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Lindsay Lohan -- Don't Tell the Jury You're Poor!

6/22/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The people suing Lindsay Lohan over her wild ride on Pacific Coast Highway in 2007 want the judge to prohibit Lindsay from telling the jury she's broke ... this according to documents obtained by TMZ.

The attorney for Tracie Rice -- the passenger in the car Lindsay was chasing -- wants the judge to "exclude all testimony about Lindsay Lohan not having money or currently being poor or in debt."

We're told Rice's lawyer is concerned ... a jury might get cheap in awarding damages if they believe Lindsay has no money.

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay is broke.


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Hmmm, I think these people are just money hungry.

1582 days ago


why are they sueing her anyways,,so what if she went on a joyride,if they were not hurt what do they hope to get,,geeez they proabably had sex with her that night what more do they want?

1582 days ago


Of course the jury is going to get cheap when awarding damages. Not because Lindsay is broke, but because there are no damages. I hope the get nothing.

1582 days ago


How the heck did they ever find a jury of SoCal citizens who are neutral on the topic of LiLo's insanity?

1582 days ago


If Lindsay is so poor, how is she traveling everywhere, getting into clubs, buying booze & drugs and let's not forget fancy clothing? Maybe if she is indeed so poor, she should have accepted Dr. Drew's help for a million dollars. I can't blame those guys for suing her, but if she's so poor then girl needs to just stop & get a job already.

1582 days ago

Mike Rowave    

Maybe she could just give them her Carval Ice Cream, wait...Her Mom has that.

1582 days ago

Michael Knight    

Going out every night of the week to expensive clubs and restaurants, shopping at expensive stores 5 days a week and she's poor? Yeah I should be so poor. Tell me when she's thinking of inventive ways to make Ramen Noodles different for dinner than for lunch cause that's all she can afford and maybe then I'll think she's poor.

1582 days ago


Screw this b-tch the assistant's mother isn't suing but the passenger is what a joke. Lindsay's funds are limited with all the legal bills etc so how much does she think she will/deserves to be awarded. This is one case were i wouldn't mind being on jury duty.

Lindsay has more important stuff to deal with like her hearing on July 6th.

1582 days ago


She has so little money left she is on a budget. She is too poor to buy a home in Hollywood, that's why she has a tiny apartment. Most of her clothing is given to her, and she has a league of hangers-on that buy her drinks just so they can hang out with her. And for #8 - the last time I can remember a story about her going to a restaurant was when she was in New York visiting her mother and they all went out, so not sure where you are getting that she is going out to expensive restaurants every night, and she sure doesn't go shopping every day. Pretty sure the recent blind item about a young actress that tried to go shopping and got her credit cards declined was about her.
If she has so much money, her agent in Tennessee wouldn't have been having to pay her bail.
She is broke.

1582 days ago


wish I was that poor. she's only a poor excuse for a human being.

1582 days ago


She should go make five more bad movies that nobody sees.

1582 days ago


From what I understand, a lot of these celebs get paid by the clubs (possibly free drinks included) to show up just so the clubs can get patrons who go there because they might see someone famous. Just saying. If she gets paid to show up, then she has bucks.

1582 days ago


She could make a lesbian sex tape with Tara Reid. Two broke birds, one stone.

1582 days ago


2. why are they sueing her anyways,,so what if she went on a joyride,if they were not hurt what do they hope to get,,geeez they proabably had sex with her that night what more do they want?

Posted at 9:44 AM on Jun 22, 2010 by electriczipper


They are suing Lindsay for false imprisonment, Post Traumatic Stress, etc.
Lindsay's "joyride" could have cost the 3 guys & anyone else on the road their lives. Driving drunk is not o.k. & driving drunk on coke is a felony. Wasn't she going very fast on surface streets?
Would you want to be in a car with a drunk / coked out person behind the wheel going above the speed limit? I don't think so.
Remember she supposedly said that she was a movie star, thus the rules don't apply.
Remember she told the cops the coke was not her's, it belonged to "the black guy".
I'd be so pissed at that twit.

If they has sex with her, I think that would be a reason for a lawsuit. Who knows what they could or did contact from her. GROSS!

I would sue Lindsay in a heart beat.

1582 days ago


They should be appreciative of the fact that they survived the incident and move on with their lives.
The plaintiff who was a passenger in the assistant's mom car should find new friends i mean her friend was crazy enough to let her daughter be an assistant for Lindsay Lohan.

1582 days ago
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