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Katherine Jackson Attacks MJ Molestation Accuser

6/24/2010 9:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson thinks the father of the boy who first accused Michael Jackson of molestation committed suicide because he knew the allegation was a lie and he had a guilty conscience ... this according to the book Katherine is about to release.

In the dedication to "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- a copy of which we obtained before its release -- Katherine says, "Evan Chandler, the father of Michael's first accuser, recently committed suicide.  Though I can't comment on why, I want to believe his conscience finally caught up with him and he was not able to live with himself after destroying an innocent person's career and breaking his spirit."

Michael settled a civil suit with the boy for around $20 million.


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The same can be said about MJ. Why did he put himself in a deep sleep? Because his guilty conscience kept him awake.

1583 days ago


I totally agree with her. It was all for money.

1583 days ago


Michael i love you so much.miss you angel.wish you were here.need to see you smile and hear you laugh .love and hugs sweetheart.

1583 days ago


Michael NEVER paid the accuser. His insurance company did. The settlement was leaked years ago.

In 2005 details about his 1993 settlement leaked. Remember, the boy REFUSED to testify, thats why a settlement happened in the first case. The leaked settlement do***ent in 2005 reveals several interesting facts:

1) Michael Jackson denied any wrongdoing.

2) The boy and his parents could have still testified against Jackson in the criminal trial.

3) Jackson only settled over claims of negligence and not over claims of child molestation


In cases where a negligence charge is bought before a defendent, it's common for insurance agencies representing stars to have an "out" in their contract that allows them to settle a case contrary to their client's, Michael Jackson's—wishes. Michaels insurance company had legal control over the decision. They over rode Michaels decision and they arranged and paid the settlement. Michael never paid a nickle.

Part 3.
Because of double jeopardy, anyone accused of a crime will never have to defend themselves for the same allegation twice unless one trial takes place in civil court and the other in criminal court. This was the situation with Michael Jackson in 1993.

What people also dont realize is that when Jackson paid his settlement, he was settling a civil case not a criminal case; he was not being prosecuted, he was being sued.

Part4. There is a clause in the settlement which states that MJ in no way acknowledges any wrongdoing by signing the settlement. Another clause tells that a settlement in the civil case in no way affects the recipients right to testify in a criminal case. The reason no criminal case was brought in 1993 was that the allegations were pathetic and the D.A TOM SNEDDON had no proof. The D.A presented his case to TWO grand juries and they tossed the case out! There were no proof at all.

Part5. The settlement did NOT end the investigation. The Chandlers have had the chances to TESTIFY all along, but have refused everytime. Jordy refused to show up in 2005 to testify despite the prosecution begged him. Acoording to some reports, MJ's defence attorney had FRIENDS of Jordy who were going to testify that Jordy told them that his parents forced him to lie.

Part 6. An assistant to a lawyer who was involved in the 93 case had sources who told that the kid in the 93 case wanted to testify for the DEFENCE and proclaim MJ's innocense. However, the prosecution heard about this and never called him to the stand and said that the kid was abroad. This was wrong since the kid was photographed with his girlfriend skiing in the US. The kid lives in NYC know and have told many people that MJ is INNOCENT. One of his best friend is also a HUGE Mj-fan.

Part 7. According to private detective Anthony Pellicano, Jordy Chandler told him "My dad only wants cash". His dad was tape-recorded saying that all of this is irrelevant if it helps his kids and that he is going to destroy MJ. The boy never accused MJ of any wrong-doing before he was forced into it by his father. Remember that the mother called this allegations against MJ bs. The kid coulnt either recall details about where and when it had happened, he only said WHAT had happened.

Part 8. The insurance company paid out 15 million. 5 million went to his greedy lawyer. 3 million went to his parents and the kid got around 7 million. His father didn’t like that so he sued MJ once again for 60 million dollars. The dad LOST his suit. And then the boy hasn't spoken to his parents since that time. The kid seeked for legal emanicapation at age 14-15 from his parents and got it .His mom testified in 2005 saying she has not spoken to her son for 11 years.

Part 9.

Over the past five years, the boy has sued his dad twice. One time his dad tried to get his money, the other time in 2006, the boy claimed his dad tried to kill him. His dad tried to choke him and struck his son's head with a dumbbell weight. And at that time he asked a LA court to open his file about a case in LA (presumably the MJ case) but his father found out and COUNTERSUED HIM for a breach of contract because there were an agreement that forbade them to talk about this publicly

It was a set up. Do you know that Thomas Mesereau had friends of the accuser to witness in MJs favour in 2005? If Jordy Chandler decided to show up and witness, Mesereau was gonna bring in his FRIENDS who would say MJ did nothing wrong.

1583 days ago

a total fan    

2. The same can be said about MJ. Why did he put himself in a deep sleep? Because his guilty conscience kept him awake.

Posted at 5:30 PM on Jun 24, 2010 by Trish

Michael had a sleep disorder as a child, it has been said that it was a result of playing at bar and strip joints till morning. His insomnia was from habit, not guilt.

1583 days ago


TMZ, I may be mad at Katherine for her going to tabloids to exploit MJ3 and about this "book" but she is NOT "attacking", she is calling spade a spade. I agree with her completely. TMZ, how about we lay off the Jacksons attack today and tomorrow out of humanity?

1583 days ago


TMZ you are POS reporting agency. To bring this up, is the equivalent of starting a posting war here. Haters stating he is a pedophile, fans stating how UTTERLY STUPID THE ACCUSATION WAS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Where's the mention of Tom Sneddon? Where's the mention of the racist SBPD and how they railroaded MJ? Where's the mention of Chandler's blackmailing ways? Where's the mention that MJ PAID NOTHING, HIS INSURANCE PAID. Where's the mention that MJ's attorneys advised that MJ settle, SO THEY COULD CONTINUE TO PROFIT OFF OF MICHAEL JACKSON.

Hey Prince Waleed, if you were such a good "friend" to Michael Jackson, why don't you use your influence through your shareholding of AOL/TIMEWARNER, who owns TMZ, to quit letting TMZ and other media outlets bias the media regarding Michael Jackson EVEN IN DEATH.

1583 days ago


"Though I can't comment on why, I want to believe... BLAH BLAH BLAH".
Believe what you want, just don't comment!

What if I wanted to believe that MJ sedated himself regularly for the last 15 years of his life due to his guilty conscience?

1583 days ago



1583 days ago


Go get em Katherine!

1583 days ago

No comment    

In the second trial where he was found NOT GUILTY, several people testified he locked himself in the bedroom with accuser #2 for a days at a time. That is not normal for a middle aged man to do... MJ admitted in that infamous tv interview that he shared his bed with boy #2. That is beyond the norms of society. MJ set himself up to be accused for this type of activity based on his conduct with kids.
Katherine why don't you go count MJ's money and devided it among your sons, because they are not intersted in working for a living.

1583 days ago


well goodnight all, i look forward to talking to you all tomorrow and i appreciate that ohwell, trish etc will be respectful, thanks guys! Goodnight, God bless and please pray for MJs family espically the kids. :) (and happy bday chico...again!) and anyone friends with me on FB check put my page tomorrow, i will be uploading pics of MJ which i drew freehand! :)

1583 days ago


- I agree with Katherine, not only his conscience but his whole world had been crashing in on him and all for MONEY.. Deadly Sins Greed / Sloth.

#18. Absolutely horrible as well as Trish's comment. I hope TMZ STARTS TO monitor these hateful comments. they aren't even opinions. DISGUSTED at these people, on the eve of the anniversary of MJ's death how can you allow this?

1583 days ago

Fred Farkel    


I am no fan of anyone in your family except for YOU AND JOE.

Yes Joe.

No having said that Katherine, why is it so hard to acccept that your dear darling Mika shared his bed with boys???


You just can't do that.

I'm sorry. A man just can't go to bed with boys and Jesus Juice.

So put that all this behind you and would you please go back and honor your man and spend your final time on earth with your grandkids seeing gramma and grampa behaving like normal human beings???

Forget those worthless kids of your and focus on the babies.

Thank you and best wishes.

1583 days ago
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