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The Stanley Cup -- Full of Pride ... Gay Pride

6/28/2010 4:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With rainbow flags leading their path, Chicago Blackhawks Brent Sopel and the Stanley Cup had a gay ol' time this weekend ... at Chicago's Gay Pride festival on Sunday.

While it was the Stanley Cup's first appearance at a gay pride event, Sopel wanted to ride in the parade to honor Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke's son, Brendan, who was killed in a car accident just three months after publicly coming out of the closet.

Now the Stanley Cup plays on everyone's team.

Props to towleroad.com for the head's up.

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Will it ever come home to Canada?

1581 days ago


Wow, there is only two comments on here and already one of the two is wrong and inapropriate. Though these people don't personally effect me I find it wrong that someone could even so rude (@Missy). Quite frankly if you dont like see gay people or the gay lifestyle then don't look or don't talk because guess what honey, the world doesn't bow down to you and your views. So you can take your little comment and shove it! Because you are the problem with society these days. I'm glad it was at Chicago's Pride Parade to represent that young man that was killed only but a few months ago.

1581 days ago


Big ups to the Blackhawks. Did any Lakers take their trophy to gay pride event?

1581 days ago


always a homosexual person getting offended on here. people love to get a rise from you people because its comical. I cant agree with a life style that is 94% infected with aids, sorry if you think you where born that way because that just says you were predestined to be infected with a incurable disease. But I guess if you want to think your were born with this birth defect go right on ahead.

1581 days ago

Jim K    

TMZ this was not a gay pride festival, but a parade for the gay hockey association in chicago, harvey would know (LOL). This was done as a tribute to Brian Burke, as his son died earlier this year and came out of the closet, he was a hockey player in college.

Chicago Gay Hockey Association
Chicago's official gay hockey organization. Provides environment free of harassment and discrimination for LGBT members and friends to play ice hockey.
chicagogayhockey.org/ - Cached

1581 days ago


does everything have to be gay now????

1581 days ago


Breaking News...Lord Stanley just turned over in his grave

1581 days ago


@Mr. Pip Funny and true post. I'm tired of these stupid parades. Keep your sex life in the bedroom. Give young people a chance to figure it out, without shoving this crap in their lives.

1581 days ago


Wonder what they were drinking out of it at THAT event.

I don't get the whole Pride parade thing. The gay community is always insisting they want to be treated like everyone else, who they sleep with is no one's businesses... and then they parade it around like this. There are no straight pride parades, so what gives??? And BTW- swishing around in those tight short shorts just makes you look like an idiot.

1581 days ago


These gays and lesbians think that just because they all stick together (no pun intended), and tell everyone they are proud to be the way they are, that God is going to throw his hands up in experation and say "I give up." But if they think there's safety in numbers, they are going to be in for a rude awakening. They don't get the fact that they can do those things because God is giving them free will to come to him or go the other way. And when they die and face God, phrases like "you made me this way" will not fly.

1581 days ago


Hey Trish, keep your **** in your own bedroom. Amazing how tight a knot some straight people their panties into because someone wants to stand up for their rights. We throw it their face with every commercial, tv show, movie ... hell just holding hands in the store with our husbands or boyfriends, being able to kiss someone good bye at the airport .. they get judged for all of those things we take for granted. Don't be such a bigot.

As for 'justsaying' honey GOD made gays and lesbians the way they are.. he does however tell people like YOU to not judge ... please go read your damn bible... becuase yes God did make them this way. LOL, but hey who is God, I guess you know better than him eh? Funny I don't think that will fly when it's 'you' facing him.

1581 days ago


Next up on TMZ...

Halas Trophy plans joint appearance with Al Gore at the "Tennessee Sheep Botherers" state-wide Hootenanny in August.

1581 days ago


I have no problem with women displaying public affection but there really should be a law against men kissing unless they are related

1581 days ago

King Beef    

It still makes me sick that the Hawks won the cup. They didn't even really win it... They BOUGHT it. Now they're screwed with the salary cap and Marian Hossa can go f*ck himself. GO RED WINGS!!!

1581 days ago


47% of cases are caused by man on man sex. 25% is drug use that means only 22% of gay people have Aids/HIV but us straight people have just as high of numbers The percentages are as such, it is 53% gay/bisexual to 47% straight contracting HIV, te virus that causes AIDS. "OklahomaJoe" might want to "bing" for info be for you post info thats not right.damn redneck!

1581 days ago
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