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Has No Problem with Miley's Gay 'Kiss'

6/18/2010 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is no Adam Lambert ... at least according to "Good Morning America."


After simulating a girl-on-girl kiss while on "Britain's Got Talent" two weeks ago (bottom left), the 17-year-old pop sensation performed on 'GMA' today (top).

Interesting move ... considering they banned Adam Lambert from performing back in November after he kissed a male band member on the American Music Awards (bottom right).

Translation: Heterosexual underage female singer simulating a lesbian kiss = good. Gay male singer actually kissing a man = bad.


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Disney owns ABC, so of course it ok for Miley to do it. I think is turning into another Lindsay! She is getting to big for her own good. At least Adam can sing

1552 days ago


she didn't kiss that girl on that show. i watched it live in HD :L
she definatly did not kiss her on Britain's Got Talent GET THE **** OVER IT! :)

1552 days ago


@larry Don't think if you act straight, those homophobes would consider you are one of their own. They despise you just as much. They still think you should be burnt in hell, no matter how hard you try to explain to them you are the best man in the world. Guess what? I'll be standing by to cheer them on. Because you deserve all the discriminations and hates you get. If all the gay people are like you (jealous, malicious and narrow minded), I would've cared less that you don't have the equal right with the straight people. If you get thrown under the bus, so be it. Count your blessings. People like Adam actually give you a chance to improve your situation. Why does that make me sick?

1552 days ago


If there was a Best Kiss Contest

Adam Lambert and Tommy J (the band member he kissed)

would WIN hands down

1551 days ago


For all of you that are saying Adam can't sing, there is a blog where all of the members are music professionals, mostly vocal coaches, performers and music purists. They rated all the great singers of all times, not just current singers and they rated Adam as having the second best male voice of all time. He has an amazing gift never lip syncs and is rarely autotuned. He sings even better live than recorded which is very rare in the recording industry. Like him or not, I'm pretty sure he's here to stay, he's headlining over 70 sold out concerts across the country this Summer.

1551 days ago


Frankly, I don't want ANY of it in my heterosexual face, especially if it's ONLY being done for the shock value?

Show me a real story with homosexuality and I'll embrace it for the humanity. Make it some kind of kinky entertainment because you have no real talent, ideas or inspiration, then its just sickening, like any other gratuitous contact.

1551 days ago


is it just me that 'boys kissing' makes me vomit a little in my mouth?! boys kissing is just utterly disgusting. and unnatural. girls kissing is totally normal. and natural.

1551 days ago


Of course it's a double standard - what else would you call it? A particular individual may like the double standard, but the majority of Americans have in recent years accepted that gays have a right to express their love just as much as straights. There are so many wonderful people like Lambert who should have the right to be happy with someone they love. Gay love has always been with us, is with us now, and will be with us in the future. Time for the unreconciled to back off and get a life.

1551 days ago


Sorry to interject but I'm a 46-year-old straight male conservative who happens to find the study of music more interesting than ignorant homophobia. Commenter #87 said Adam "rarely" uses autotune. Perhaps you heard an audio effect of some sort on a produced track but Adam Lambert has never needed or used autotune for any performance, and unlike nearly every other pop artist he also never lip syncs. In the opinion of many trained professionals Adam is one of the best live vocalists in the world, in any genre. He easily transitions across 3.5 octaves in full voice. His breath support, volume control, diction, register blending and resonance is incredible. His live performance on YouTube of "Come to Me, Bend to Me" from Brigadoon is one example.

1550 days ago


I'm so sick of people who have a moral objection to homosexuality being called homophobic. There is a difference between taking a stand against something because of a moral conviction and being scared of something. Some people just don't want to acknowledge that a lifestyle is wrong be the views of the majority of society, so they take a different approach and try to attack the person objecting to the lifestyle. If you do that...learn the definition of the words you're using...

1550 days ago


Music stars have simulated everything imaginable on stage...not the same as doing it. Also...Lambert's whole performance was was vulgar, including grabbing guys and girls genitals and simulating sex...seriously...the comparison ends at a pretend kiss.

1550 days ago


The adam kiss pissed so many uptight christian conservatives and homophobic pricks off. It was hilarious! The girl on girl kiss has become a staple at every award show, that its just like seeing any other kiss.

1549 days ago


I am so sick of hearing about str8 people who dont care if other gays get married but go crazy if gay guys show any public displays of affection. I don't like seeing any P.D.A. but whenever I go out I see at least one str8 couple making out. Gay people don't want to see that. So until you sick str8'ies quit making out in public, don't expect gay people to do the same.

1549 days ago

H R    

Adam Lambert kissing a guy wasn't "bad", simulating oral on stage was. GLAAD apologists always forget to mention that part.

1548 days ago


For your sake Miley "KNOCK IT OFF"! Your idea has been done before and it is senseless. Are you trying to be Lady Gaga or a Mondonna or??? This has been done so many times before and it didn't last. Gals like Reba and Faith used their talents in a more productive way where's your common sense girl??? That JUNK you do isn't talent it is crap plain and simple. Tighten up your screws girl for they are way to loose. Before long you will loose your audience trust me. Now if that is what you want then go for it.

1547 days ago
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