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Jake & Vienna Interview

Ends With An Angry Bang

6/24/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi got together last night to secretly tape an interview that ended abruptly when Jake exploded in anger -- and a source tells TMZ this isn't the first time.


Jake and Vienna were talking about their breakup during the taping when Jake lost his temper -- and reportedly cocked his arm and made a fist in Vienna's direction.

A source close to Vienna claims Jake "has a really bad hidden temper. He snaps all the time, it was just the first time he did it in front of people."

Jake and Vienna had to be separated on the set and the interview was pretty much over before it began.

Jake's rep hasn't responded to calls yet. No word if there will be a second take on the interview.

UPDATE: A production insider tells us Vienna was interrupting Jake constantly during the taping ... "Chris Harrison had to tell her over and over again to let him talk."

The insider also says "Vienna was in such a rage, if there was anyone to fear it was her."



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Connie disgust me!!

1569 days ago


Jake is stupid and controlling. He turns every issue over to look like she caused it. Take some responsibility Jake for good grief.

1569 days ago


You got it right, Vienna -- Jake is nothing but a LIAR, and a FAKE, as was clearly seen on the Monday night show!!! I hope this whole sad incident ends up with you Vienna receiving many lucrative job offers, and love, at last!!! Jake, you poor, pathetic soul, just disapear into the sunset! Get a male, would ya!!! Don't put another female through what you put Vienna through!

1569 days ago


I watched the interview and yes she wouldn't shut up but I wouldn't either if every time I looked at him he had that ****y smirk on his face... I don't remember if he raised his hand like that but I was shocked by the way he acted. I didn't like Vienna in the show but I'm sure she was more honest then he... especially when he lied out right in front of everyone and no one caught it... in the beginning of the interview before she even came out he said he was so confused and thought they were still together and didn't understand what was going on between them... then he said he was the one who broke up with her...
all i have to say is I agree that he is a fame-whoring *******

1569 days ago


Okay, people, I'm dying here. Vienna is a B**** and spoiled brat. How many times does someone have to tell her to shut-up and let them talk? I'm not a fan of Jake. Honest, I'm not. But come on! He couldn't get a word in! I'd have screamed too! He showed tremendous patience. Vienna acted like a spoiled 2-year old. She will never enjoy a lasting relationship unless she learns to put others' needs before her own and grow up. Believe me, I know. Married happily 27 years and counting!

1569 days ago


I just watched the interview (i know a little late) but honestly watching it made my HAVE to write my very first on comment on TNZ. Jake is a piece of you know what. You can totally see what a mean person he is by the way he told her not to interrupt him. He should be embarrassed.

1569 days ago


First of all couldn't she have at least washed and brushed her hair? How about the makeup?? She looked bad not classy at all, if she had dressed to the nines, great hair great makeup that would of been strike against him. Then when she opened her mouth to explain you could tell she was lying by her eyes and body language!! That lost in the headlight look is a look of a liar!! When he said she sold him out to a tabloid( how much did she get I would of asked her!!) she really looked ignorant when she whined that she did not do it!! Then the drama about her wanting to get with him or whatever at an event while slamming him in a story? The classy thing would of been to say okay my bad I did sell my story, I really did not make as much as you did on your guest appearances(on whatever shows he was on) but if you want I would be more than happy to split it with you, hell we can get can walk off this interview now and sell a joint story you know the he/she said thing and make more money. But there are two classic scenes during this facade of an interview when he said you disgust me, I swear it looked like she said to herself damn I forgot to put on deodorant, or damn I should of gargled! Then when she all of a sudden pretends to burst out in tears!! Classic I wonder what she was thinking?? Perhaps that he looked better than her? Okay the gay issue, who cares if he is gay bi whatever. She looks like she has eaten quite a few fish sandwiches herself!!
He dressed and looked better and acted like a human, she was dressed like she shops at the dress barn and acted like a fool!!

1568 days ago


Vienna is a jealous bitch. She had NO right to sell this story to the media. When they broke up, she should have went home and moved on, that is what normal people do. She is the one trying to get into TV. Jake is already there, but her nose is too big.
Did you notice when she tried to cry that she left the stage?? She didn't want the public to see her ruined mascara.
Vienna, please go back home and shut your pie hole up before he really hits your bitchy face!!!

1568 days ago


Couldn't figure out during the Bachelor why Jake, the nice guy, picked Vienna. After seeing the interview this week - boy was I wrong. It is obvious he is a controller and mean. I truly felt sorry for Vienna and think she really did try her best. I think Jake could be mentally abusive.

1568 days ago


What do you expect when a couple has sex without knowing each other:Familiarity breeds contempt FAST in this moral-less atmosphere. They now have more bad baggage to haul in their lives. Maybe they should have really gotten to KNOW each other before jumping in bed, right Vienna?! This program is not good for young people to see and think is NORMAL!!!!

1568 days ago


This show is hilareous. I never watched it, but asso. at work did so I started to. Jake is a total ahole. You can just tell that he was raised that way and she's dodged a bullet. He would talk to his kids the same way. Probably no one ever listened to him.

1568 days ago


And to think how this guy fooled everyone that watched The Bachelor into thinking he was an upstanding guy with a great future and high moral values and standards..............oh much or all that he is just the opposite..unfortunately this girl was taken in by the "devil" and allowed him to abuse her in every way.....what was she thinking after the first few days???? RED FLAGS.......sorry Vienna........but remember never give anyone the power to do that to you again.....Good Luck! Be well!

1567 days ago


s***s!! both of them.

1567 days ago


I must have missed something because he looked pretty controlled to me compared to her petty childish outbursts. Then stomping off crying. She looked ridiculous. She didn't get her way and threw a tantrum. He verbally put her in her place as you would a child. Good for him! Now they should both go back into obscurity!Enough already.

1565 days ago

sweet sue with an attitude are either a passive-aggressive man just like him, or you were watching a different show! The only person on that stage that has issues is Jake! No wonder he has to go on national television to find a date!

1565 days ago
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