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Jesse's Ex -- My Kid Loves Sandra More than Me

7/2/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James just filed explosive new docs in his custody war with his ex-wife -- an email exchange in which Janine Lindemulder allegedly admits to drug use, prostitution, and extreme jealousy of Sandra Bullock.

Jesse James EX

The documents show a series of emails that Janine had written to Jesse's sister, Julie James England, from 2008 to 2009 -- which Jesse claims will prove that Janine is a threat to their daughter Sunny.

Among the shocking items -- Janine reveals that she agreed to spend one night with a man named Pete -- who will pay her $25k. Jesse's sister warns, "this [sic] is a form of prostitution."

Janine goes on to complain about her daughter's relationship with Sandra Bullock, stating "all [sic] Sunny talks about is Sandy, Sandy! Wtf?!"

After begging Jesse's sister for Vicodin -- and being denied -- Janine wrote, "I am so depressed, Sun is suffering, I can't even find the energy to play with her. It's 9:30 and I don't even know what she ate today." She added, "Not being awake makes everything better."


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I think anyone that can treat their child like that doesnt deserve to be a parent, dont care how long ago it was...

1510 days ago


Yeah. Janine's email is pretty much out there. 2nd page, TMZ.

1510 days ago


she also said in there she would give sunny a pill if she doesn't sleep. "i may have to give sunny one ha ha" scary - this woman is sick - jesse is changing and sandra is forgiving him, janine is still sick!

1510 days ago


All I can say is, Jesse James, has got to be , as a Parent, pretty afraid for his daughter, right now, having UNSUPERVISED VISITS,with JL. I don't think he would mind so much the SUPERVISED VISITS, but, bottom line NO JOINT CUSTODY! his woman MAY be CLEAN,
BUT,she does NOT have her daughters best interests @ heart. I really FEEL FOR JESSE and SUNNY..This is a DIFFICULT situation at best, and @ worst a NIGHTMARE to have to allow your daughter, UNSUPERVISED VISITS with a DRUG ADDICT!

1510 days ago


actually, J doesn't have the best interest for Sunny (poor girl)
It's just a way to get Sandra back...He wasn't even there for her at the beginning of her life.
As for Janine, i'd say supervised/monitored visit is required (until it's clearly sure she won't go back to the bad habits) but people should consider when she wrote those mail (even if there is no excuse for drug)
in situations like that, some deal with it, some take drug to forget it and some take their life
She hasn't made the best choice,that's for sure but i'm really tempted to believe that now she is good.

BTW people, stop praising J as a good father...the whole situation happened because of him! he just keep his daugther so i can keep contact with Sandy and where were the kids while Sandra was working and he was...Having profound conversations with his mistress?
Unfortunately for Sunny, both parents are unfit.

1510 days ago


editors! teach your writers what [sic] is used for.

1510 days ago


"5. who woudnt sleep with someone for 25k ???
Posted at 1:46 AM on Jul 2, 2010 by DANA"

Anybody who is not a prostitute. Anybody with even a twinge of self-respect.

I hope she remembered to report that 25k prostitution fee on her taxes or she may find herself in deeper trouble.

1510 days ago


ok here I go again, have any of you ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol. It turns you into something you never thought you could be. Emails from 2008 don't mean that she's still using and doesn't mean she isn't clean now and trying to get her life back...None of you really know what's she's been through or what she's doing now. So quick to judge...wait till it happens to someone you love...see if you hold them accountable for the rest of their lives, ESPECIALLY if they clean's all about forgiveness....Jesse James is that last person to be casting stones...he's no better, after all doesn't he claim to be a sex "addict" but he can supposedly go to rehab and change but his ex can't...what a hypocryte, he's becoming pathetic.

1510 days ago


Sandra needs to stay out of this.

The kids Mom is their Mom for better or worse. She needs to be in their lives. Popularity and buying the kids is so selfish on Sandra's part.

The Mom needs help on what it is to be a Mom, but she needs to be in her children's lives.

1510 days ago


Prior to prison I was was HELL. I was scared, sad, confused, which for the final month when it got really bad I gave Sunny to her father. I didn't have the tools to cope. PRISON!!!! FOR F*CK SAKE! I was terrified. Vicodin was like a band aid on a festering wound.

But now I'm back....HEALTHY AND HAPPY.....with the tools needed. Prison was the BEST THING THATS EVER HAPPENED TO ME!

1510 days ago


This Janine woman should not be in charge of a cat or dog. In the e-mails, all she does is beg for drugs and try to manipulate her sister in law. No child is safe with her.

Men need to be more responsible as to who they impregnate as the mother of their children.

1510 days ago


lets see...................

at school plays, pta meetings, birthday parties

tattoo freak mom or sandra?

nuff said

1510 days ago


It was my low point in life. I've been betrayed a lot and I've hurt many people by my actions in addition. But everyday you have the chance to grow, forgive, love, fight the good fight, try to be a better version of yourself than u were the day before. I FEEL GOOD. REALLY GOOD. No matter how this mess turns out my family, who are as loving and strong as I am....will be in tact. Been through Hell and back but in retrospect it's nothing compared to much of the dispair throughout the world. I'm good, Im whole, I'm complete. I pity and pray for the people that need to try and sabatoge my life and relationship with Sunny. THEY CAN NOT AND WILL NOT BREAK MY SPIRIT. TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT.
Posted by Janine on July 2, 2010 - Friday - 10:05 AM

1510 days ago


My family was @ Soak City waterpark in Buena Park,Ca last weekend & Janine was there with Sunny & some young guy. Well long story short. Sunny was missing for about an hour. They had people looking for her cause they LOST her. Janine was in purple long shorts & a white Tee covering some of her Tats. She didnt even barely call Sunnys name. The guy was frantic calling Sunnys name & talking with lifeguard. I was there with 3 kids and didnt loose any of them. I wonder if Jesse knows his daughter was missing Sunday afternoon? She should NOT be with Sunny at all! EVER!

1510 days ago


# 25 Sandra does not buy the love of children - SHE LOVES CHILDREN AND CARES ABOUT THEM!!!

1510 days ago
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