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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green -- On the Rocks

7/1/2010 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brian Austin Green enjoyed another day in wedded bliss by sitting on some rocks and feeling his new wife Megan Fox's flat belly in Hawaii yesterday.


As we previously reported, the newlyweds were married in a small ceremony last week on the Big Island.

As for the pregnancy rumors? The only thing showing in these pics -- Megan's ridiculously toned mid-section.


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enough is enough,,how much are they paying tmz to show this crap..

1572 days ago

what He said    

they have taken the pages right out of Spencer and Heidi's book on how to be famous. 1 get married 2 if you are 2 b list + b list = a list. 2 get picture taken rubbing wifes belly for pregnancy rumors. This is straight out of Heidi and Spencers book STRAIGHT out.

1572 days ago


i'd bet money she's pregnant

1572 days ago


so she gets the boot from transformers and has no movie offers so they wed and do a photo shoot to keep her in the news?

1572 days ago

Barbie Girl    

She's probably pregnant, that's why the wedding and his feeling her think?

1572 days ago


Oh No. The lame tattoo couple again.

1572 days ago

Christina G.    

Could be pregnant, or could be trying to make people think she's pregnant.

1572 days ago


Is this a honeymoon or a promotional tour?

1572 days ago


Her thumbs are almost the size of his head

1572 days ago

J Simp    

I bet Megan is preggo that's why the rush marriage.

1572 days ago


How many posed pictures are they gonna send to the tabloids? Pathetic

1572 days ago

Tony H.    

What is WITH these guys and all the awkwardly staged photo ops?

Very odd that out of nowhere now they're going all Spencer & Heidi. Those clowns need the publicity--these two arguably do not which makes it strange.

1572 days ago

Tamar Jackson    

Hey forget about the fact I was fired from Transformer! I at the beach in a bikini ,Hey forget about the fact Jonah Hex failed at the box office and this might be the last of my career and you probaly won't remember by the end of this year I just got married . This is the wrost publiclicy stunt since Heidi and Spencer separated. Labeouf was more on her level star wise, Igive it six months tops

1572 days ago


I think she is pregnant!

1572 days ago


It's obvious shes has surgery. Sadly she did not need it..She did look better once she had her jaw line worked on in fact she looked 10 times better, but she should of quit right there..She's had something done to her lips/eye and most noticeably her cheeks..She should of left all that alone except the jaw line.

What's sad is, Any Hollywood career thats built on sex appeal is always doomed to fail once they start aging. Megan killed her career by opening up her mouth spewing BS. Her attitude, personality and her need to say stupid stuff AND her horrible over the top plastic surgery has made her completely unappealing to most guys now. What put the icing on the cake was her getting married. She's done. She'll have 2-4 more movies left if shes lucky..Her first sign of her dying out was the clearly obvious photo-op they did while in Hawaii. She's a private girl, has never "Staged" any photo ops until now..Wanting to profit from her wedding..Yeah shes done. First it was Alba then it was Fox..Whos next in line for the new "it girl"

1572 days ago
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