing but a slut and who can honestly claim the kiss was "simulated" with all that nasty hair blocking the obvious kiss? The majority of Americans are homophobic. With all the cussing during primetime TV (CSI, Law & Order, etc.) and lewd behavior being shown, I would think America would be more prepared for gay kissing. By the way, You Go Adam Lambert!!! I love him and he is entitled to show affection, just like any heterosexual couple might.

1588 days ago

low battery    

The only thing I'd like to see Miley kiss, is a bus....on the full speed. Seriously though, who in their right mind actually thinks this skank has talent???

1588 days ago


As usual, the uppity gays are wrong.

1588 days ago


As a gay man, I just want to say that Adumb is NOT an example of what the GLBT community is! He is hardly talented and did nothing but boohoo that the parents who were outraged by his "performance" on the AMAs need to know that he is not a babysitter! Oh please Mary, get off your high-horse and realize that you are a nothing and will always be a nothing!!! Bet you and Ryan were having fun backstage when you were on Idol!!! Your 15 minutes were up a year ago Adumb!

1588 days ago


they didn't criticize Adam Lambert because of the kiss, they criticized him for his inappropriate face to crotch action. If Miley had a girl go near her crotch and simulate her going down on Miley, then GMA would have something to say about it. This entire article is pointless. you can't compare when one situation is oranges, and the other is apples.

1588 days ago
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