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Katherine Jackson -- The Buck Stops Here

6/28/2010 4:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson Katherine Jackson has a problem she may not realize -- while she's raking money in from various Michael Jackson businesses, the judge in the MJ estate case could shut her out of a huge monthly allowance the MJ estate has been providing.

TMZ first reported ... Katherine and Joe Jackson sponsored a ritzy Michael Jackson event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Saturday night -- with tickets going as high as $500 a pop -- and if there are profits, we're told some of that will line her pocket.

And then there's the book she's hawking  -- "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- co-authored by Howard Mann, who made a fortune off of nude online gambling.

Mann tells us he's going into other businesses with Katherine as well. Roger Friedman from says he's seen a contract between Mann and Katherine which guarantees her $10,000 a month for promoting a book in the works, "The Katherine Jackson Story."  Mann claims Katherine will net $10 mil from the book.

Now here's the problem ... When the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case signed off on Katherine getting more than $26,000 a month, it was based on need.  If she's making money on the side -- especially making money off her late son -- it's likely the judge will no longer see the need to fill Katherine's wallet.

So it's coming down to a "Let's Make a Deal" decision. Katherine, do you want door #1 or door #2?

Stay tuned ...


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Man you ppl are lame!!!!!!!!!!

1576 days ago


Katherine Jackson and the whole Jackson family has so many problems but the biggest problem of all is that they are greedy people - they can't get enough - that's their problem. And as that wouldn't be painful enough for Michael's legacy their didn't have enough empathy and emotional and social intelligence to step back for a while and mourning on their own.

Yes, that family is guilty. It is not that Michael didn't have a childhood - in my opinion - he loved that picture but I think the guilt of his parents is that they didn't let him grow up. And this is their fault for sure.

I completely understand why Michael kept his distance from that - so to say - family. His parents are guilty - they made a big, a huge mistake.

I pray for Michael's children. I love them as much as I love Michael. I wish them a happy life at all.

Michael Jackson is unbreakable!

1576 days ago


"When the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case signed off on Katherine getting more than $26,000 a month, it was based on need."

Who the hell NEEDS $26,000 a month and what the hell for?!

1576 days ago


She is such a pathetic greedy person.

When she enters into agreements which are external to the MJ Estate and the lawyers MJ wanted to handle his stuff, then she is actually working against herself because she is one of the main beneficiaries of that estate and all the licensing deals they work out.
Truly mind boggling how greedy this whole family of suckers are. Their whole identity is wrapped up in their dead son/brother.
Get a life people!

1576 days ago


Katherine needs way more than $26,000. a month. Look at the army she has to support besides Michael's 3 kids. There's Joe Pimp Daddy, Jermaine, along with the 4 kids fathered by Randy & Jermaine, and their mother. Katherine is spending money belonging to Michael's kids.

1576 days ago


Katherine's income to be withdrawn from her estate allowance? Odd reasoning. She doesn't get that as a gift, she gets it because she is an heir in the will. It would be highly inappropriate if the executors get 10% of the estate profits NOW, while Michael Jackson's heirs don't get anything but allowances because of "need". It doesn't sound right.

1576 days ago


Starting to think that the family may have had something to do with "MJ's" Death.I Feel guilty for saying it, but i just had to. RIP MJ.Mj was worth nothing alive. :(

1576 days ago


I'm sure this estate is a complicated one but as a beneficuary of an estate I inherited everything and received everything in lump sum payments, life insurance, bank accounts, retirement monies, and a house. I didn't get an allowance, the estate was mine 100%.

I guess in this case she receives her $26,000.00 a month, plus allowances for the children which I would estimate are very high. She's an older woman, being influenced by papa Joe, so I wouldn't be surprised to find out she really didn't know the kind of deal's she was REALLY getting into. JMO

1576 days ago


DAMN, leave the jacksons alone! everyone else is making money off michael so let his family honor him the way they want, they aren't disrespecting him these people actually cared about his well being and his legacy.

1576 days ago

i wish i would    

These people make me sick. She is the main one always begging Michael to give and stay with the brothers knowing no 1 would pay 1 red cent to see them do anything on stage. Too greedy 4 me. She needs the $$$ cause she cant leave her allowance to her begging husband and sons. The Genevieve randys daughter is a leech too grown azz still taking money from Michaels kids with the rest of that whores kids. a real mess. She's whoring herself and Mike out to give to these losers

1576 days ago


Joseph Jackson committed adultery and fathered a daughter. He physically and emotionally abused all of the Jackson children, especially Michael. Katherine is the quintessential enabling mother and submissive wife

1576 days ago

blanket jackson    

Allah and his gay lover the prophet Mohamed take it in the azz from pigs. MJ was a child molesting pedophile that liked to lick little boys teeth.

1576 days ago


Poor Katherine Maybe This is just getting worse, What to believe I just dont know. RIP Michael

1576 days ago


i dont understand,didnt michael leave his mom 40 procent of his estate, why is she getting penies for an allowance and not 40 procent of whatever his estate earns,while these lawyers get 15 procent ? (by now thats 150 million dollars for them as jackson has earned over 1 billion since he died
why are they saving jackson's money,for who are they saving it?he clearly stated where he wanted hsi money to go and it sure wasnt the bank to get interest or paying those 2 lawyers hundreds of millions........this definitely makes me think what to do when i die and lawyers will never be in the equation!

1576 days ago


Oh gee whiz. This should be an interesting development.

1576 days ago
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