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Lindsay's Alcohol Ed Class Under Microscope

7/12/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan wants Lindsay's alcohol education program shut down -- and he just might get his wish.

Turns out ... Right On Programs is currently being looked at by the L.A. County Department of Public Health as part of its twice annual review. The review started this week, but a rep for the county says the timing is just a coincidence. Riiiiiiiiiight.

We're told the review will focus on whether the program turned over accurate records on all their cases. If they uncover problems, they will work with Right On to correct them -- but if the problems are really bad the county could refer the matter to the state to shut Right On down.

As for Michael Lohan ... he tells us he wants to see the program shut down entirely. He says he thinks Right On falsified records and gave preferential treatment to their celebrity clients ... much to their detriment (see: Lohan, Lindsay).

Right On had no comment.



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Those people were incompetent! And yes, they appear to give special treatment to celebrities! They should be shutdown!

1572 days ago


I don't care what happens to the Right On program; another one will pop up to replace them if they go.

What I would like to know is exactly how much taxpayers fork over per student. I think that whatever crime got someone to the program, should have a fine equal to the cost of rehabbing them.

I think the judge went too far, I do not think that a judge has the authority or the right to modify a contracted service.

The judge absolutely has the authority to tell Lindsay to attend once each week but does not have the authority to tell the program that or to expect them to report to her when Lindsay misses a class.

The real culprit here is her probation officer. That person should have been held responsible for insuring that Lindsay obeyed the order of the court. The judge should have called her probation officer and instructed the probation officer to verify weekly her attendance. A phone call to the program each week would have had her missing a class and back in front of the judge the next week. When she missed the first week, the probation officer could have vacated her and had the seriff take her into custody. She would have been in front of the judge in her jail jumpsuit the next day.

1572 days ago

Barbara Barton    

I think she paid Right On to cover for her, so that makes them an enabler too.

1572 days ago

Free Lindsay     

Lindsay fans
Show your support for Lindsay in these difficult times and voice your opinion about the extremely harsh sentence she unjustly received.
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[url] http://www.twitter .com/Free_LL [/url]

1572 days ago

Free Lindsay
URL ( )

1572 days ago

Free Lindsay     

Lindsay fans
Show your support for Lindsay in these difficult times and voice your opinion about the extremely harsh sentence she unjustly received.


Free Lindsay

1572 days ago


The program representative in court to testify was an idiot. But it does not change the fact that Michael Lohan is also an idiot.

1572 days ago


Baby-B*tch! Just go do your time! Or is it the nut-house you want so you cry, you get drugs! Please are they gonna fall for that baby crap?

1571 days ago


@Spot (#51), I don't think the taxpayers are directly on the hook for Right On or similar DUI-offender programs. The offenders pay fees to fund the programs, though some are operated by non-profits. Fines and court fees are in addition to any fees due to the "alcohol education" program.

The relationship between such programs and the courts (or local probation and state parole agencies) is a bit complex. Completion of or compliance with the program requires payment (or a payment agreement) of said fees, which is enforced by the court. An offender that attends and actively participates in every class as scheduled but fails to pay as agreed can still be subject to probation revocation.

Program operators know to keep their clients' payment agreements within the time-frame of the client's probation/conditional release term. An old saying about laying with dogs is sapping my sympathy for Right On as a "private" enterprise oppressed by state interference. A judge has "the authority or the right to modify a contracted service" because that's the game Right On's playing. If Right On wants to play another game--well, good luck finding other (voluntary) players.

If "the real culprit here is her probation officer", who is that person? Barbara Parker (with exactly zero TMZ hits)? Should we expect that every Deputy Probation Officer in Los Angeles County (the most populous geographic type [US County/Parish/Borough] of its kind on the planet) should notice that every offender is not complying with every term of the offender's conditional release? Sh**, Spot, if you think another Right On "will pop up to replace them", what do you think is going to happen to a "real culprit" LA County DPO? Pop. Right. Up.

Lohan will spend no more than sixty days not getting raepd by her fellow inmates (sorry to bust anyone's bubble) in a solo cell, strictly segregated from any other inmates, overseen by the most experienced and professional "corrections" officers (those who won't try to sell the story), in a drugged haze (Klonopin and Haldol, probably). That's entertainment for Peoria, I guess (funded by California taxpayers).

Lohan's probably eaten out of a dumpster and stumbled away in another girl's dirty knickers before. What exactly is the "punishment"? Lohan's the only one not getting punished here, chumps.

1571 days ago

Charley Dubin    

I'm sorry that the California courts gave Ms. Lohan a jail term instead of a fine.I'd still try the Federal courts since they could intervene.The bracelet is also against some laws since no personal injuries were reported.We hope this is corrected to prevent the kind of counter suits we've seen.They should have gone for the large fines but you know the odds when justice becomes a game.Best wishes at TMZ and Governor Arnold who really try.Charley

1571 days ago


Poor kid she doesn't stand a chance. Her mother lives on Da Nile and her father is no help either, a former drunk from what's been written about him, who is mad at the world and seems to just want to ride his daughter's coattails. Well, her tail has been spending a lot of time in the gutter and she is headed for disaster. She will not be remembered fondly either. What a waste.

1571 days ago


Group therapy is such an invasion of anyone's privacy, I can't believe any professional still uses it. It just saves time and gives so-called professionals more money for less actual work. How could it be beneficial to discuss your problems with a group of people just as messed up as you are? That said, Lindsay needs jail time and she needs help to own up to her problems. She needs to stop whining about how the whole world is against her and go into REAL therapy, none of this star-studded luxury spa crap that passes for rehab.

1571 days ago


I think she is finally getting what was a long time coming, high and mighty with money and thinks she can get away with, murder. These people unfortunatly are seen and even sometimes are idolized by our children , because they noone better to look up too, this is why this country is going to eventually go to crap , money and fame is more important than education and a real life where people work for a living. So sad that a movie star and sports stars get paid more that the people that help make our children who they are "TEACHERS" they are the one's who deserve millions.

1571 days ago


To reiterate, Lohan's 60 day drug haze on the California taxpayer's dime is at least equal to the sixty days or six years (or whatever) the rest of us will be in the ground at the end of life because we're not as wealthy as Lohan. Ask an actuary. This b**** already took what's really valuable before she was old enough to understand what was being taken.

And some chumps cheered it on. They always do.

Lohan put more in the Sacramento and local fisc before her first monthly than I did from age two to age thirty (Thanks California chumps). She DESERVES "special" treatment. And she'll get it. Whiny b****es in MO, WV, or BFE matter as much as they always have. They'll be happy to "punish" with a jailhouse spa treatment on the next person's dime. They always are.

Even the locals think jail is "punishment" for our entertainment overlords. Ignorance truly is bliss, and H'wood is Nirvana, chumps. If you wouldn't happily trade places with Lohan or with those pretending to put her in her "place" you're in the wrong penal colony--ahem--country.

1571 days ago


Click here for video of Lindsay being violated by a zucchini in the jailhouse kitchen!!!

Okay. Okay. Even though I have some disposable income because I left you Golden State teat-suckers behind, I can't just throw it away registering That would be a waste of the money I used to waste on California's non-celeb welfare queens and kings. Yes, I mean YOU.

Picture, instead, Lohan on a sedative drip for a few months not noticing that she's in a spare, gray 5x7. If you're a Californian picture yourself paying for it.

You sure showed her, right chumps?

1571 days ago
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