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Octomom Launches Projectile Babies

6/23/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom laid waste to an unsuspecting victim with human baby rockets -- that's correct, Nadya Suleman actually launched flying newborns ... from between her legs ... at some guy's face.

Okay, so the babies weren't real.  It's for an MTV game show called "Silent Library."

The episode airs July 6th on MTV -- please don't try this at home.


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11. April/Nadya suleman ----And Nadya whenever i have a real hard day I think of you...if you can do it 14 then i can make it with 4!"
Nadya writing her own fan mail again. Since for most people a big family is 4 kids, this is what she stooping to the same night she 's shooting plastic babies out her birthing unit.

YOU'RE NOT MAKING IT. Angela revealed it and made that absolutely clear, and you've spent 18 months proving it. You are over and done.
Enjoy the 14 kids the rest of your life. Most of them will require special care 24/7 and you'll have to be the one giving it to them for the rest of your life. Goes round-comes around.

1591 days ago


She IS THE New American Hero, the porno queen of what your trashy (M)TV-'culture'(-less) produce!

1591 days ago


I think people are taking it way too was a spoof & I thought it was funny. It showed she can have a laugh at her own expense. Not everyone can do that. How many children she has is really no one's business.

1591 days ago


donedonedone, I'm right there with you. This video isn't even remotely light-hearted or funny. It's just... creepy. Really creepy and a great indicator of Suleman's fried "career".

That TMZ would post it is asinine.

That MTV would participate in humiliating this behemoth is worse.

I've watched mssarcia/April/Nadya all over the web. And if her internet antics and entitled smug aren't enough to make us all barf, check this retarded blog out:

1591 days ago


I need little entertainment in my life, and I thought it was funny. I like silent library... you people are so judgemental, stop taking life so seriously.

1591 days ago


LMAO!! dd,u are so right about the bottom picture.. Octo mom & Linda Blair..

1590 days ago


hahahahahahahahhaha, that was great, I'm still laughing cudo's to the producers of this skit hahahahahahahahaha, it's like Monty Python

1590 days ago


The tragic thing is her kids will one day watch this on the internet.

All their prospective dates, too... would you want that "woman" as a mother in law???

1590 days ago


mtv should change there name, theres no music anymore, its so bogus and fake! makes me sick

1590 days ago


When reading the comments on here it really trips me out how crittical people are. Yes we all have the right to our own openion but come on folks. Really? Why so much hate and ugly names? What has this woman personally done to you? Nothing.
I think the ones that are passing the judgement are the ones that have no life of their own. So this is how you get your kicks? It was a skit, a joke, no harm no fowl. If you have a problem with how she supports her family, them roll up your sleaves and pitch in or shut up. You act as if you care for her children, then stop with the ugliness, hate and name calling. Remember, one day, these children will read the things you post. Maybe your own children will...imagine that!See, that was easy!
Nadia, keep doing your best, I am a single mom and I say go for it! Take care of your the end you will have your childrens love when these idots have their computers! Damn haters!

1590 days ago

Alex D    

What is MTV? Who is that guy made up as a low life woman throwing dolls at some fame w¨¨re guy?

1590 days ago


This show looks incredibly stupid.

1590 days ago



It was so nice not running across anything about this low-grade broad for such a long time.

Too bad MTV had to put her back in te spotlight.


1590 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

She is disgusting; she will do anything for a buck and 15 minutes...

1590 days ago


@ comment #11.

No one force fed this woman kids, and no one force you to have children. If you didn't realize that having children is hard work before you had them, then that is your problem. I understand that having only 1 child takes a lot out of a person; however, she, nor you was forced to have kids. Having children is a choice, so your statements about working your ass off and going to bed exhausted doesn't mean anything because you decided on that life, and so did she. Reality TV is disgusting in general, and because she has 14 mouths to feed, she gets a pass? No, she is just as disgusting as all the other Reality TV stars that don't have children. She didn't make any mistakes. She sought out the fertility clinic, and she knew what she was dealing with going in. So no, this woman does not get a pass, nor should she not be ridiculed just because she has 14 kids.

1590 days ago
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