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Vanessa Carlton's Bite Case -- Pit Bull Gets Off

7/8/2010 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A pit bull accused of viciously attacking singer Vanessa Carlton has just escaped a death sentence -- after the dog owner proved Carlton's bite wound didn't match up with a mold of the dog's teeth.


The exonerated puppy is Bella -- who was just 9 months old when she was accused of biting the hell out of Vanessa -- who was jogging in Pennsylvania on May 2.

But in a trial that was like an episode of "CSI" -- Bella's owner argued that there's no way the doggy would have carried out the attack ... and then brought in several forensic experts -- including specialists in dog behavior and canine dentistry -- to back her story.

Ultimately, the experts paid off -- and the judge ruled that Bella could move back in with her owner ... instead of being put down.

Carlton -- who attended the six hour trial in person -- had no comment after the case. 


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... I'll say it, it has to be said.
The pit bull breed got its bad rep from The Hip Hop way of life. They were swept into the whole black intimidation lifestyle and became a symbol of their aggression.
At the 1904 St. Louis World Fair, the American Terrier (Pitbull) was chosen as America's Dog. Its a beautiful and incredible strong breed that should never have had its name sullied by factors it could not control itself.

1477 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Dog owners need to not take this stuff personally. Seriously - Only *you* love your dog like that, and you shouldn't expect that just because it hasn't attacked anyone that it never will. Don't impose your animal on other people.
If it's not on a leash, and it's coming at someone - LEGALLY they can kill it to defend themselves. If you really care about your dog, don't let it run wild and unattended.

1477 days ago


I have no time for ignorance, but just wanted to have the opportunity to defend myself against the people who obviously have no common sense. I know my expertise, I know my training works, I know my evaluations are on spot every time. I know Bella did NOT bite Vanessa and quite honestly, although I originally said that I fear she wont get treatment for rabies since the wrong dog was quarantined, I honestly hope to hell that she doesn't and gets very ill. We will then have the last laugh on who was right and who accused the wrong dog in this case.... If anyone knows dogs, it's me. And no washed up pop star or inexperienced counsel just out of diapers is going to convince me otherwise.....Viva La Bella! I will not be coming back to banter about this crap. Bella is free, she is going home and I hope they track down that dog that is running free in Shohola biting people before it kills. It has been seen roaming even after Bella was transferred to me, so it exists and it is bigger than Bella. Keep watching - I am sure it will be in the news if it isn't already dead from which case, Vanessa's hospitalization and death will be the next news.

1477 days ago


To all the dog haters out there, what the hell as a human being gives you any superiority over any animal - humans are all savages too y'know lol!!
Pitbulls do have a bad name and they do get a bad rap but the owner is the person who treats the dog either well or badly, deciding on how the dog will grow up! I used to have a golden labrador who sadly had to be put down a few years ago after her kidneys failed her, there was no hope for her. I wept for a long time afterwards, her beautiful personality and loving, cowardly nature are still missed even now. I still have a small dog, who loves her cuddles and is affectionate and loving but has the bark to match a Baskerville (security wise)!! The golden lab when she was much younger was attacked by a pit bull and a rottweiler savagely, the owner had to punch the dog in the nose to get it off but it stil hung on - biting my labrador! She was scared to death at first of other dogs but she got over that! Why am I telling you this?! The dogs owner was a hardened drug dealer who had mistreated both dogs viciously - if I could have chosen who to put down it would have been the owner!! A dog learns from it's owners, just as children come into this world a clean slate and learn from their parents how to behave and their moral structure etc etc!!
I'm glad the owners of this dog felt strongly enough about this dog to defend it to the end, it can't have been cheap to do and some owners would have just given in and put the dog down regardless!! These people obviously love their pitbull and just because he's a pitbull doesn't make him mean hm?!

1477 days ago


@RealDeal - You talk about Evil - but you are the one wishing Death Upon Millions of Dogs and their Owners , Hypocrite ! You don't care about Dog attacks or their Victims - you only care that it is a " Pit Bull " . Even if it is an American Pit Bull Terrier or Not .
So Question for YOU since you are so Intelligent ?
Let's Kill all PIT BULLs - Now what ?
Do you think all the Criminal will die along w/ them ?
DO you think the Criminals will stop being Criminals and become Civilized Citizens ?
Do you think Thugs are going to stop Terrorizing our cities & stop selling Drugs because there are No more Pit Bulls ?
We can Kill all 3 Breeds considered a " Pit Bull " but the REAL CRIMINALS will continue to be FREE !

All you did was spend Billions of Dollars killing Millions of Dogs and letting the THUG walk FREE ! THAT DOESN'T SOLVE ANYTHING - THINK OUTSIDE OF THAT LIL BOX OF YOURS AND SEE THE THE PICTURE .
That THUG will still be FREE to Buy more dogs , Sell more dogs / Create MORE DOGS & Fight more dogs .

Lets make it Illegal for a Crminal to own a PIT BULL ( any dog at that )
- If he disobeys it is a Felony for every Dog .
All Pit Bulls should be Fixed ( only unless a Taxed & Reputable Breeder )
- this should apply to all dogs/cats ( there isn't just a Pit Overpopulation - there is a PET Overpopulation )
Fencing requirements for Pits & all dogs ( No more Chain Link fences for large dogs)
- Pits are NOT the only Strays
( if a owner does not obide by the law the dog will be taken - till fence is fixed)
All Pit Bull Owners & dogs should go through Intense Training & Classes - Prior to Owning . ( this should apply to all dogs )
- #1 reason dogs are in Jail is because the " Lack of Knowledge" to train their dog - people get dogs for all the wrong reasons )

That will STOP the THUGS from Owning - that will Stop the Overpopulations of PETS - that will lessen the Amount of Strays & the Attacks .

Not by Killing Millions of Innoscent dogs and their Owners.

BTW Killing all PITS and their Owners will effect all the families who use Pits as Therapy / Search & rescue / Police & Drug Sniffing dogs .

Why should my dogs die because of what some THUG does ?
Why em I not allowed to LOVE my dog like you LOVE yours ?

1477 days ago


"Making my way down town afmafmalkdfjaljfajdflajsfljasdf


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Her songs will always sound the same now.

1477 days ago


she's just pissed because the dog didn't wear oven mitts like it was supposed to do.

1477 days ago

Harold King    

An empty doghouse.

1477 days ago

Jimmy Nordon    

Looks like someone never watched Supersize me

1477 days ago


vanessa carlton is a piece of s*** who just wants attention because she only had one hit song. i can't believe she would want to have this dog put down. someone put her down

1477 days ago


YOUR leash.

1477 days ago


This is one of the best things I've heard in awhile. What kind of person would point fingers at a dog just because of its breed knowing perfectly well that it did nothing to her. She was going to let it get euthanized for being a "vicious animal" when it did nothing wrong and is just a puppy. Who is the real "vicious animal" in this case. People always point fingers and say horrible things about the pits when people like her are roaming around and far more dangerous. What kind of human being could sit on a trial and know that the dog was going to killed by her lies. I wish they would take her back to court for financial and emotional damages that she caused to the family and the animal.

1477 days ago

Jolie T. Meléndez    

ILOVEMYAPBT~I didn't see what you wrote until after I added my comment, but I LOVE YOU (as a human being, I'm I love the way you think and what you wrote. I own an APBT (actually she is identical to Bella, same age too) and will probably continue to own them for the rest of my life & my son to follow. You ROCK!
~West Allis, Wisconsin

1477 days ago


She did not want the dog put down. She even said so on Facebook/Twitter:!/notes/vanessa-carlton/update-on-the-new-record-and-my-epic-dog-tale/390921823302

The city (state?) were the ones who decided that the dog needed to be put down. She just filed a complaint after being bitten. She didn't write the laws or lobby for the courts to do anything.

A dog hater? No. Try again. Just because she didn't think it was ok and "playful" for a dog to bite her doesn't make her a dog hater. She has a dog herself.

1477 days ago

Jolie T. Meléndez    

WAKE UP AMERICA! 99% OWNER 1% BREED. Owners need to be responsible, people need to learn the breeds before assuming all vicious dogs are Pit Bulls & stop the stereo-typing in general! This is a perfect example of what power breeds (& their owners) go through. My dog looks just like Bella, her name is Jazzy. I'm with number 10; Vanessa is no longer a fan around here either. Power dog owners, it looks like things are finally turning around for us! What’s sad is that not all power dog owners have the means to hire people to get CSI on false accusations. Think of how many dogs are falsely put down due to just their breed alone. However, this is ‘one small step for Pit Bulls and one large leap for Power Breeds’…lol.
~West Allis, Wisconsin

1477 days ago
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