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Lindsay: The Judge Hates Me, But I Won't Do Time

7/5/2010 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan could go to jail Tuesday for violating her probation ... but even though she's positive Judge Marsha Revel hates her, she's convinced she's done nothing wrong and will not end up behind bars.

Multiple sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... as far as Lindsay's concerned, any missteps she may have made in the past are completely cured.  She's now up to date on all her alcohol ed classes, so, she thinks, what's the big deal?

What Lindsay does not understand is that Judge Revel could indeed throw her in the pokey for missing three alcohol ed classes as of her last court appearance.  And the whole thing of not showing up in court because the dog/thief ate her passport could be a deal breaker as well.

The people close to her tell us ...  Lindsay has become so accustomed to good lawyers bailing her out of seemingly impossible situations, she simply expects the same thing to happen again. 

As one source put it, "Shawn [her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley] will just fix this like everything else."  The source adds,  "It's no big deal to her, even though she totally believes Judge Revel hates her guts."

But even if Lindsay gets thrown in the pokey, people close to her think she'd be fine. As one source put it, "She is one tough bitch. She can hold her own."


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"The Judge Hates Me"
Dam!!! I am glad I am not her.

1573 days ago


Well I'm sure the judge didn't work her *** off in law school, take the bar, and become a judge just to hear whiny little girls complain about how the law gets in the way of their partying.

People are trying to help her and all she does is complain. What a waste of money, our legal system has more important matters to deal with.

1573 days ago

who dat    

If Lindsay doesn't end up in no jail, it will be another celebrity hand job. Anyone else goes for the violation in this same situation. Lindsay is just a spoiled bitch, with an expensive lawyer.

1573 days ago


There is no way she's going to jail. Sorry, TMZ, but sadly it just ain't happening.

1573 days ago


Yeah, she'll dodge jail again, I'm sure. Spoiled rich assbags rarely get what's coming to them.

1573 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

She deserved to be in jail a long, long time ago!

1573 days ago



1573 days ago


TMZ stop making up BS about Lindsay! Who are your so called sources? the paps? this is pathetic, Lindsay is worried about Tuesday as anyone would be and she would never say something like 'the judge hates me'! she has said NOTHING about her up coming court date! As for her lawyers, well they haven't been successful in 'getting her off' in the past have they? Leave her alone TMZ, the girl is scared witless!

1573 days ago


How is she "scared witless"? Why in the world would she have gone to France and cut her return so short in time with a known court date??? Who goes out to clubs with their mother the night before a court date? Per reports she seems to show up at every court date late, why can't she be on time (or even early???). Who behaves like this expect someone who expects the world to revolve around them? My prayers are with her. Life is tough and we all make bad decisions at times. This girl just makes more of them and seems to be truly lost.

1573 days ago


'Nobody loves me, everybody hates me' .... time to eat your worms, Ms. Lohan. It's always everyone elses fault, never hers, boohoo. It is nice to see she still has a few fans, although they too are in denial

1573 days ago


Umm, number 11 - she's broke, common knowledge, and very very in debt

1573 days ago


Why on Earth should there be one law for the average american citizen and a special law for the likes of Lindsay Lohan? Send her to jail....simple. No f*cking about, just send the b*tch to jail to straighten her sorry a** out just like everyone else. Punish her and make her realise that bad actions have bad consequences...this is what happens to everyone else...this should happen to her.

1573 days ago

Laffn Bear    

She is not afraid of possibly going to jail for good reason.
She has been sent before on the cocaine charge and spent eighty some hours.
She seems to have a classic character defect. She can/will not accept the consequences for her own behavior. When something negative happens in her life it is the fault of some one else.
Such as "If it had not been for this Judge, I would not have to wear this SCRAM." Not "If I had not made so many bad and destructive choices I would not be in the position I am now."
This comes from being sheltered and allowed to play on this behavior in the past, beginning in childhood.

1573 days ago


This is such a fabricated story TMZ are just hyping up the hearing even more so. The traffic to the site will be enormous if 400k people voted on the poll about Lindsay staying sober.

"What Lindsay does not understand is that Judge Revel could indeed throw her in the pokey for missing three alcohol ed classes as of her last court appearance."

She had until July 15th to complete the program so i don't get this.

1573 days ago


There are about 1000 people every year who face a judge in California guilty of Violation of Parole and about 6 of them get jail time for the offense.
No matter what spin TMZ puts on this if she is jailed for the 180 days the reality is that she will do 18 days unless the judge does a Paris Hilton on her and restricts the sheriff from releasing her for overcrowding. This would mean that she just like Paris was being singled out for more punishment ie more jail time than the average person with that sentence.

Putting her in jail takes up cell space that could be used to keep a violent criminal off the street and does not make any sense.

Extend her parole, deny her her license back, continue the SCRAM and drug tests, restrict her to the city limits and make her surrender her passport, impose a curfew and limit the number of people allowed in her home during the curfew hours.

1573 days ago
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