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Lindsay Lohan's Spray Tan Could Set Off SCRAM

6/25/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is flirting with danger by spray tanning, after being warned it could trigger a positive alcohol reading with the SCRAM people.

Multiple sources say people have told Lindsay she can't get a spray tan while she's wearing the bracelet, because a chemical in the tanning solution can create a reading which would show the presence of alcohol. 

Lindsay's response to that warning -- we're told she's still getting a spray tan 1 to 2 times a week.

And it gets worse.  We're told the famous probationer is "climbing the walls" ... and is "filled with anxiety" because of the mandatory accessory.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay was OK with it the first week, but the bracelet started digging into her skin, irritating it.  As one person put it, "She's made life hell for the people around her, since she is in pretty bad pain."

And Lindsay's 24th birthday is July 2, and she doesn't like the accessory.

Lindsay wants the bracelet off, we're told, even before her July 6 hearing.  Ain't no way Judge Marsha Revel would even hear of it.


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I am glad to see her having fun with all of her friends. Broke = no posse

1550 days ago


@coco, it's Creative Artists Agency.

1550 days ago


Please put some clothes on, the whiteness is blinding.

1550 days ago


did she ever heard of pediquir? her feet are black liky a gipsy whore

1550 days ago


SCRAM bracelets are not tight enough to hurt anyone's ankle. My Sister is wearing one now. She's a loser too. They make it just tight enough so that she can't take it off. She's a low-life skank who should be in jail, not free. I see Lindsey's Mom and Sister are on here defending this POS. Her irresponsibility could have killed someone or their child. She is wreckless and a danger to the public. FYI, a scram bracelet measures the amount of alcohol in your system, it being set off was because of alcohol consumption not a freakin mistake. By the time she did her drop, she had flushed her system. How can anyone feel sorry for her or defend her when she has caused all this drama by being blatantly disrespectful of the law?

1550 days ago

the DQ    

"climbing the walls" ... and is "filled with anxiety"

It's called the DT's/withdrawal.

1550 days ago


Nice K-Mart feet!!

1550 days ago


By the looks of the black on her foot its obvious Lilo is making a statement about the BP oil spill, either that or she is a filthy whore.

1550 days ago

Alan Carver    

Can we say WITHDRAWL! She is experiencing what every ADDICT goes through when they have to quit drinking or drugging! Will she stay away from it, NO! For those that are hoping this is a turn around for Lohan, don't be fooled, she is addicted and she can't quit - that is why she is complaining and wanting the SCRAM braclet off SOONER rather than LATER! Way to go Judge Revel for not giving into Lohan's request!

1550 days ago


Sevin Nyne, the brand she co-owns and uses doesn't even contain alcohol. So their's no way that caramel extract and goja berries can set that thing off.

1550 days ago


EEWWW! Her feet are hella nasty!!!

1550 days ago

Mega Max    

The sad thing is that this girl has good genetic material, pair her up with a good looking healthy guy and they should have good looking, slightly talented kids. Unfortunately, she destroyed that by the full load of drugs she's been doing for years. Shame, shame.

1550 days ago


Jeez, she's so frickin grungy looking. Why are her feet dirty? What the hell? Did she not wear some flip-flops or something? She just trudged through the dirty concrete? Take a bath girl.

1550 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

"@38. Oh, PLEASE!!! The only "pain" she's in is from WITHDRAWALS--which have been proven to WORSEN after the first week, before getting better..." I wonder how bad withdrawals are and how long its going to last
"@38 ...she needs INTENSIVE in-house treatment, for MONTHS and MONTHS, meet with a psychologist, THEN go into a follow-up treatment, for YEARS" Yeah but what happens is she doesn't go for that does that mean she becomes amy whinehouse then dies??
"@38 Be grown-ups and make HER, GROW UP!!! I've never seen such BS in my life..." Lots of people stand up to her only difference is she avoids those people. -loop e

1550 days ago

to little    

Ewwwww at the dirty black foot.

1550 days ago
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