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Lindsay's Dad to Judge:

Don't Make Her a Statistic

7/6/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is begging Judge Marsha Revel not to send his daughter to jail, but he's acknowledging that Lindsay's condition is desperate -- this according to a letter obtained by TMZ.

The letter, sent by Michael's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, asks the judge to make sure Lindsay's prescription drug use is carefully monitored.  According to Bloom, "Michael desperately wants to avoid seeing his daughter become the next Hollywood statistic."  

Bloom says Lindsay's 84 minutes in jail following her DUI conviction made L.A. County a "laughingstock of our criminal justice system."  Bloom says with the realities of jail overcrowding, jail is no place for someone like Lindsay -- for a misdemeanor probation violation.

Bloom and Michael want the judge to order Lindsay to inpatient rehab, preferably a private facility in New York that also provides family therapy.

In the event the judge does not find Lindsay in violation of her probation, Bloom is asking the judge to keep her SCRAM on.


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get a grip Lindsay, get married "to a man" have a couple kids, be normal, and just enjoy your money! stop always trying to be weird and the center of attention!

1536 days ago


jo, no doubt, but seriously, except my dui punishment was way more than her current treatment. And she may kill someone before she burns out.

The reason I learned is because someone was killed the same night I was arrested and I could have been the one who did that, but fortunately I was only arrested before it could happen!

1536 days ago


PLEASE STOP THE LINDSAY LOHAN NEWS!!! .... I would except it if there were no other stories to report on: BUT THERE ARE!.. Please ... who cares what happens to her .. all this time and money is being wasted on a little drug and alcohol charge.... what has she done lately that makes us care so much?! ... come on guys... let's grow up

1536 days ago


I think the judge in Lindsey's case is being too light on her...this judge has the chance to step up and do what others before her didn't....just sayin
p.s. Rehab isn't good enough...she's been through all that too many times...Jail time!!!

1536 days ago


She needs jail and realize screwing with the justice system is no joke. Oh waa 84 minutes in jail, please. She decided her own faith, just like all the other Hollywood jai bird dummies. Like movie drama isn’t enough they need to make their own reality drama.

1536 days ago


Reagrding Post #7

What on Earth are you refering to Dina,about Lindsay being so talented??

She had her day as a child actress back in the 90's,but incase you did not notice..That was over a decade ago last time I checked..:)

There was noting worth noting either about her acting career as well.Just a cute girl with freckles who could play the part.Nothing get over it.

As an adult she has NO talent.Her music career failed because she can't even lip sync worth a dam,and who on Earth wants anything to do with a fashion line of cloths?...Nobody!!

As far as her drug use?...She's high as a kite on those prescription meds.Are you that stupid that you dont know the effects of Adderall???

This Adderall is known as the "white rich kids drug" on the street.Essentialy it's very much like legal meth.A speed that keeps ya going.In Lindsay's case.."All day,and all night".That's why she's up till the late hours of the morning 7 days a week.

You think she has ADHD?...Please stop pushing your stupidity on us,and defending this woman.America aint that stupid last time I checked.

Hollywood feel sorry for here?...Now that's a laugh...Hahahaha..:)

Hollywood is starting to realize nobody wants a dam thing to do with this woman.

You better hope she changes on a dime,because when anyone ever see's her ever changing appearance in anything,and especially a movie..She'd ruin it..."Hey..there is that dumb bimbo I'm always reading about".Is that worth taking a gamble on?

My advice to everyone is Boycott anything Linday is in..A movie,a magazine etc..

Lets rid the world,and show Hollywood,and these producers she aint worth marketing anymore.

1536 days ago


her dad seems to be doing the right thing. Other than fame, what else could there be in it for him? She's broke!

That is why her mom has moved on, and has not shown any support. She got cut off with no scaps for her to pick off of.

Still hoping to score by pimping out the younger sister and ruin her life too looking the other way as she falls into the hollywood way of life.

Ironically, it was the dad who came in and cleared up fatney's mess and got her clean and workable again.

Maybe M Lohan can do the same, if this twit ever wakes up and stays sober enough to realize what's good for her.

As for the kidnapping, drug use/possession and DUI stuff, that is yet to come in different courts.

1536 days ago

I think she should do sometime. that said although he is a media attention whore you still have to admire the efforts that her dad is going through. I truly think he is the parent that is scared to crap of her overdosing like Heath Ledger or DJ AM. I am sure Lindsay is high up on the Howard Stern Celebrity Death Pool. To use the line from the movie a Bronx Tale with Rober Deniro "What a waste of talent".

1536 days ago


If Michael can get Lisa Bloom as a Lawyer that means he is being honest.Lisa unlike her mother Gloria Allred is not a fame whore.She takes her work seriously and demands alot from her clients and really cares for the family as a unit.Lindsay's problems are deeply rooted in a dysfunctional home and Michael is trying his best to keep her safe,jail will only make it worse.

1536 days ago


Those 'statistics' are other human beings. She needs to get over her sense of entitlement, and realize she IS just another 'statistic'.

1536 days ago


Michael Lohan needs to be in jail more than Lindsay does. His drug use, and abuse of his own family caused most of Lindsays's own emotional and response problems. The truth is she has not failed her drug tests. She has not been in trouble for drinking. The SCRAM went off once, and it was a false response which Lindsay proved by taking a urine test(even TMZ reported this)
I think if it was up to TMZ Lindsay would have had the death penality and Michael Lohan would have had a gold plated father of the year award.

1536 days ago


she needs to go to jail and none of that whimpy jail crap where they only have to go in for less then half the time they r supose to do.cause if it were someone who wasnt famous they wouldnt care they would be locked in jail for a year or so for the stuff she has done. shoot i know someone who was locked in county for 2 weeks just for underage drinking and a dui their first time

1536 days ago


Sent Harvey to JAIL with her

1536 days ago


I know Michael Lohan can be an ass, but at least he is there - Where's Dina?

1536 days ago


Then she needs therapy not jail what has jail ever done but give the person new tricks to use.

1536 days ago
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