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Melissa Etheridge's Ex

Files for Custody

7/8/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Etheridge's former domestic partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels, has filed legal docs asking for full custody of their twin children.

TMZ broke the story ... Melissa filed for dissolution of their domestic partnership. In Melissa's docs, she filed for joint legal and physical custody.

But now, Tammy has thrown down the gauntlet, asking for full legal and physical custody.  Tammy carried the twins to term, after being impregnated by an anonymous sperm donor.

Tammy, just like Melissa, says in her docs irreconcilable differences as the reason to end their partnership.

Tammy is also asking for spousal support.

Last thing ... it looks like Tammy made a mistake.  She filed a dissolution of marriage rather than a dissolution of domestic partnership.  The two did not qualify to marry during the time that they established their union.


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Melissa is a s*** bag hypocrit. I hope Tammy get custody and spousal support.

1565 days ago


This can get ugly really fast, I hate the stupid comments on this board about tammy being the ONLY parent the twins have if thats her argument then she cant get child support from melissa if she states in a court of law that melissa is NOT the twins parent, and how can you get spousal support from someone that was never legally recognized as your spouse.

1565 days ago


Does anyone else notice that Tammy looks just like Kourtney Kardashian?

1565 days ago


Hey #13, I think you meant "Ug" Lee and "Beast" Lee (and the little known "Ghast" Lee). All of which apply to Melissa. Team Tammy!!!

1565 days ago


Lot of nasty stuff on this thread - most of it mired in bigotry and ignorance. Just a few facts:

Melissa is not denying her obligation to pay child support, that is a given. She does not want to pay spousal support since Tammy is perfectly capable of making a whole lot more money than most of us can ever imagine. She does not need alimony.

Break-ups are always sad, sometimes viscous. Since you have all heard only Tammy's side, why rush to judgement?

David Crosby is not the father of the twins. He is the father of Melissa's two older children.

Melissa has joint custody of those two children and that has worked out well. After the split, the two women lived next door to each other so the kids could go back and forth at will.

Melissa spends a great deal of time with her children. The two oldest are currently accompanying her on tour. They often travel with her.

Tammy has been very vocal about this split and often vents on her blog so she is the one getting heard. Melissa has said very little and when she does speak of the breakup she speaks of Tammy very respectfully and stresses that Tammy is an excellent mother. Nothing negative or damaging at all.

Someone commented that Melissa is seeking spousal support. Certainly not true. She is merely seeking joint custody. She is a legal adoptive parent.

1565 days ago


What legal standing does Tammy Lynn Michaels have since she was never legally married and Etheridge is not the biological parent?

It just seems like Etheridge is trying to have it both ways. Equal rights but no responsibility.

1565 days ago


When Tammy Lee Ethridge filed for disolution of marriage/partnership and she got the do***ents wrong shouldn't the court throw them out and make her start again?

1565 days ago

jane doe    

My used bloody tampon has more value than Melissa Etheridge.

1565 days ago


YES Melissa's oldest children are touring with her right now. They are old enough now to hang out and follow her around withour getting lost. Tammy stayed home with them most of the time while melissa traveled, or traveled with Melissa and the kids earlier on so that SHE could care for the kids on the road..... How convenient now that the kids are older, she no longer needs Tammy. Sad but sounds like Tammy was part of the plan to make Melissa's life easier for those years she needed someone to be a Step Mommy/Wife while getting her career back in full swing. Melissa's first love seems to be herself and her career... then her children. Totally sad to watch from someone who truly believed she was a true family woman always putting her wife and children above everything.

I hope Melissa does the right thing, we love her but will not support someone who can not take care of her own. Speak True!

1565 days ago


If they were domestic partners when the kids were born, AB205 states that Melissa is their legal parent in the state of California. They will have to file a proper domestic partnership dissolution and either they via moderators or the court will decide custody, visitation and all financials...just like a divorce.

1565 days ago


Some of you act as if male and female "traditional families" never have nasty break-ups. Get real will you. Happens much more often than gay couples. And for the record I'm disappointed in ME. Wish I could get my money back for your concert tickets I purchased. Practice what you preach will you!

1565 days ago


I used to like ME and her music, but no more. I think it's really lousy to deny Tammy spousal support. She stayed home and quit her career to take care of the kids. She also stood by and supported Melissa when she had breast cancer. Nice payback! What a loser Melissa Etheridge is!!
To me she's a deadbeat dad only she's a woman. I think it's terrible she abandons these kids when they're so young.

1565 days ago


listen to you people.. i just came across this story.. people break-up, doesn't matter if your gay or not. things end, all things end and sometimes badly. their break up is no different from anyone else's. no one knows that the hell happend in that household but those two. why judge were no better or worse.

peace out...

1565 days ago


I don't usually follow this stuff but, for many many years now, I have doubted Melissa Etheridge's sincerity in interviews and public appearances. She's alwys been too intensly personal with everyone and too quick to enthusiastically proclaim her happiness and wonderful life. Come on now! How long can someone keep up that facade? She's a whackjob like so many other celebrities who think they matter to others just a little too much. I'm guessing that she was very cruel and mean at times behind the scenes. It's called human nature. Nobody's that happy and shiny and well adjusted all the time. I hope her and their children get hooked up with some good therapists. And yes, I think Tammy is right to come out and defend herself if in fact Melissa truly is such an egocentric fruit loop. Just saying... P.S. I DID really like her first 2 or 3 albums - before she got all holier than thou..."Bring Me Some Water" will always be one of my all time faves...

1565 days ago


One question remains: who gets custody of the pantsuits?

1565 days ago
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