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Jesse's Ex -- My Kid Loves Sandra More than Me

7/2/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James just filed explosive new docs in his custody war with his ex-wife -- an email exchange in which Janine Lindemulder allegedly admits to drug use, prostitution, and extreme jealousy of Sandra Bullock.

Jesse James EX

The documents show a series of emails that Janine had written to Jesse's sister, Julie James England, from 2008 to 2009 -- which Jesse claims will prove that Janine is a threat to their daughter Sunny.

Among the shocking items -- Janine reveals that she agreed to spend one night with a man named Pete -- who will pay her $25k. Jesse's sister warns, "this [sic] is a form of prostitution."

Janine goes on to complain about her daughter's relationship with Sandra Bullock, stating "all [sic] Sunny talks about is Sandy, Sandy! Wtf?!"

After begging Jesse's sister for Vicodin -- and being denied -- Janine wrote, "I am so depressed, Sun is suffering, I can't even find the energy to play with her. It's 9:30 and I don't even know what she ate today." She added, "Not being awake makes everything better."


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That was 2 years ago.. so what??? If she can prove shes clean NOW and is staying clean... who cares?? Mr. James was all into that crap himself years ago.. so does that make him unfit now too?

1576 days ago


I'm confused. I thought the word [sic] meant there was a gramatical error/missed word on someone's part. How does, "all [sic] Sunny talks about is Sandy, Sandy! Wtf?!" cause English violations? Thanks.

1576 days ago


I think it's messed up that Jesse James keeps using her drug issues to lowball her. She doesn't want to moved to Texas and oh look here are some emails that showed her on drugs. If you look at the date this was before she even went to jail. She is clean now and trying so why does he keep doing this stuff, this is not gonna help her sobriety and no matter what he thinks that kid Sunny is her kid and she should be allowed to have time with her.

1576 days ago


janine is a ****-up who's had her ass kissed most of her life and isn't capable of doing anything alone and needs ppl to cater to her every whim. some advice? keep your legs shut and stop pro-creating--you're not mentally capable of being a parent. ball-up and DEAL with life and carefully think about your actions before making decisions. especially with the men you hook-up with. you see the signs that they are *******s but yet you STILL move forward! you get what you deserve. wake the **** up!

1576 days ago


who woudnt sleep with someone for 25k ???

1576 days ago


Jim, you definitely need to change your divorce lawyer, let me recommend do not waste time and money.. choose a better divorce lawyer, sorry to hear about this and you will have better times soon.

1576 days ago


Doesn't matter that this woman's emails were from two years ago. It speaks to her drug addiction, self loathing and that she's a danger to her daughter. There is nothing to suggest she's got a serious drug habit under control. She was in jail for TAX EVASION for years. It's likely she's simply gone back to using. After all, she has no history of any kind of treatment for drug use.

Putting any of this in an email is stunning. Why do people make a permanent record of their shortcomings? Even if somebody deletes it, it leaves a digital imprint and can easily be brought back to life as evidence.

1576 days ago


Jessie is the real prick as far as I'm concerned and his obsession with Sandra Bullock is becoming unnatural. So what that Janine confided her feelings to his sister two years ago, that time is over with and Janine's been clean for more than a year, and even then she knew that she wasn't o.k. so at least she's not delusional like Jessie running to Texas to be near Sandra.

Sandra's Black baby should not be influenced by that Nazi loving, White Supremist, now Sandra stalker Jessie James. Frankly, Jessie is still using his daughter Sunny as a lure to get Sandra back even if that means cutting the Janine out of Sunny life which is sick and selfish on her part. I truly hope that the judge sees through this and gives Jessie a choice: stay in California with Sunny or give full custody back to her mother.

1576 days ago


Just an FYI for the staffers at TMZ--you didn't cover up all the places where the email addresses appear. There's one spot where Janine's email address is exposed.

1576 days ago


thats true Janine can sue TMZ for giving out personal information like email.
Im disgused of the actions that nazi freak is making.

1576 days ago


The kids would be better off with Sandra Bullock over EITHER of their biological parents. SB has been/would be a better parent than both of them put together!

1576 days ago


Why Janine indignant because of the fact that Sunny love Sandra Bullock?!All Photos of Sandra hugs Sunny,carries her in his arms.Clearly and absolutely, that they love each other.
I think that this mother should not be outraged,and celebrate the fact that in this world there are other people WHO ARE VERY FOND OF SUNNY!!!

1576 days ago


Sandra bullock has you all snowed,,she is just as bad as jessie james and knew what he was involved in and parisapated right along with him.She adores hitler and dressed up as eva every night.Her grandfather was in the SS and ran a german death camp

1576 days ago


I can't believe Janine! I was raised in a house with a mother who was addicted to prescription pills. Trust me, the best thing in this world is for Sunny to get away and stay away. Janine clearly doesn't want to stop, so she should let somebody else raise Sunny. Trust me, I don't think Jesse is a pillar of the community, but I do believe he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the well being of his children.

1576 days ago


Two weeks ago Janine said she would live in Austin and now she wants more.
This woman does not know what she wants!

These e-mails are old but we see it is Janine.

1576 days ago
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