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Tiger's Divorce

Cheaper Than You Heard

7/1/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Tiger Woods will be a single man by the end of day tomorrow ... and he ain't payin' anywhere close to $750 mil.

tiger woods & elin nordgren
Sources connected with the golfer tell TMZ his divorce from Elin Nordegren is a done deal, except for the official filing with the court.

We're told Elin will not get near the reported $750 million in the settlement.  As one source put it, "Tiger isn't even worth that much." 

The source added, however, "She'll do a lot better than she would have under the prenup."

In May, 2009, Forbes estimated Tiger's worth at $600 million.

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So this girl starts out as a Nanny, Bed's a rich athlete and now is asking for 750 Million Dollars? Not only that but she also wants to take their (HIS and her's) kids and does not want to sign a confidentially agreement which would just be used by her for monetary gain? OKIES! But then you also have the people thats going to go "HEY freedom of speech!"
People like to exploit an already old outdated/irrelevant constitution rule "Freedom of speech"..So just because you get married and get divorced that gives you the right to blab to the media for monetary gain mind you about private stuff that has went down behind closed doors? Really now, There should be a law against that..

Do you honestly think she would marry a guy especially outside of her race to a guy that looked like that if he wasn't loaded? She started off a nanny, Laid on her back and got rich, Now shes just being greedy. She's a gold digger and her outstanding money claims is further proving that.

Granted, When you say "I do" then you should basically keep it in your pants. But then again most men and women cheat because they aren't getting what they desire/need at home so they look elsewhere. Granted, If he wanted to boink anything that walks he should of never got married but that being said, Any girl thats supporting Elin saying stuff along the lines of "Take him to the cleaners" are just supporting a glamorized prostitute. Wake up, This marriage was based on sex and money she's no different than he is. Just because she popped out a couple of his kids, I mean that is totally 110% proof that she "loved" "him" and not his money riiiight?

I'm loving how scorned women are saying "GO ELIN!!"...Yes, Go Elin! for taking money you didn't earn and not allowing your husband to see HIS kids.

If I we're mega rich and famous and some girl way outside my attractive range married me, I'd cheat on her too, Knowing damn well I couldn't score anything that hot without my bank account size.

Women like Elin is why women will never be treated as "equal"..So go on and support a gold digger...How do you all know she didn't screw a 21 year old pool boy while Tiger was away? Oh wait that couldn't of possibly happened because shes married and had children with him :S

1573 days ago


I'd be shocked if she gets anything more then $150 Million.

If he gives her more then that it is only because she knows & can prove he used steroids or HGH. No other "secrets" would be worth him paying her an extra $200 Million for.

1573 days ago


See, Thats another STUPID excuse that really doesn't even make sense. "Oh boo hoo he cheated on me, he embarrassed me, I feel humiliated I know! GIVE ME HALF OF HIS MONEY AND I WON'T BE SAD ANYMORE!" -correction 75% of his life long earnings from a what 5 year marriage? Riiiiight.

What makes you think she was just a gold digger? What makes people think she actually loved him? Maybe SHE KNEW he was cheating on her but looked the other way because she had that Mercedes parked in her driveway and never had to even look at a bill..I'm willing to bet she -knew- about it but didn't really care because well she was living the good life. No one that famous can go around boinking girls left and right and not a single person found out? Yeah..there was a report just posted on perezhilton.com saying she was awared the 750 million. But then again his source was the same tabloid that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are suing for spreading lies about them so I dunno but if that be the case I will lose all faith on this already broken/corrupt legal system and western civilization.

Now, I can totally understand $50,000 a month PER kid..That would be fine N dandy. But as I said, 75% of his entire life long fortune for a 5 year marriage? NO just NO. In most states for a person to qualify for spousal support they have to be married for 10 years...Besides, I really hope a prenuptial agreement was signed..Even then shes still going to walk away with 50 million..Asking for that utterly ridiculously amount of money basically killed her whole "Ima victim" thing for me and pretty much everyone I know that discussed this. Take 150,000 a month. Get about 5 million just to get back on your feet and call it a day..Taking that much money you didn't earn is just..Yeah she had no real career before she met tiger, she had no career during their marriage. She was completely taken care of. That's kinda biting the hand that feeds you eh?

1573 days ago


just remember -- the only people that ever said she was ASKING for $750 M were the gossip & rag sheets.

It's a bit unfair to label her as a gold digger without knowing what her stance is. For now, give the girl credit for rising above it all and saying NOTHING.

Smart girl!!!

1573 days ago


whatever she is awarded, there will never be enough money awarded to offset the pain that she and the children have endured and will continue to endure for many years. Who knows what diseases all the whores carry that have bedded his fanny. One can only pray Elin's vibration is so high that she was spared getting anything from him and passing to the children through the bloodstream. She's an intelligent, beautiful, and dignified woman and, hopefully, she will come out on top and one day meet an extraordinary caucasian American who will be good to her and those beautiful children...a real man who will be romantically enthralled with her as a partner and adore helping her raise the children (as he was never there for them in the first place as chasing the nasty crotches of whores was his first priority). I still say Uglitel is the worst due to the fact that she was supposedly raised in a higher economical lifestyle.

1573 days ago


Fox News once again reports erroneous information.
He wasnt even worth 750MM and no judge would award her
half due to 5 years of marriage when he was fully established well before then. His guilt made him pony up half to her.
And there arent trusts that can shield a husband's assets from his wife, that are legal, otherwise we all would be setting some aside that trust type. basically all assets unless inheritance or otherwise agreed upon are subject to divorces.

1573 days ago


Girl, whatever went on in your marriage you got my respect for leaving that loser unlike our current sec of state who stayed with her cigar screwing homosapien. That is one reason why most modern women lost repect for her and did not help her become President. She should have left him. That's repect for yourself

1573 days ago


She is such a gold digger. When will athletes learn

1573 days ago



just what kind of suffering have a 3yr old and a 1yr old suffered?
do you think they read TMZ?

1573 days ago


She is getting probabluy between 50 to 75 million. TW is walking away with his fortune and the swedish au pair is getting a bit more than the pre-nup.

The idiots like ZR. M and others who thought that the white woman was worth half of TW fortune must be nashing their teeth tonight, As Hharvey stated, she will make more than the pre-nup but no where near khalf of his fortune and certainly thnot hte bs figure of $750 million.

1573 days ago


I for one am sick and tired of the bitter attitude evidenced b=y some n=benighted women on this site. No wonder guys do not want to get married to you whores. I am glad the swedish idiot is getting a pttance of what she asked for. The fact that she is getting more than the pre-nup is a shame. His lawyers should have forced her to accept the original ampunt but a little bit more with a strong enforceable confidentiality clause is worth some extra dough.

BTW haters, he will make $105 million in 2010. That is according to Forbes, Read it and weep, aholes!!!

1573 days ago


If she's not getting all that money, then she should be able to speak about their relationship in the future, or write a book, do an interview, etc. She deserves a lot of money for the damage he's done to her. Maybe he even gave her STDs --- wouldn't doubt it. Damage to one's health should be generously compensated financially! After all, she's the mother of his children. He was the one who chased after her relentlessly when they first met.

1573 days ago


STFU, Erica, It is idiots like you that gave american women a bad rep.

STDs? Yeah right, he is the first gut=y to screw around on his wife? What an idiot you are!!!

1573 days ago


I can't believe that so many of you still think that fathers are not crucial to a childs development. Lousy husbands are often great fathers.

says who? fathers are meant to be role models for their children, and they often influence their children's behaviour when they become adults. tiger's dad was a womanizer, no surprise that tiger grew up to be one as well. and women whose dads were serial cheaters often end up marrying men like their fathers as well. unless you want charlie and sam to end up marrying or becoming like their father, i don't know how you can make it sound as though tiger is the perfect father figure for them. on the other hand, obama never knew his father growing up and yet he is a great father to his children.

Tiger does not love Elin, but that has nothing to do with his children. When Elin if over Tiger, if she is not already, will you say she is a bad mother because she no longer loves the father of her children?

that's not the point. if tiger didn't love elin anymore, why didn't he just divorce her instead of cheating on her? it would have caused less controversy and would have spared his family public humiliation. he would have been free to do whatever he wanted if he had chosen divorce instead of infidelity.

They must push themselves to work well together as joint parents, and make sure that whomever they remarry will respect the role of the parents. I really worry that Elin will marry some gigolo who thinks he can raise to mixed kids in Norway.

the only gigolo here is tiger for not even caring about how this would affect his family if ever his infidelities came out. he slept with porn stars, strippers, pancake waitresses, and now you're worrying about whether elin will marry a gigolo in the future?

Or even worse, she and her next husband have kids together and the Woods children are kept around as the bank. Elin is still something of a kid, and vulnerable. Very few men have the self-esteem necessary to be her husband and respect Tiger as the children's father. His persona is just too overwhelming.

elin is a kid? compared to tiger, she is an adult. if tiger had self esteem and was respectful, he would never have done what he did. an adult does not act that way, an adult does not risk everything he has just to sleep with porn stars and strippers. his persona is arrogant, self absorbed, selfish, and narcissistic.

These poor kids are headed for a lifelong fight. I don't think Tiger is going to just let his children go. No one should expect him to.

if tiger demands his children to be always with him, then it shows he is not a good father. a good father will know how important a mother is to her children, and if he wants to take them away from her, it only shows he is a despicable father.

1573 days ago


STFU, Erica, You typify the whoredom of american women these days. Pathetic!!!

STDs,? My God, he must have the first gi=uy ever tochest on his wife? You stupid bitch!!!

1573 days ago
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