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Oksana Went Dental,

Did Mel Go Mental?

6/28/2010 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva did indeed go to the dentist for teeth repairs after her confrontation with Mel Gibson on January 6, TMZ has learned.  The question ... was the damage done at the hands of one Mel Gibson?

oksana grigorieva & mel gibsonTMZ broke the story ... Oksana claims Mel struck her in the face twice during a heated argument, knocking out teeth and giving her a concussion.

Now we've learned there are photos of the damage to Oksana's teeth and, we're told, medical records showing she went to a dentist the following day.

Sources connected with Oksana tell TMZ one tooth was completely knocked out and another was chipped.

Sources connected with Mel, however, tell TMZ Oksana's teeth were not damaged ... just the veneers, and the source says Mel didn't cause the damage.  The source adds, "Mel has no idea what she did after he left the house."

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana has several recordings of arguments with Mel she secretly taped.  Sources connected with Oksana say the tapes incriminate Mel in the January 6 incident.  Sources connected with Mel beg to differ.



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Why in the world would somebody tape an argument they were having with someone? Most arguments have a life of their own. They just kind of happen; unless you are setting somebody up and have a tape recording. This woman was setting Gibson's ass up from the rip. That's what happens when you mess with a trick. I feel for this poor baby.

1576 days ago



1576 days ago


Only a gold digger would tape an argument - someone who really loves you would not tape an argument, that's creepy. Smack her again Mel!

1576 days ago


most likely, it was her pimp...

cocaine, heroin, barbiturates and vodka make one helluva ****tail (white russian), that's fer sure...

1576 days ago

shoe addict    

r u guys serious? the proof is in the dental records. next u will b sayin she yanked her own teeth out.
u losers should recignize a disfunctional relationship. kind of like when u see your parents when nu get off the computer and come up from the basement losers

1576 days ago

Dumped Him    

Here's the problem. You have two f*ked up whores, now which one of them do you believe? You have to admit, it's a toss up.

1576 days ago

shoe addict    

if u r dealing w/ someone famous or in the public eye. if they said something so outrageous that no one would believe em on a regular basis, I can see you taping it.
people say **** u wouldnt belkieve in my regularlife.
the fact that u r questioning it because he is mel gibson supports the fact that she needs to get his crazy on tape, cant wait

1576 days ago


Mel Gibson has always been a rather nasty man. And violent. Remember his little rant when the cop pulled him over a few years ago? VERY angry - very fiery! This is one nasty egotistical man.

1576 days ago


Holy sheeze. Not good. Still hoping there was no domestic violence and that somehow she is lying. PS: Where is her other child? Is he living with Timothy Dalton in England? I still think there is something fishy in OctoSana world.

1576 days ago

Yeah, I said it.    

The dumb whore was probably drunk and tripped on a wine bottle she left on the floor.

1576 days ago


Statements, statements, statements, - let's see the proof so we can read it for ourselves and not have to rely on her unsupported accusations.

1576 days ago


Hey, thats what you get when you hook up with a gold digger! Suprised it took her so long to come up with all this.
So much for true love...hope Mel has deep pockets.

1576 days ago


She reminds me of that lifetime movie where that crazy ex-wife had a biker beat the living Sh*t out of her so they would arrest her ex-husband. She had been trying to destroy his new family. If it is true Oksana ran around the yard, throwing herself down with the baby and then shaking the baby like a rag doll...I wouldn't put anything past her with the teeth. If true, she shouldn't have that baby. (Mel should fall on his knees and ask Robin to help him again.) Guess we will have to see the tapes. I don't believe her she is broke with no support. That woman prances around too much to be flat ass broke trying to feed her kid. Who has custody of the boy with Dalton? Did she take him for a ride too?

1576 days ago


Any celeb that speaks through reps is full of sh*t 99.9999% of the time. He should speak to the public about person and not behind a BS talking rep. He should defend himself if she is lying (Which I doubt she is..since Mel is a damn abusive drunk) Or maybe he can't lie very well face to face and doesn't want people to see it.

1576 days ago


She sounds like a pyscho. He probably should have given her a couple black eyes to think about as well.

1576 days ago
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