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Mel Gibson/Oksana's Lawyers Talked Leaks

7/1/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva spent lots of time in court today talking about how the secretly-recorded tapes of Mel were leaked ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us ... Oksana's lawyers "vehemently denied" that she was the leak.   The judge never determined where the leaks came from.

The judge made it clear to everyone to put a lid on it, stat.

The restraining order prohibiting Oksana from releasing the tapes is still in place.

Lawyers for both sides were mum when they left court.


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Mel Gibson is a racist and a misogynist?

1576 days ago


Mel Gibson is not only a racist pig and a woman-hater, he is also typical of these hard-core Catholics that like to shove their religion down everyone's throats and yet spews hate and venom on everyone. I never liked him as an actor or a person and he more than proves my point now. Rot in hell, Mel!

1576 days ago



1576 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

Can't wait for "Passion of the Christ 2" Mel.-

1576 days ago


I don't think you can tell much about someone by what they say when stressed out to the max. Sadly I suspect he was just trying to hurt her as much as possible. Couples do that, as anyone who has been in a tough divorce can tell you. Also sad is that she is doing as much as she can do now to hurt him.

1576 days ago


Unreal that people would blast anyone for saying anything in their own home, I like to hear what everyone else rants about in their own home when they are mad. I'm sure it would be just as bad. Nobody out there can say they haven't said anything in their own home that wouldn't make someone else upset over. That's why they are ranting to blow off steam and to piss someone off at the same time is a plus. Only Mel Gibson has to live what he said to her not you or I. And if you want to say ****** then just say it, you have that freedom of speech. (It might be ugly to use it.) If the NAACP can go after white people for what they say in their own homes then KKK should be allowed to do the same for what black people say. What's good for one skin color should be good for all.

1576 days ago


Mel Gibson was married for years and left his wife. He is getting exactly what he deserves; I hope this young woman takes him to the bank. What make these old men think these young women want them for anything other than their money? She got pregnant very fast; now he will pay for the next twenty-two years, if this child goes to college. I bet he wishes he had stayed with his wife, who put up with him for many years and gave him, I believe, seven children.

1576 days ago


To gimmeabreak, who said, "LOL, the "what about the damage to the children" comments crack me up. The said reality is this. Before long their daughter will learn what a racist, anti-semitic, woman hating douchebag their father is from firsthand experience with him, just as the rest of Mel's kids already have. You know, just like Mel did growing up with his father. Where did you think he got his values from? I mean really!?"

I'm talking about the shame and sadness of hearing your father bashed in public now and for years to come--can you understand that this takes his children's suffering to a whole new level? Who needs this kind of public humiliation on top of everything else?

1576 days ago


cmon mel, youre not supposed to get caught doing it!

1575 days ago


She is looking a lot worse for wear... is she on drugs?

1575 days ago


Whether it is true or not. She was an evil person for leaking such a thing. I have a hard time in my heart believing in the depths of my soul that he is a racist. He has many friends in the industry that are of different nationalities. Who are we to judge him. He is a man it seems tormented with many issues instead . Are we so different? Are we so perfect. I think not. He just has his face plastered all over the tv and internet .
I am a christian. I feel in my heart to pray for him not to judge him.

1573 days ago


All ye who have never said a racial slur IN YOUR LIVES be the first to cast stones. Second of all, this woman threw herself on the ground with baby in tow. She's a psychopath and a danger to her own child, and of course she leaked the tapes. Third, I hope Mel straightens himself out. He's obviously extremely angry with this woman (and maybe for good reasons which we don't know about, so again we shouldn't be casting stones), and hopefully he'll find someone he's more compatible with. Time with think with the brain above the neck, Mel..not below.

1572 days ago


for all you schmuks out there that think you can trust
your cute little sweetheart wife or Girlfriend- look listen
and pay attention well.

1563 days ago
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